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The best tourist cities in Croatia

The best tourist cities in Croatia

The best tourist cities in Croatia

Croatia has many attractive tourist destinations. The country has beautiful beaches and picturesque mountains, as well as archaeological and heritage sites. Therefore, the tourist may be confused about the most important tourist cities. What do you think that we guide you to 12 wonderful options for a fun and irresistible holiday…



Tourism in Zagreb
Tourism in Croatia would not be complete without tourism in Zagreb, the modern Croatian capital. It is unbelievable to miss the opportunity to wander through the vibrant cultural and artistic heart of Croatia. In any case, visitors to Zagreb will get amazing guided tours of the many museums, galleries and theaters as well. As well as fun music shows and exciting nightlife.

In short, Zagreb has everything that tourists need to spend an unforgettable entertaining time. In the streets of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, Austrian and Hungarian buildings meet with the feel of the sea and its charming atmosphere. In addition to the above, all the natural ingredients that combine mountains and lakes near the city.



Tourism in Karlovac
Karlovac in Croatia is a fun and exciting place to visit. The reason for this is due to the city’s picturesque view of 4 rivers. The historic city center is another tourist attraction with its ancient buildings and distinctive fortifications.

However, the city’s attractiveness is increased by its striking geometric design in the form of a six-pointed star. This feature makes the city a truly worth visiting destination to learn about the beauty of Croatian architecture.



Tourism in Slavonsky Brod
Slavonski Brod is located in the Slavonia region in northeastern Croatia. And it’s a fun enough tourist town if not great to visit. This is because it has a beautiful promenade in the middle of the picturesque nature along the Sava River.

And the advantages of Slavonsky Brod are not limited to the beauty of the river only. No trip to the city is complete without visiting and walking around the magnificent Brod Castle. While the city’s charm and tourist brilliance increases during mid-June. The city hosts the Brodsko Kolo folk festival which highlights Croatian traditions.



Sibenik Tourism
Nothing is more beautiful than setting out on a trip to Sibenik when visiting Croatia. Its beautiful beaches have a special charm that always attracts visitors. How not when the city is located on a hill overlooking the beautiful blue sea water. From here, tourists can take a pleasant boat trip to the islands of Zlarin and Prvic. And then complete the trek in the amazing Krka National Park as well.

Tourists visiting Sibenik will also enjoy a fascinating tour of the stunning St. James Cathedral. And then in its old town and its four medieval castles. Here, visitors will have a unique journey through the city’s narrow and steep alleys. After enjoying the music festivals in the castle.



Tourism in Varazdin
If you love historical tourism, we advise you to head towards Varazdin. The former Croatian capital draws its charm from the beautiful and stately Baroque buildings. As well as a lot of mansions scattered all over the city.

In addition to the above, Varazdin offers its visitors an unforgettable tour of the ancient city, which is exciting to explore. In short, tourists will find here an astonishing array of wonderful churches and museums scattered among the houses, in addition to the old historic castle.



Tourism in Rijeka
Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia and the most important seaport in the country. The city is located specifically on the Kvarner Bay, which makes it the main gateway for tourist trips around the islands of Croatia.

Despite the beauty of the modern parts of Rijeka, the older parts of Rijeka are more welcoming to tourists. So as to enjoy the beauty of the Austrian and Hungarian architecture that dominates the city center. In other words, when visiting Rijeka, tourists will be happy to visit the many museums that explore the city’s long history. And that’s after having a magical experience at Tsart Castle.



Tourism in Sisak
Sisak is located on the banks of 3 rivers, which makes it a charming city for visitors par excellence. It is undoubtedly interesting to wander its quiet paths amidst the clear waters and green nature. Sisak is also an important cultural and historical center in Croatia.

The city’s history dates back to before the Romans, as it contains many interesting historical sites. Especially the triangular castle dating back to the 16th century which is the main attraction for tourists towards Sisak. In addition to the above, there are many Roman archaeological sites scattered all over Sisak.



