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Tourism in the Comoros Islands, tourist islands that you can visit

Tourism in the Comoros Islands, tourist islands that you can visit

Tourism in the Comoros Islands, tourist islands that you can visit

Tourism in Comoros is considered one of the hidden pearls on the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is not widely known, despite its wonderful mixture of African, French and Arab cultures, as well as enchanting landscapes, stunning beaches, and rare and unique wildlife.



These four islands offer you an opportunity to spend a wonderful and unforgettable vacation, with their charming white sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes, and rainforests. In addition to the opportunity to watch the endangered Giant Livingston fruit bats, as well as huge sea turtles, enjoy diving and whale watching, climbing mountains and heights, and many other fun activities that attract tourists from all over the world.

Tourism in the Comoros

Discover tourism in Comoros
If you intend to travel to Comoros for tourism soon, here is your comprehensive guide on tourism in Comoros, and the most important information about its tourist places worth visiting. In addition to getting acquainted with a set of important tips and basic instructions needed before traveling…

Best places to stay in Comoros

These remote islands have a distinctive group of hotels and accommodations, simple and elegant, with fantastic views amidst the picturesque and charming nature… Read more about the best hotels in the Comoros Islands.



Where is the Comoros located?

Comoros is located on the African continent, in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel which is located in the Indian Ocean. And that’s between Madagascar and mainland southeast Africa.

The best time to travel to Comoros
The best time to travel to Comoros is during the dry season, ie from May to September. The temperatures vary in Comoros, as it has a temperate tropical climate. It is worth noting that:

Autumn from March to May
Temperatures in the Comoros in the fall range between “32.1 – 30.7” degrees Celsius. It is low tourist season, which makes it a good time for those looking for the lowest tourist cost, and avoid the tourist crowds.

Winter from June to August
This is the perfect time to travel to Comoros, as the country enjoys mild weather and extremely warm temperatures. It is one of the busiest seasons for tourism in the Comoros, and therefore the prices and tourism cost increase.



Spring from September to November
Spring is the peak season for tourism in the Comoros, as it is characterized by an ideal weather for tourism, wandering and practicing all outdoor recreational activities, temperatures range between (32.7 – 29.7) degrees Celsius, which is the most expensive time for hotel reservations in the country.

Summer from December to February
Summer in the Comoros is characterized by warm and comfortable weather, where temperatures in the summer season range between (32.6 – 30.8) degrees Celsius. This season sees fewer tourists, so it’s a great time to explore the country freely with fewer crowds and less cost.

The language in the Comoros
French is one of the official languages ​​of Comoros. Arabic is also an official language and is the national and religious language. The Comorian language is also one of the official languages ​​of the Comoros. There are also many minority languages ​​with these three official languages, the most famous of which is English.



Tourist visa for Comoros


Tourism in the Comoros does not require a tourist visa before traveling to all Arab countries. It even has an entry stamp at the airport upon arrival to the Comoros, which is considered an arrival visa, and it is received at the passport police at the airport, and it provides you with residency in the Comoros for a period of no less than 30 days. Despite this, it is necessary to have some documents and documents necessary to enter the Comoros, the most important of which are:

Reservation of a return flight ticket to confirm the intention to leave Comoros.
Proof of accommodation reservation while on vacation in Comoros.
Proof of financial ability to spend in the Comoros for the duration of your vacation.
A valid passport.
The ideal period for tourism in Comoros
The ideal duration of tourism in the Comoros is about 10 days, in order to have time to explore its important tourist attractions and islands. Here is a suggested program for tourism in the Comoros Islands, according to which you can plan your vacation:

Day 1: Arrival to the capital of Comoros
Arrive in Moroni and take a tour, exploring its narrow streets, colorful shops and distinctive attractions.

From the second to the fourth day: visit the island of Mohéli
On the second day, head to Mohéli Island, visit the National Museum of Comoros, relax on the beaches of Newmachoa, Fomboni, snorkel and watch sea turtles, hike in the mountains and ride a boat around Mohéli.

From the fifth and sixth day: an exploratory tour
Take a tour through the countryside to visit farms and fishing villages, as well as the royal tombs and fort, visit the foothills of Kartala Volcano, enjoy a panoramic view and see seven extinct volcanoes. It is one of the most beautiful activities that you can do during tourism in C

Comoros .

