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Tourism in Manchester

Tourism in Manchester

Tourism in Manchester

Manchester has a long history that distinguishes it as a city from the rest of the cities, as it is known as the cradle of the industrial revolution in England. The city has gained its fame from some of the existing entities such as Manchester United Club, and there are many shops, restaurants and bars in the city center beside its tourist attractions that attract tourists to it, and we mention them as follows :



1- Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum is one of the most important tourist areas in Britain and is considered one of the largest museums in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1867 and contains more than four and a half million pieces of antiquities from most continents of the world. The museum also includes many extinct animals that benefit most students in various natural sciences.

The museum offers a series of adventures that tourists consider a unique experience, including riding the magic carpet on a land full of trees with many creatures at a high altitude, so the tourist feels that he is inside a story and enjoys it. On Saturdays off.




2- Albert Square

The square is located in the center of the city and was built in the Gothic architectural style. The Manchester Town Hall building overlooks the square, through which the beauty of architecture is shown, as it holds many celebrations, festivals, exhibitions, fireworks displays on New Year’s Day and victory celebrations for football

It also includes a market that is considered one of the best markets in Europe. The square is characterized by the presence of shops displaying handicrafts. There are many monuments and statues in the square, the largest of which is the Albert Memorial Statue. Inside the square there is a fountain of water that has the character of Gothic heritage. The square can accommodate more than 10,000 people.




3- John Rylands Library

John’s Library is one of the most important tourist attractions in Manchester and attracts tourists. The library was built in the Victorian Gothic architectural style and was opened in 1900 AD. It contains many manuscripts dating back to the Middle Ages, as well as many of the first books printed in Europe and contains many From electronic materials that are found in Britain

The library was also restored four times in a row. At the beginning of its inauguration, it contained about 40,000 books. Now, the library contains more than 4 million books and researches and all the cultures and religions of the world. It also includes in its library many Arabic Qurans written in Kufic script.



4- Manchester Town Hall

The Manchester Town Hall Tower, located inside Albert Square, is one of the most important tourist places in Manchester. It was built and completed in 1977 AD on Gothic architecture. It gives most tourists to see the city of Manchester from the top, as it is one of the most important landmarks in the city and one of its highest peaks.

The tower has many features, including the lower floors, which are shaped like a pyramid, in which there are many carvings, whether they are inside or decorated on the walls and provide many statues made of silver. At the top of the tower, the sound of the bell inside the clock is heard.



5- Chinatown

Chinatown is the second largest neighborhood in Britain and the third largest neighborhood in Europe.

China has gifted the colorful ornate arch to Britain and it was placed inside the neighborhood. When visiting the neighborhood, the tourist feels that he is inside China, not Britain, and this appears especially in the festivals that take place inside the neighborhood and watching wonderful shows such as the dragon dance, the lion dance and fireworks displays. It is also possible to visit the cultural center and learn about the culture Chinese.



6- Manchester wheel

The Manchester wheel is one of the largest wheels in the world and consists of 42 capsules. It was created in the Netherlands and moved to Paris for three years and then transferred again to Manchester, and thus it is considered one of the largest transportable wheels in the world and many tourists come to it for entertainment and watching Manchester from the top

The wheel provides a service that is not present in most wheels, and it is the robotic speaker who talks about most of the landmarks in the city and its history, and many tourists take a souvenir photo under the wheel or inside the carts, and the wheel is surrounded by many shops and restaurants that offer you the best meals.



7- Fletcher Moss Park

Fletcher Moss Garden contains many rare plants, of which there are not many in the world, as well as many genetically modified plants, as well as many beautiful migratory birds, which tourists enjoy their chirps. The garden was donated by the Moss family, which is the family home in it

It is called the rectory’s house, one of the oldest houses in the region, which used its time to display pictures and drawings, but now it is the exhibition hall and celebrations. The garden received the Green Flag award in the year 2000 AD. The most important feature of the garden is its free entry without paying fees. The garden opens its doors to the public throughout the days of the year from dawn until Morocco.



8- Chill Factor

Chill Factor is considered one of the most attractive places for tourists, as it is one of the largest indoor ski halls in Manchester, and is frequented by adults and children, and there are many activities such as skiing on the snow slope and riding rubber rings inside snow paths,

There is also climbing walls. At the end of every 12 meters, there is a climbing wall to add more excitement and adventure. There is also a game that combines the use of skateboarding tools alongside bicycles and does not need prior experience just to add a kind of skating adventure.