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It is a monastic complex located near Kutaisi in western Georgia

It is a monastic complex located near Kutaisi in western Georgia

It is a monastic complex located near Kutaisi in western Georgia



Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi

It is a monastic complex located near Kutaisi in western Georgia. It includes the Church of the Virgin, founded by King David IV of Georgia in 1106, and the churches of St. George and St. Nicholas from the thirteenth century. Gelati Monastery was for a long time one of the main cultural and intellectual centers in Georgia. It included an academy where the most famous Georgian scientists, theologians and philosophers worked. Some of them worked in various orthodox monasteries abroad, including the Mangan Academy in Constantinople, in the Gelati Monastery. There are a large number of frescoes and manuscripts preserved, dating from the twelfth to seventeenth centuries AD. One of the greatest Georgian kings, David IV, is buried in Gelati Monastery.



Botanical Garden in Kutaisi

The Botanical Garden in Kutaisi is one of the most famous botanical and natural attractions in the city and attracts hundreds of visitors daily from tourists and locals in search of rest and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Botanical Garden has more than 700 different types of green plants, trees, and colorful and fragrant roses that reflect the natural botanical style of the city of Kutaisi and Georgia, which is the second largest botanical garden in Georgia and the most famous botanical garden in Europe. The variety of coniferous trees, oaks, maples and many others that you may see for the first time in addition to the many wonderful paintings formed by roses and colorful and fragrant flowers here and there inside the garden.



Archaeological Museum of Vanni

The Archaeological Museum of Vani houses most of the antiquities unearthed in the Georgian Vani region. In 1987, a new hall was opened within the museum halls, called the Gold Council Hall, which was dedicated to preserving the unique pieces made by the most skilled ancient goldsmiths. The museum also includes many pieces of art, in addition to statues carved from bronze, and other distinctive collectibles.

Katskhi rocks

The Katskhi rock blocks are located at a distance of 60 km from the city of Kutaisi, specifically in the village of Katskhi. They are straight and compact rock accumulations, consisting of natural limestone. The Katskhi Massif is about 40 m high, and overlooks the Azab River and one of its fertile valleys. The strange thing is the small chapel on top of these rocks, which includes a private residence for one of its monks.



Mutsamita Monastery

Mutsamita Monastery was built 6 km from the center of Kutaisi, where the construction of the monastery dates back to the eleventh century AD, but some historical writings mention that a synagogue was built on the same site during the eighth century AD, that is, about three centuries before the construction of the monastery. Motsamita Monastery is considered a magnet for many tourists and visitors, because of the popular belief among people that if someone walks slowly under the coffin for three times, and makes a wish while touching the Holy, the wish will be fulfilled.



Colchis Fountain

This fountain is considered one of the most beautiful fountains in the world, to the “Colchis Fountain”, that distinctive fountain, which attracts the attention of all visitors, the location of the fountain in the center of the city; This is what has increased its importance and attracts tourists from all over the world. Do not be tempted to take hundreds of photos alongside it; The area in which it is located is teeming with cars, buses and pedestrians on a daily basis. What will impress you with this distinctive fountain is its wonderful design, as it contains a group of anthropomorphic animals, all of which bear the golden color, which appears at its best when the sun’s rays reflect on it, so do not miss this visit, which may take only a few minutes, but it will certainly remain Nice memory for you in Kutaisi.


Kutaisi market

This market is an important destination for anyone looking to buy excellent Georgian products at great prices. What distinguishes this local market is its system, and it has an infinite number of food commodities, and it is located in the heart of the city, so it is a permanent haven for the locals. If you are going to stay in the city Kutaisi for a few days, we advise you to buy your needs from this market, it does not offer goods at tourist prices, while it sells them at the same local price, and do not forget to get some local spices, cheese, and some local products that Georgia is famous for before you return, in this market you will be able to find Whatever you are looking for, and if you are a fan of photography, you will be allowed to do so, despite the hustle and bustle of the market; However, organizing it will help you to take some wonderful pictures with it, to keep a memory of you from the memories of tourism in Kutaisi.


parliament building

A visit to the Parliament building is one of the essential visits in all tourism tours in Kutaisi, as it informs the visitor more about one of the modern architectural achievements in Georgia. Visit over the past few years. The Parliament building was opened to be one of the tourist attractions in Kutaisi in 2012, the most prominent feature of which is that steel dome, with a silver color, which attracts the attention of all visitors, so here you take hundreds of photos, next to this unique architectural masterpiece. The wide square with green spaces, and taking the most beautiful pictures in it, in order to fully enjoy the pleasure of tourism in Kutaisi.