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Tourism in Croatia for a magical and unforgettable holiday

Tourism in Croatia for a magical and unforgettable holiday

Tourism in Croatia for a magical and unforgettable holiday

Tourism in Croatia is one of the most important and most beautiful options for a holiday in Europe. In Croatia, the beauty of the sea meets the charm of the mountains and their breathtaking nature. This is accompanied by the large number of tourist resorts, parks, restaurants and markets that provide visitors with everything they need from the fun times. While the country is also famous for the authenticity of its heritage and the nobility of its buildings, which also makes it an excellent home for lovers of cultural tourism.




Croatia is also characterized by the beauty of national parks and the diversity of plant and animal species in them. Among the most famous are the Kobaki Reet Gardens and Lake Beltwich National Parks. As well as the country’s reputation for safety and hospitality for visitors, this is what rightfully makes it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Discover tourism in Croatia
What do you think that we help you to know the top 10 tourist cities in Croatia. As well as providing you with a set of the most important tips, instructions and information that you will need to have an enjoyable and happy holiday in Croatia…

Croatia map
Croatia is located in the southeast of the European continent, with a stunning view of the waters of the Adriatic Sea from the southwest. While the country shares a land border with 5 countries: Hungary to the northeast and Slovenia to the northwest. While Serbia is located in the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in the southeast.

The best time to travel to Croatia

Croatia beaches in summer
Croatia has a lot of charm that it offers to its visitors, in every season of the year there is an interesting story for the tourists. This leads any tourist to wonder about the best times to visit this beautiful European country. In short, the climate of Croatia experiences mild and sunny summers with temperatures exceeding 27 degrees Celsius, while winters seem cold with snowfall. It is useful to know the following:


Summer (June to August): The summer season in Croatia sees the largest influx of visitors to the country. This is due to the desire of all visitors to enjoy sunny and pleasant days on the beaches of the coastal country.

Spring (March to May): The most popular opportunities for spring are an ideal opportunity for those looking to swim in the warm waters away from the tourist overcrowding in the summer. If you try tourism in Croatia in the spring days, you will undoubtedly love the colorful flowers scattered in the country’s parks and picturesque gardens.

Autumn season (September to October): Autumn offers visitors to Croatia another opportunity to relax in the country’s beaches and mountain resorts in a more calm and relaxing atmosphere. Autumn also gives tourists a good opportunity to save money and spend a more economical vacation.



Winter (from November to February): If you are a fan of winter tourism, tourism in Croatia is an attractive option as well. Especially in the period from December to February, there is nothing more beautiful than the sights of snow in Croatia in the light of Christmas. Visitors of this period will also have exciting opportunities to ski in the country’s glacier resorts, specifically in the Dinaric mountain range.

The language in Croatia
The Croatian language is the official language of the Republic of Croatia. Croatian is spoken by more than 95% of the population, however visitors may find some variation in dialects from one region to another. In Croatia there are 3 dialects: Shtokavian, Kajkavian and Chakavian.


Croatia tourist visa
Before heading to travel and tourism in Croatia, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Submit the visa application form to the visa center at the Croatian embassy, ​​filling out the form in Latin letters.
A passport valid for at least 3 months.
A recent personal photo with white background, 35 x 45 mm.
Health insurance and bank statement for the last 3 months that prove the ability of the tourist to bear the expenses of the trip.
Book round trip airline tickets as well.
Proof of hotel reservation.
Pay the visa fee of 60 euros.
The ideal period for tourism in Croatia
The time required to visit Croatia and tour its most important attractions is not less than a week. If you have more time, we advise you to stay in the country for at least 15 days. In order to be able to explore the beauty of nature and ancient heritage and take an adequate tour around the most important tourist cities.


In short, Croatia will give you a lot of activities such as water sports, mountain and cultural tours as well as road trips. This is what will undoubtedly push you to extend your vacation repeatedly, for every day you spend in Croatia is a new and unique tourist experience as well.

How much does tourism cost in Croatia?
The estimated costs for a pleasant tourist holiday in Croatia for at least one week are 600 USD per person. In the country, for example, the price of a meal is at least $11. While the cost of hotel accommodation per night is at least 23 USD.

Based on the above, tourism expenses in Croatia are fairly reasonable compared to destination

other European tourist. And this cost will undoubtedly decrease when you choose to visit the country away from the summer when the peak tourist congestion.