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Another, as it is the best hotel near Al Nakheel Mall Dubai, provides

Another, as it is the best hotel near Al Nakheel Mall Dubai, provides

Another, as it is the best hotel near Al Nakheel Mall Dubai, provides


service at the highest level in all facilities, whether service facilities or recreational facilities

The Light House Restaurant
The Light House Food
When you visit the mall, the smell of food inevitably takes you to the most famous restaurants there, where pizza, burgers, grills, and various main dishes, you will enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family.

Then go to have a cup of tea or fresh juice in one of the distinctive cafes there with wonderful views of the Jumeirah area of ​​Dubai. You can find a list of cafes and restaurants in the following:

The Light House.
Pizza Hut.
La Dore Paris.
Coffee Island.
Chris Cross Lebanon.
Urban Seafood.
Noodle House.
The Crepe Factory.
Crab market.


Service facilities in Al Nakheel Mall, Dubai
Al Nakheel Mall Dubai
beautification saloon
The mall was not satisfied with the presence of shops only inside it, but it includes many facilities that serve visitors in all respects, and below we learn about these facilities:

Beauty salons
Places equipped at the highest level to receive men and women, each category separately, to carry out cosmetic work in the skin, hair and body. Here are the most prominent salons as follows:

In Style Lounge.
Super trim.
The Art of Shaving.
WOW Beauty.
Medical facilities
Inevitably, Al Nakheel Mall had to contain medical facilities equipped to receive patients at any time, and medical facilities include the following:

Ibn Sina Pharmacy.
Dubai London Clinic.
Petus Pharmacy.
Market Waitrose
You can find the finest types of food and drinks inside Waitrose Market. All your home food needs are of the highest quality.



The mall includes gyms that can be subscribed by women or men to enjoy sports games however they like.

Opening hours for Al Nakheel Mall Dubai
The Dubai Mall receives visitors daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Al Nakheel Mall location
The mall is located in the Palm Jumeirah area of Dubai, specifically on Al Nakheel Street. To know the location and surrounding places, you can view the following map.

Mall phone number
In the event that you have inquiries and questions about shops or service facilities, you can contact the mall management on this number: 043909999.

Hotels near Al Nakheel Mall
The mall is located in a distinctive coastal area, so many Dubai hotels wrap around it, in which you can stay in during your stay in Dubai, and enjoy the services offered by these hotels. Here are the best hotels near the mall:



Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Express Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel, Media City
This hotel offers 5-star services, and deals with visitors in a distinctive way, so it got very high ratings in Google, as Arab visitors praised the wonderful room views, cleanliness, and sophistication provided by the staff, read more.

Holiday inn express internet city
Staying at this hotel makes you feel like you are in a world