Day 7 and 8: Explore the wildlife
Head to Beni and see lemurs, and experience traditional folk dances. Then go to the famous Pune Beach, the famous Dragon Rocks, and the wonderful Turtle Island. As well as visiting the therapeutic salt lake “Lak Sala”, which is known for treating skin diseases. After that visit the mangrove forest.

Day 9 and 10: Exploring marine life
Enjoy the marine life in the Comoros tourism islands, see sea turtles, whales and dolphins. As well as wandering the rocky islands scattered. In addition to relaxing in the national park, which is unique to the island of Mohéli. Finally, head to your hotel and prepare to leave the country and return home.

How much does tourism cost in Comoros?
Tourism in the Comoros Islands is a low-cost tourist destination. Here are the average prices for tourism and recreational services in the Comoros, so that you can plan your holiday:

The average cost of a flight to Comoros per person ranges between (340-600) US dollars.
Average hotel rates within Comoros for a single traveler are approximately $140.
The prices for transportation in the Comoros by sea boat is about 50 USD per day per person.
The average daily cost of renting a car per person in Comoros is approximately $100.


Transportation and transportation in Comoros
Transportation and transportation in Comoros

You can move around easily and safely in the Comoros through many public transport means, and choose the one that suits you best. Here are the most important types of public transportation in the Comoros:

Taxis are common in Comoros to get around, but they are not available during the late night hours. Although it is an enjoyable experience, it is crowded, uncomfortable and hot.

car rental
It is the best way to travel within the Comoros, especially in long distances, but its cost is very high. Despite this, it is a much more relaxing and enjoyable way, with stunning views on both sides of the road.

water taxi
There are ferry services and water boats to move between the islands in the Comoros, which is a safe way in general, despite its small size, and it also gives you a nice and pleasant feeling of wandering among the tourist islands.

Air transport
There are many flights in the Comoros, which connect the islands with each other. It is one of the safe, fast, most comfortable and luxurious means during tourism in the Comoros Islands.

The official currency of the Comoros

The Comorian Franc (KMF) is the official currency of the Comoros, and it is equal to one hundred centimes.



Communications and the Internet in the Comoros
The telecommunications sector in the Comoros has witnessed a great growth in recent times, as it has worked to provide 4G and 5G technology with high quality and cheap prices. And telecom companies are still expanding and developing, to provide everyone with mobile phone and internet services. Here are the most important leading companies in the field of telecommunications in the Comoros:

Comoros Telecom
Telma Comoros
The distance between the most popular cities in Comoros
To move between tourist cities and islands within the Comoros to explore, here are the distances between them:

Anjouan to Grand Comore 129 km.
Grand Comoro to Mohéli 80 km.
Moheli to Moroni 88 km.
Moroni to Mutsamudu 135 km.
Moroni to Moheli is 88 km.
From Moroni to Anjouan 141 km.
Moheli to Anjouan 78 km.
Rent a car in Comoros
Immerse yourself in the world of amazing adventures of the Comoros archipelago by renting a car, as it is the perfect way to explore its charming tourist destinations. There are a set of necessary rules and conditions that you must follow in order for you to be allowed to rent a car during tourism in the Comoros. Here are the most important ones:

Have a valid driver’s license, valid for at least one year and in good standing, with an International Driving Permit (IDP).
The minimum driving age in Comoros is 18, while the maximum age is 50, and the driver must be over 23 years old.
Driving is on the right side inside Comoros.
You must purchase car insurance.
Mobile phone use while driving is not permitted in Comoros.
Reserve your car in advance to get the best deals.
Choose your pick-up location, delivery dates, and preferred vehicle type.
Obtaining a credit card for the prepayment and deposit of the vehicle.
Check the lease terms by reading the contract carefully before signing.
Payment system by bank card Visa or MasterCard.
The perfect vehicle for long trips and designed to suit any terrain in the Comoros is an SUV.
Driving under the influence of intoxicants or drugs is prohibited.
It is mandatory to wear a seat belt for all passengers in the car.
The speed limit is 30 km / h on urban roads.