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Tourism in Brussels, Belgium is diverse

Tourism in Brussels, Belgium is diverse

Tourism in Brussels, Belgium is diverse

It is considered one of the most diverse tourist destinations. This is due to its many recreational and tourist activities that the whole family can enjoy. The city of Brussels, the Belgian capital, is famous for its collection of world-class museums and galleries, as well as being a haven for chocolate lovers, thanks to its factories that produce many of the best chocolates in the world.



The city also features statues, parks, hills, music festivals, ski resorts and more. All this made it one of the best tourist cities in Belgium suitable for families. Discover through this report more about the best tourist places in Brussels recommended to visit, the most important information about them and the best hotels before traveling…

The best hotels in Brussels, Belgium

There is a wide variety of accommodations in Brussels, where you will find yourself in front of some of the best international hotels. In order to enjoy comfort and tranquility during your tourist vacation. These hotels are also located near the city’s tourist attractions to make it easier for you to visit and move between them… Read more about the best hotels in Brussels, Belgium.



The best time to travel to Brussels, Belgium
The best time for travel and tourism in Brussels, Belgium, is during the spring, from March to May. As well as during the fall season from the month of “September to October”. This is where the weather is ideal for tourism and enjoying wandering and discovering the city and its attractions.

In addition to being low-cost tourist seasons, and tourist crowds are less, allowing you to enjoy and move comfortably in the city, and take the most beautiful souvenir photos.



The ideal period for tourism in Brussels, Belgium
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Brussels, Belgium is approximately 4 days. This is where you can spend the entire first day exploring the city from the central square, town hall, museum and shopping plaza.

The second day you can stroll in the heart of the city, visiting Brussels Park, the Royal Palace, the Museum of Musical Instruments and the Mont des Arts. On your third day, you can visit the Great Mosque and the beautiful Cinquent Nair Garden. Finally, conclude the trip in the miniature park of Europe, the water park, and the Atomium Historical Museum.



Where is Brussels located?

Located in north-central Belgium, Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is the country’s largest urban region. It is located on an area of ​​33 square kilometers, and is 70 meters above sea level.

The distance between Brussels and Luxembourg City is about 223.6 km. Brussels is 57.2 km away from Ghent.



Closest airport to Brussels, Belgium
Brussels International Airport
Brussels International Airport is the closest airport to the Belgian capital, Brussels. It is the 24th busiest airport in Europe.

The airport is located in the region of Zaventem in the province of Vlames Brabant in the Flemish region of Belgium. The airport is 14.3 km from Brussels.



The language in Brussels, Belgium
French, Dutch and German are the three official languages ​​spoken in Belgium. However, Dutch is the most widely spoken language in Brussels, followed by French and then German.