Tourism in Usjik
If you want to visit the most architecturally beautiful Croatian city, head to Osijek. And that specifically close to the borders with Hungary and Serbia. The reason for the diversity of the city’s architectural heritage is the succession of the Romans, Ottomans and Croats to rule the city.

Based on the above, there is an amazing mix of buildings within the city. However, it is already divided into three centers. It is Tvrda, the oldest and most wonderful part that receives the greatest question from Osijek visitors. The second section is more modern and includes the university city and the centers of the bustling nightlife. The last section is the regional capital and a great base from which to explore attractions such as Kopacki Rit National Park.



Tourism in Pula
The Croatian town of Pula has a rich Roman heritage that tells visitors the story of yesterday. with


You pass through many beautiful and impressive sights, especially the Roman Amphitheater that dominates the city center.

However, the tourist advantages of Pula do not stop there. In the modern part of the city, there are many commercial centers that attract tourists. As well as beautiful beaches located near at the end of the Asturian peninsula. This gives visitors amazing opportunities to sit back and relax.



Tourism in Zadar
The lively city of Zadar is located on a small coastal peninsula. This allows visitors to flock to enjoy the atmosphere of the Adriatic. Thus, a lot of sports and water games, as well as sunbathing.

The streets of Zadar are a beautiful mixture of old and new. This is what gives the city its special charm. There are many Roman ruins, as well as 34 ancient churches. As well as many historical buildings that can be easily found when walking around the old town. While restaurants and cafes located everywhere in Zadar liven up the place and breathe life into the streets of the old town.



Tourism in Split
Split is a great tourist destination in Croatia. It is the second largest city in the country and an elegant tourist attraction par excellence. In other words, Split is located on the Adriatic coast with a white waterfront lined with beautiful palm trees. This will undoubtedly attract many tourists to stroll on the city beach and take pictures.

Split also has many monuments that amaze onlookers. Especially the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. While many restaurants, cafes and shops in the old alleys allow to convey the details of the life of the Croatian people to the visitors as well as give them more fun time.


Tourism in Dubrovnik
The city of Dubrovnik has always been described as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, and this is what allows the city to gain international fame, making it a popular tourist site in Croatia’s tourism programs. In short, Dubrovnik’s stunning location at the foot of the Srd Mountain offers a great view of the beautiful blue sea waters surrounding it. Through its distinctive walls surrounding the picturesque old city, it stands out

Dubrovnik welcomes its visitors with a mixture of old, tightly woven stone buildings with alluring narrow alleys running between them. Small bars and restaurants dot the place, hiding among the wealth of historical sites. All of the above makes Dubrovnik the most popular and impossible-to-miss destination when visiting Croatia.

Tips before traveling to Croatia
Croatia has many unique tourist cities that attract tourists from all over the world. However, having an enjoyable holiday in Croatia requires some planning before traveling to the country. In order to enjoy all that Croatia has to offer in terms of activities and adventures. But what are the most important tips and information that you should know before visiting Croatia?

Bring the right shoes for the trip
Croatian beaches generally enjoy the boulders scattered along their banks, as well as sea urchins. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, it is better to bring the appropriate shoes with you or to buy them from the stores spread on the beaches.

Bring pesticides with you
Mosquitoes spread in Croatia at night, especially in the summer. Therefore, it is best to prepare your bag with an insecticide and a protective cream for allergies.

Don’t worry about water
Croatian streets have plenty of taps with clean, sterilized water. Based on the above, there is no need to purchase water bottles from stores during the flight.

Prepare yourself for the hearty dishes
Croatian cuisine is mainly based on meat, so if you are a vegetarian, it is better to stay away from ordering traditional Croatian recipes and look for restaurants specializing in vegetarian food.

Bring enough money with you
Although Croatia joined the European Union, it does not deal in the euro but in the Croatian kuna. Therefore, it is better to spend your money in the official currency of Croatia and not to rely on ATM cards, which are not accepted in some stores.