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Tourism in Colombia is the best tourist places

Tourism in Colombia is the best tourist places

Tourism in Colombia is the best tourist places

Tourism in Colombia has become one of the completely safe destinations, as well as one of the most diverse and wonderful destinations in South America. It has many tourist attractions, which attract tourists from all over the world.


Known as a land of contrasts, Colombia boasts beaches of the Carre yiba sea, the majestic snow-capped Andes Mountains, the swamps surrounding the Amazon River, dramatic tropical forests, and sun-drenched golden deserts. All this in addition to the national parks, historical monuments and vibrant culture, Colombian hospitality and many more and many more tourist attractions worth visiting and discovering.

Tourism in Colombia

Discover tourism in Colombia
Colombia is an ideal place for those looking for an unforgettable holiday. From the charm of Cartagena and the hustle and bustle of Medellin to the sleepy colonial villages of Salento and Santa Cruz de Mumbux. Find out below for more information and tips about travel and tourism in Colombia and 5 of its most beautiful recommended tourist cities…



Best places to stay in Colombia

Colombia has a variety of different hotels and accommodations. Whatever quality and category of hotel you are looking for, you will find it in Colombia. It combines the finest luxury hotels, as well as hotels of lower categories, that suit all tourist budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Colombia.



Where is Colombia located?
Where is Colombia located?

Colombia is located on the northwest side of the South American continent. It is bordered on the northwest by Venezuela, on the south by Peru and Ecuador, on the north by the Caribbean Sea, on the west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the east by Brazil.

The best time to travel to Colombia
Colombia is blessed with a tropical climate which makes it suitable for tourism all year round. There are some months of the year that are the best to visit Colombia, which are (December to March) and (June to September). It is worth noting that:

Winter is the peak season for tourism in Colombia from the month “December to February”
This is the ideal time for Colombia tourism, as it is dry and winter days are warm and sunny across the country. It is also the most appropriate time to go to the beach resorts, and do many interesting and fun adventures. The most important feature of the winter season in Colombia is that it is a high-cost season, given the tourist crowds in that period.

Shoulder season in Colombia (spring and summer from March to September)
It is the rainy season, but it is a great time to travel in Colombia, especially to visit Cartagena. It is also the best time for whale watching on the Pacific coast from July to October, and to explore the diverse wildlife, as well as the joyful Easter festivals in the country.

Low season in Colombia (Autumn from September to November)
It is the perfect time to visit the Amazon region, as the water levels in the Amazon are low, which gives you a great opportunity for hiking, as well as going to the beaches and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the Amazon. This season is characterized by low cost.

The language in Colombia
Spanish is the official language in Colombia. There are also other official languages ​​in some other regions of the country such as “vernacular Spanish, Amerindian languages, and Creole languages”.



Tourist visa in Colombia
Tourist visa in Colombia

When choosing Colombia as a tourist destination for a leisure and tourist vacation, it is necessary to obtain a tourist visa in Colombia, which requires a set of conditions and paper documents, the most important of which are:

Electronically fill out and sign the Colombia Tourist Visa Application Form.
Pay the Colombia visa fee of 3100 EGP.
A passport valid for at least six months from the date of travel.
A bank statement for the last six months with a large amount of money, submitted in English and all of its pages are stamped.
A recent personal photo with a white background.
Invitation letter from the host with a copy of his ID.
Clarify the purpose of your travel to Colombia.
Proof of financial ability to spend for the duration of the stay in Colombia.
Provide all information about the traveler.
Upon rejection, half of the paid amount will be refunded, i.e. 1550 EGP.
The ideal period for tourism in Colombia
The ideal period of tourism in Colombia is from one week to ten days, which is sufficient time to explore most of the country’s important tourist attractions, and to practice many recreational activities and exciting sports adventures.

You can start the trip in the capital, Bogota, where you will have plenty of time to explore Colombian culture, and try out the restaurants and nightlife of the capital. You can also take a day trip to the highlands and visit the salt mines in the area.

After that you can take a trip to Medellin, where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery. Head to the Zona Cafeteria, the city’s famous coffee district, and then explore Villa de Leyva and San Gil.

Then head to the amazing Caribbean coast, and spend three or four days

Explore Cartagena. Explore museums and historical buildings, indulge in salsa lessons and sample Colombian chocolate.

Finally, head to the enchanting Rosario Islands for amazing scuba diving, a visit to Tayrona National Park, as well as a visit to a coffee plantation in the Sierra Nevada region, or hiking in Cerro Kennedy, a rugged area covered with a cloud forest that offers great mountain views, and different types of beautiful birds. Then pack your things and get ready to go.

How much does tourism cost in Colombia?
We recommend planning your budget well before traveling to Colombia, to make sure you have the perfect organized and hassle-free vacation. Here are the average costs for tourism and leisure activities in Colombia:

The average cost of a trip to Colombia for two people for one week is approximately 502 USD.
​​The hotel rate in Colombia per couple per day is about 23 USD.
The average daily expenditure in Colombia per capita is about 36 USD.
The average daily meal cost in Colombia for a single traveler is approximately $9.06.
Daily expenditure on local transportation in Colombia per capita is about 6.33 USD.
The average cost of entertainment, activities, and admission tickets in Colombia is about $44 per person, per day.
The average price for tips and tricks in Colombia is $10 per day.
The cost of spending on bottled water in Colombia per day is approximately $3.