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Despite its reconstruction in the last decade, Batumi has

Despite its reconstruction in the last decade, Batumi has

Despite its reconstruction in the last decade, Batumi has


Europe Square

Despite its reconstruction in the last decade, Batumi has preserved an impressive collection of buildings dating back to the 19th century. During this time, Batumi was a free port on the Caspian oil route to Europe, and when the government decided to renovate the city, those old buildings were returned to their original glory, giving


Batumi an even more beautiful atmosphere. Stunning, with great local dishes in one of the restaurants or cafes located in the square. The plaza is surrounded by many ancient historical buildings and important landmarks in the city. It is also characterized by its proximity to the Batumi Promenade on the Black Sea, where there are many recreational facilities, restaurants and the finest hotels.


Alphabet Tower

The Alphabet Tower Batumi is one of the most famous tourist places in Batumi, which is considered one of the modern tourist attractions that will have an important history that is gradually increasing over time. One of the main landmarks of the city, which is one of the most important places visited by visitors; The tower is one of the modern landmarks that a group of visitors flock to for many reasons, which is its unique urban beauty



One of the buildings in the world, as well as for its place in the lap of the charming and elegant nature. Where you can wander next to the tower and visit the amusement park surrounding it, and you can visit one of the distinctive tourist attractions that the city is famous for, such as Batumi Boulevard Park, which is located near the tower.


Argo cable car in Batumi

The cable car is one of the most important tourist activities that visitors are keen to do. On a wonderful trip, the cable car will take you on a 2.5 km (1.5 mi) line and at an altitude of 252 meters (826.7 ft), eventually reaching a platform for panoramic views of the city. In addition, there is a chapel next to the viewing point and a cafe at the upper station of the cable car. If you want to grab something and enjoy the wonderful views, the Batumi cable car is approximately 2,6 km long and you can enjoy a cable car ride and a panoramic view.
Wonderful city from the top, especially in the dark. You can also ride the cable car and go to the shopping complex and restaurants on the Anoria plateau.
Address: Zujiashvili Street, Batumi, Georgia

Piazza Square

Piazza Batumi is one of the most beautiful squares in Georgia. There are many hotels, cafes and restaurants located in Piazza Batumi. Within a few short years, the square had become a world famous entertainment venue. It has recently hosted concerts by Georgian and foreign performers, including Placido Domingo, Chris Poti, Sting, Macy Gray, Michel Legrand and Tamar Gverdtsiteli. Featuring boutique hotels, cafés, and unique architecture, it is a favorite destination for many locals to spend some leisure time. With a great drink or meal, designed by Georgian architect Vazha Orbeladze, it perfectly blends ancient styles and different trends.


Stroll down the Boulevard

It is a wide street with a length of seven kilometers starting from Batumi Bay, and it is a place with many attractions for visitors, where many tourist attractions and many places to take pictures are located, as well as many
From cafes, restaurants and fountains, so you can walk and stroll along the bay and explore the places and landmarks in Batumi. The Batumi Boulevard was originally established in 1884, but it changed over time to look like you see it now in this beautiful scene It begins with a seven-kilometre


(4.3-mile) street in Batumi Bay and offers many exciting attractions for visitors, with plenty of photo spots and plenty of cafes, to name a few. Nowadays, it is 12 kilometers long and is divided into “old” and “new” streets, and there you can see the original garden with a new addition of modern benches, sculptures and fountains. During the summer, the street is filled with bars, clubs and cafes on the beach. From there, you can also watch the beautiful sunset view.