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The city of Oxford is located in Oxfordshire in the valley of the River Thames in the southeast of England and is called the city of dreamy towers. One of the things that distinguishes the city is the presence of many English architectural styles



1- Harcourt Park

Harcot Park is one of the largest parks in Oxford, which covers an area of ​​130 acres. Any barriers or obstacles that prevent walking or hiking in them

The park also has many cafes that offer wonderful and hot drinks such as tea and coffee, and visitors always prefer to exercise such as running and hiking in long corridors. There are many animals and birds such as peacocks, squirrels, turtles, English geese, frogs and ducks, and visitors and tourists take the most beautiful souvenir photos in the middle of the picturesque nature while inhaling the fresh air and wet.



2- Oxford Castle

The castle was built in the eleventh century AD in the western side of the English city of Oxford. The castle is considered one of the most important remnants of the Middle Ages, whose buildings have lived for more than 1000 years. There is also a lake, a stream and a small park for sitting and walking, enjoying the beauty of the picturesque nature and taking souvenir photos next to the castle.

The castle offers many theatrical performances that illustrate the most famous English literary works, such as the stories of the building of the castle and the events that went through. Inside the castle there are many shops that offer valuable souvenirs, as well as some cafes to serve drinks and some restaurants that serve traditional English meals, as well as next to the castle Places to rent small boats to enjoy rafting within the river.



3- Oxford University Garden

The garden was established in 1621 AD in Oxford, and this botanical garden is one of the oldest gardens in Britain and is one of the most important tourist attractions, which receives thousands of visitors and tourists from all over the world to enjoy the landscape among trees and roses.

It is also an educational place for children and that encouraged them to take an interest in plants and know the correct ways to cultivate and preserve agricultural crops. The garden is divided into three sections, a section for tropical plants, tropical plants, flowers and rare and perennial trees. There are large areas for walking in the long corridors of the garden.



4- Blenheim Palace

The palace was built in 1705 AD. It was built in a rustic style, but it is now considered one of the most famous Oxford tourist attractions and has gained wide fame in the city for the residence of many important English personalities in this palace, the most famous of which is Duke John Churchill, who provided many services to the English army. The palace was a gift to him in return for his services The palace is attached to a garden from the outside, but from the inside

There are many rooms, halls and corridors in which the visitor to the palace can walk around and see what is in it of furniture, antiques and rare works of art that illustrate the prevailing life of the dukes at this time.



5- River Thames

The river is located in southern Britain and originates from the Kimball area and passes through many English cities, the most important of which is the city of Oxford. empties into the North Sea

The city provides a river police dedicated to maintaining security in it, as well as many sports activities such as swimming, boating and rowing, which are held every year as a type of recreational sports activity. The river overlooks many tourist attractions such as Big Ben.

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