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The old city is the most beautiful and wonderful place in Tunisia

The old city is the most beautiful and wonderful place in Tunisia

The old city is the most beautiful and wonderful place in Tunisia

The ancient city of Kairouan

The Medina or the old city is the most beautiful and wonderful place in Tunisia. And that’s where the crowded alleys, which are characterized by the character of Arab empires. Hiking the trails is number one on your list of top activities to do in Kairouan.


The towers constructed by the Husaynids are scattered throughout the circle, which is 3.5 kilometers long along with the city. Admire the colorful old houses lining the roads, and the many unique architectural buildings. So we advise you to wander around for a unique experience.

Souks of Kairouan, Tunisia

The souks are one of the main tourist attractions in Kairouan Tunisia, and as well as shopping you can also see many artisans busy working in their workshops. The market district of Medina was built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and is still occupied by traditional craftsmen.

Spend a day shopping and buying souvenirs, sampling free traditional sweets such as Lent, a sticky cake stuffed with dates. In addition to buying traditional handicrafts such as pottery and carpets. Plus cheap mini games and Tunisian trinkets.



Raqqada Museum of Islamic Art

Raqqada Museum of Islamic Art is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kairouan, Tunisia. Located in the southwest of the city of Kairouan, it is a grandiose old two-storey presidential palace, converted into a museum.

The museum offers its visitors to enjoy discovering Islamic architecture, the most famous of which is a complete model of the Uqba Ibn Nafi Mosque, as well as many important historical artifacts such as coins, ceramics from different eras, paper plans, the most important of which is the Qur’anic manuscript in Arabic calligraphy.



The Great Mosque of Kairouan

The Great Mosque, which is known as the “Sidi Uqba Mosque”, extends over an area of ​​135 meters, and is located in the northeastern corner of Medina. It is one of the most important points of tourism in Kairouan, Tunisia. This mosque was ingeniously created by Uqba ibn Nafi, founder of Kairouan in 672 AD.

The Great Mosque is the most important monument to Islam in North Africa, and many other mosques have drawn their architecture from this masterpiece. Non-Muslims may enter the prayer hall, but they are not permitted to enter the prayer hall.



The corner of Sidi Abdel Gharyani

This ornate mausoleum is considered one of the finest and best preserved examples in Kairouan, of artistic decoration of Arab ceramic tiles. Carved from fine wood, this tomb is a dedication to a holy man from the 14th century and is a well-preserved relic of the city.

Discover the sumptuously decorated inner courtyard, entirely covered in vibrant and colorful ceramic tiles, which displays intricate and beautiful patterns and is a major attraction for photographers and art students.



new town
The new town of Kairouan, Tunisia

The New Medina area is located in Kairouan, on its main axis, Habib Bourguiba Avenue, and is the busiest part of the city. It was built in 1722 AD, and it is one of the important and famous tourist attractions in Kairouan, Tunisia.

The new town is a lively place, bustling with tourists, pedestrians, restaurants, cafés and shops along the lively Bourguiba Avenue. We advise you to visit it during your vacation.