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Tourism in Tabuk, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tourism in Tabuk, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tourism in Tabuk, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jabal Al-Louz in Tabuk

It is a mountain located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia near the Jordanian border in the Tabuk region, about 200 km northwest of the city of Tabuk. It has a height of (2549) meters above sea level and is considered one of the highest mountain ranges in the Hasma region, whose mountains are an extension of the Sarawat Mountains from west of Tabuk to Wadi Rum in Jordan.


And spread in the region rock drawings dating back to about 10,000 BC, in addition to ancient inscriptions and Islamic writings, and the region flourished commercially due to its distinguished geographical location and its participation in the civilizational growth during a certain period of time, namely the Nabataean period of the first and second centuries BC and perhaps beyond, which supports Arab settlement old in the area.

It also snows sometimes in the winter and sometimes in the spring if an air depression occurs. Many hotels and markets have been established around Jabal Al-Lawz because it is one of the important tourist destinations in the city, and you can take the most beautiful pictures of Tabuk in the charming Jabal Al-Lawz, especially in the winter season.



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One of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which plays a major role in the tourism boom in Tabuk, as it is located east of Wadi Sarhan in the Tabuk tourist region. The surface of the reserve consists of a volcanic plateau in which black basalt rocks abound, in addition to a group of low volcanic mountains whose height ranges between 800 and 1150 meters above sea level.,

The Hurra Al-Hurra Reserve is distinguished by the diversity of its vegetation cover, which consists of perennial and annual plants that abound in the streams of torrents and on their sides.

Among the most important animals in the Hurra Al-Hurra Reserve are the antelope, the reem, the Arabian wolf, the red fox, the sand fox, the striped hyena, the wild rabbit and the jerboa. As for the birds, there are many hambars, golden eagles, curlews, nine types of hornets, and other types of resident and migratory birds, in addition to a number of reptiles.


Wadi Qaraqr

Also called Wadi Al-Disah, it is characterized by the abundance of streams, palm trees and wild herbs, which made it acquire a unique nature, in addition to being one of the most important natural pillars of the NEOM project. Its name came to the village of Al-Deesah, which is located at the entrance to the valley from the western side. The word “disa” means (valley filled with palm trees). It is also called “Qarkar”, or Wadi Damah.

The valley is full of natural wonders and breathtaking and breathtaking views, and these natural wonders were, the valley is located southwest of the Tabuk region, and northwest of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Reserve, in an area surrounded by mountains, which the water gave the air different formations, in terms of mountains and the rocky edges, which formed tall columns, in conjunction with its distinguished geographical location, as the valley extends from the center of the area included in the NEOM project,

It contains archaeological sites, such as the facades of Nabatean tombs carved in rock, the remains of walls with Nabatean and Arabic inscriptions in Kufic script. The average rainfall is for eight months during the year, while the temperatures vary in it, as it drops during the winter to 12 degrees Celsius, while it rises to 31 degrees Celsius during the summer.



Zaabal Castle in Tabuk

Zaabal Castle is a fortress in the north of the city of Sakaka in the Al-Jawf region located in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is located on top of a mountain at the northwestern edge of the city of Sakaka. It is a wall built of stone and mud and has four towers in its corners. The castle is reached by a single and winding road. The castle stood as a protector of the city for a long period of time due to the strength of its fortifications and the difficulty of access

The people circulate legendary stories about this castle and its standing steadfast in the face of the invaders who wanted to demolish it due to its strategic importance. It is a purely military facility that contains only two rooms and includes one main entrance located on the southeast side, adjacent to the southeast tower of the castle, a small entrance that ascends through a road. One of the mountain with stairs made of stone,

There are four cylindrical towers in its four corners, rising from the castle floor by about five meters. The castle contains a water storage tank carved into its rocky floor. It is square in shape with a side length of (1.60 m) and a depth of one meter.



Taima Museum

It is one of the most important places of tourism in Tabuk, which illustrates the history of the city of Tabuk, in addition to the Tayma region located in it. The museum includes a library that contains a collection of specialized books in addition to some periodicals and pamphlets. There is a tendency to expand the museum and establish new galleries.