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Transportation and transportation in Venezuela

Transportation and transportation in Venezuela

Transportation and transportation in Venezuela
Transportation in Venezuela

There are many public transportation options in Venezuela, to choose from what suits you best for exploring the country’s different landmarks. Here are the most important types of public transportation in Venezuela



Boats are the ideal and fun way to move between islands in Venezuela, and you can rent different boats and yachts and choose the best for you.

Venezuela has many buses, which you can use to travel within the country on short trips or long trips, and they are cheap.

Car or motorbike rental
Renting a motorcycle or a car in Venezuela is one of the great ways to explore the country during tourism in Venezuela, and there are many car rental companies in the country that you can deal with.

You can get around Venezuela by using taxis or taxis for short trips, which are convenient but expensive ways.

There are many domestic flights in Venezuela, to move between its tourist cities. It is the fastest, most convenient and also the most expensive method.

The official currency of Venezuela
The official currency of Venezuela

The Venezuelan Fuerte bolivar is the official currency of Venezuela. The Venezuelan Fuerte bolivar consists of one hundred cents.



Communications and the Internet in Venezuela
Venezuela’s economic problems are causing major distortions in the telecommunications and Internet market. Many companies have provided ambitious investment plans, aimed at improving their networks and expanding the range and capabilities of new technologies and services. Among the most important telecommunications and Internet companies in Venezuela:

Convergia Venezuela
Telemic (Intercable)
Distance between the most popular cities in Venezuela
To move between the tourist cities in Venezuela, here are the distances between the most famous tourist cities in Venezuela:

Caracas to Maracaibo 521 km.
Maracay to Valencia 46 km.
Barquisimeto to Barcelona 506 km.
Maturin to Barinas 781 km.
Ciudad Bolivar to Merida 838 km.
Cumana to San Cristobal 932 km.
Coro to Los Teques 310 km.
Caracas to Coro 448 km.
Priquisimeto to Cumana 761 km.
From Berquisimeto to Valencia 206 km.
Priquisimeto to Kourou 283 km.
Rent a car in Venezuela
Renting a car in Venezuela is a great way to explore the country, especially if you plan to visit places inaccessible by public transportation. Here are the most important driving rules and documents needed to rent a car in Venezuela:

Reserve your car in advance before arriving in Venezuela, as this will be cheaper and more convenient.
Obtain a valid US driver’s license and credit card.
You must be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Venezuela.
Some car rental companies may require that you be between 23 and 25 years old, and some companies have a maximum rental age of 65 years.
Verify that the vehicle is fitted with a spare tire, winch, wheel block and reflective triangle, all of which are required by law in Venezuela.
Read the lease agreement carefully before signing it.