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Tourist sites in Sofia, Bulgaria and the central mineral baths

Tourist sites in Sofia, Bulgaria and the central mineral baths

Central Mineral Baths
The central mineral baths of Sofia

The history of the central baths dates back to 1913 AD, and was used until the mid-1980s. The central mineral baths are an important tourist site in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is a must-visit even though it no longer functions as a public spa as it once did.



The most photographed building in Sofia, these baths were constructed in the neo-Byzantine style, with a large dome behind an impressive vestibule. It has been converted into the Regional History Museum, where you can learn all about the history of Sofia. You can visit the garden located right in front of the central mineral baths, and the fountain in the center fed by hot natural mineral water. It is worth noting that the venue is now used as a temporary exhibition hall.

Banya Bashi Mosque
Banya Bashi Mosque Sofia, Bulgaria

Banya Bashi Mosque is the only Ottoman mosque still standing in Sofia today. The Banya Bashi Mosque was designed by the Ottoman architect Sinan, who is considered one of the best architects in history. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Sofia, Bulgaria.


You can enjoy exploring the mosque’s very impressive interiors. It is worth noting that the mosque accommodates about 700 worshipers. You can also see the tiles, which are an excellent example of Islamic art. And if you are not dressed appropriately, blankets are provided at the entrance, which is a free place for visitors.

Boyana Waterfall
Boyana waterfall, Bulgaria

Boyana Falls is one of the most amazing places that we advise you to visit during tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is where it is considered the most beautiful and largest in Mount Vitosha, and it is the perfect place to escape from the noise and atmosphere of the bustling city, and get a little peace and relaxation in the lap of pristine nature.

You cannot reach the waterfall by car, as it takes a long walk of about an hour and a half or two hours to get there. However, getting there is an adventure in itself, during which you can enjoy watching the surrounding landscapes, climbing the mountain and cliffs, and taking a lot of beautiful photographs.



Take free walking tours
Free walking tours in Sofia

Tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria is only complete by participating in free walking tours, especially on your first day. There is probably no easier and cheaper way to get an overview of a new city than with an exploratory walking tour.

Most of the walking tours take about two hours and cover the most important sights to visit and which ones to skip so you will get an overview of the things to do during your holiday in Sofia.


Vitosha Boulevard

Vitosha Street is the most prestigious street in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is one of the city’s most important tourist attractions. It is a pedestrian street, which helps reduce traffic congestion in the Bulgarian capital. It contains all the luxury boutiques and international fashion houses.

Even if you are not interested in shopping, you should stop at Vitosha Boulevard, to enjoy those attractive views of Vitosha Mountain covered in snow dust most of the year. It is surrounded by high-rise buildings, as well as cafes and restaurants along the street, with outdoor seating. There are also many shops to buy the most beautiful distinctive souvenirs, the most famous of which is the world-famous Bulgarian rose water.



The artificial lake “Pancharevo”
The artificial lake of Pancharevo in Bulgaria

One of the best places to visit is the artificial lake Pancharevo, which you can visit in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. It is the perfect haven for sunbathing, swimming, fishing, and various water sports. This is because Sofia is relatively far from the sea.

You can also stroll down the boardwalk along the lake, and get beautiful panoramic views of the lake. In addition to seeing some medieval ruins such as the castle, you can also visit the village and enjoy the refreshing rural atmosphere.



Ivan Vazov National Theater

Built in 1909, Ivan Vazov National Theater is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is the oldest theater which is a neoclassical building representing Bulgarian culture.

The theater allows tourists to admire the impressive architecture of this beautiful building, as well as take a stroll in the park next to the theater. In addition to the possibility of attending many concerts and singing, and performances of various traditional and international plays.

The Bulgarian city of Sofia has many wonderful attractions

The Bulgarian city of Sofia has many wonderful attractions.

