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Tourism in Birmingham

Tourism in Birmingham

Tourism in Birmingham

Birmingham is located between London and Manchester and is the second largest city in Britain after London in terms of area. The city has a history spanning more than 1,500 years, as it is an important center of commerce and industry.



Boat City

If you are a fan of touring by boat, then I invite you to go to the city of boats in Birmingham, which has many water channels and has many boats estimated at 100 boats that work to accompany visitors and tourists to take excursions in the heart of the city

The boats provide individual or group trips for families or excursions. Visitors relax to see the landscape and learn about the city’s landmarks. Therefore, they take souvenir photos of most places in the city. They can also stop at designated places to get meals, buy drinks or snacks, and since the boat trip is distinctive and unique. It is one of its kind and therefore it is accepted by tourists when they go to the city.



Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is located in south Birmingham and was opened in 1873 AD on an area of ​​80 acres of parks and 120 acres of green forests, and therefore it is considered one of the most important and most famous tourist places in the city, as it is frequented by many city residents and tourists. The park also provides extensive green spaces for golfing

There are also places for children to enjoy their time, and it is also distinctive to provide clothes for playing tennis for free and the availability of equipment for playing. Some visitors may be tempted to rent boats to enjoy the scenic views of the lake, and that is only in the summer, and fishing lovers can practice their hobby by fishing in the lake with the provision of the necessary equipment for hunting.



The National Marine Life Center

The marine center consists of artificial houses interspersed with corridors inside rivers, making it distinct in terms of design. The center contains many rare marine creatures such as sharks and penguins. The center begins with the first corridor that contains sharks that can participate in feeding them, while the other corridors contain displays of penguins. And rare sea creatures such as starfish and luminous jellyfish,

Inside the center there is a cinema 4D through which you can watch documentaries that illustrate the life of marine creatures, and there is also a small kiosk to get food and drinks, and all this claimed to consider the center as one of the most important tourist places in Birmingham.



Adventure Island Mini Golf

Adventure Island is considered one of the most important places for children. It is an activity center that has been manufactured in a different way. It includes volcanoes, a waterfall, and palm trees. The center provides places to play golf, which has been established to suit all ages. Besides, the necessary equipment is available for playing.

The center offers many parties, competitions and challenges for children and to get gifts when they win, the most important of which is the free tour inside the island, along with many different gifts, and inside the island there is a small kiosk to provide snacks and wonderful drinks.



cadbury chocolate factory

The Cadbury Chocolate Factory is considered one of the most important attractions in the city, and even in England as a whole.

The entertainment tour begins with a tour guide introducing the different sections, starting with the forests of Mexico filled with cocoa seed trees, then Paul Street, in which the wines were replaced with cocoa powder after its success, then seeing the techniques for moving chocolate and video presentations that explain the history of its manufacture. Souvenir photos next to paintings made entirely of chocolate.