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The most important tourist places in Tbilisi

The most important tourist places in Tbilisi

The most important tourist places in Tbilisi


Tbilisi, also known as Tbilisi, is the capital and largest city of Georgia, located on the banks of the Kura River. Founded in the fifth century by Vakhtang I Gorgasali, king of the Kingdom of Iberia, Tbilisi has since become the capital of various Georgian kingdoms and republics. Between 1801 and 1917, when it was under the rule of the former Russian Empire, Tbilisi was the seat of the Imperial Governor, who ruled both the South and North Caucasus.

Because of its location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia and its proximity to trade routes, the city has long enjoyed a prestigious position, and the city’s location to this day ensures its status as an important transit route for various energy and trade projects. Tbilisi’s diverse history is reflected in its architecture, which is a mixture of ancient, classical, Middle Eastern, Art Nouveau, Stalinist and modernist architecture.


Tbilisi has a humid subtropical climate (CAFA Climatic Classification) with significant continental influences. The city experiences very hot summers and moderately cold winters. Similar to other regions in Georgia, Tbilisi receives heavy rain throughout the year without a separate dry period. The city’s climate is influenced by both dry air masses (Central Asia / Siberia) from the east and oceans (Atlantic Ocean / Black Sea) from the west.

Since the city is confined on most sides by mountain ranges, the close proximity to large bodies of water (Black Sea and Caspian Sea) and the fact that the Greater Caucasus Mountains (as well as the North) prevent infiltration of air masses, Tbilisi has a relatively mild climate compared to other cities that have The same similar climatic conditions.



In terms of tourism, the city is a destination for tourists with its multiple ingredients, as there are in Tbilisi the parliament and government buildings (state advisors) in Georgia, as well as the Supreme Court of Georgia.

The city has important cultural attractions such as the Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi Provincial State, Tbilisi Opera, Ballet Theatre, Rustaveli State Academic Theatre, Marjanashvili State Academic Theatre, Sameba Cathedral, Vorontsov Palace (also known as Children’s Palace today), several state museums, and the National Public Library Parliament of Georgia, National Bank of Georgia, Freedom Square, Tbilisi Circus, Peace Bridge and other important institutions. During the Soviet era,



The best hotels in Tbilisi

The capital of Jogja “Tbilisi” contains many tourist places and different attractions, and for this reason it attracts thousands of tourists and visitors, and it has provided them with places to stay in, and to learn about the best Tbilisi hotels that have good locations and provide distinguished services. Read more.


Botanical Garden

Botanical Park, one of the most famous tourist places in Tbilisi, is located just steps away from the Narikala forests in the city center. Many Georgians believe that these forests are the first tourist attraction in Tbilisi. The entrance fee to the park is symbolic and is 1 GEL according to the Georgian currency, you can stay and have a good time In this place all day without boredom, the National Botanical Garden of Georgia, formerly the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, is located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, located in the Tsavkesis-Tskali Gorge on the southern foothills of the Sololaki Range. It occupies an area of ​​161 hectares and possesses a collection of more than 4,500 taxonomic groups. Its history extends back to more than three centuries.



Sataplia Cave

There were found in this cave some ancient monuments that indicate the presence of dinosaurs, and it is located in the northwest region of the city of Sataplia, and was discovered by Professor Chapukiani. The place has more, and these steps are about drawing dinosaurs on the stones and adding some plastic maquettes … This helped attract a large number of tourists to visit this cave … It is located six kilometers northwest of the city of Stapleya and is known to contain traces of dinosaurs, and this makes this cave one of the best places to visit. The richest archaeological areas in the world and it is on an area of ​​300 square meters.



Luka Polar Ice Cream in Tbilisi

This is the discovery of a wonderful coffee shop, or you can say an ice cream shop. Advertisements for the shop are spread in the streets of Tbilisi, with a print of attractive ice cream shapes. The shop is located on Egmenshabeli Street No. 125, and it is characterized as a large coffee shop and a wonderful outdoor terrace, as well as an endless list of choices from Types of ice cream at a price of 2.9 jelly per 100 grams of ice cream, and what is amazing is the presence of an ice cream machine, through which you can serve yourself and enjoy any additions you like from types of fruits such as strawberries, cherries or chocolate, and there are also pancakes and sweets at low prices and all of them Fresh and at 2.9 GEL as well. The best coffee here is except Turkish coffee, but you can try a cappuccino for 4.9 GEL.