The most important tourist places in Sofia, Bulgaria
The Bulgarian city of Sofia has many wonderful attractions. If you decide to travel and tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria soon, here are some of the most important tourist places that we advise you to visit during your vacation:



Mount Vitosha
Vitosha mountain, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mount Vitosha is the most famous and prominent tourist attraction in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a huge peak in a natural park, rising over 2,200 meters behind the southwestern outskirts of Sofia. This place allows you to go hiking, mountain climbing and skiing.

Vitosha is a ski resort, and you can climb it up to the black summit, for a great panoramic view of the city. It is also the oldest natural park in the Balkan Peninsula. The mountain is home to a variety of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. In addition to many types of wonderful plants. The mountain also includes two rare ocean reserves.



National Historical Museum

The National Historical Museum is located in the residence of the former dictator “Todor Zhivkov”. The museum covers 8000 years of Bulgarian history, through five specialized halls. It is one of the famous attractions in Sofia.

It is also the largest historical museum in the Balkans in terms of volume of contents, with more than 700,000 objects arranged chronologically. The museum is also famous for its collection of ancient, medieval coins, as well as seeing the Panagyurishte Treasure, one of the most famous Thracian treasures still in existence.



Borisova Gardena
Borisova Gradina Park, Sofia, Bulgaria

Borisova Gardena is the largest and most famous park in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is the oldest park in the city, dating back to the 19th century. It has been developed to become an ideal recreational haven for its visitors, whether locals or even foreign tourists.


You can do a lot of fun things in the park, such as strolling the tree-lined paths, relaxing with food and drinks and fresh air, snowboarding in winter, jogging and exercising, or rent a boat and take a cruise on Lake Ariana.

Tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria, offers many interesting experiences and unique adventures

Tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria, offers many interesting experiences and unique adventures



Tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria, for fun and unique adventures

Tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria, provides you with many fun experiences and unique adventures, suitable for all ages. In order to prove that it is the best tourist destination, to spend holidays full of various discoveries, where the historical Roman archaeological sites, as well as modern modern buildings, as well as recreational parks, water parks and many more. Which made it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Bulgaria, so do not hesitate to visit it.

Let us explore with you in this comprehensive guide, a list of the top recommended tourist attractions, and the tourist and leisure activities that you can enjoy in Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition to the best recommended Sofia hotels…



The best hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria offers multiple accommodation options, as it has a group of the finest hotels with prices suitable for different tourist budgets. In addition to its distinguished facilities and services that meet the needs of guests… Read more about the best hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The best time to travel to Sofia, Bulgaria
The best time to travel and tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria is during the summer months, between June and August. This is due to the nature of the warmer weather, with temperatures ranging between “19-29” degrees Celsius. This atmosphere is ideal for tourism and enjoyment of all the various recreational and tourist activities.

Also, one of the ideal periods for winter lovers is the period from “December to February”. And that period is ideal for those looking to practice fun winter sports, and enjoy the winter weather. But be aware that times of the year are the second busiest time for tourists in Sofia, Bulgaria.



The ideal period of tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria is approximately three days, during which you can visit its most important recreational and main tourist places. Start your journey by exploring the city around you on foot, visiting the Golden Center, the Historical Museum of Sofia, the luxurious Vitosha Street, the Dolls Museum and the Sofia National Art Gallery.

Also, don’t miss the most famous site, the Eagle Bridge, and admire some of the other impressive buildings such as the National Library and Sophia University. You can also relax in Borisova Gardenia, and do not forget to venture into Vitosha Mountain surrounded by pine trees and cliffs.



Where is Sofia?

Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, is located in the west of the Republic of Bulgaria, in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. And that’s at the foot of the famous ski mountain Vitosha North, within the range of the Sofia High Plain. Sofia links Western Europe with the Middle East, and the Danube River with the Mediterranean Sea.

It also connects the Black Sea with the Adriatic Sea. Sofia is 55 km away from Serbia, and 113 km from Macedonia.



Closest airport to Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia Airport
Sofia Airport is the closest airport to the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and is the main international airport in the Republic of Bulgaria. The airport is about 11.4 km from Sofia.

The language in Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian is the official language spoken in Sofia, Bulgaria, and many other minority and foreign languages ​​are also spoken, with English being the most common.