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Tourism in Croatia for a magical and unforgettable holiday

Tourism in Croatia for a magical and unforgettable holiday

Tourism in Croatia is one of the most important and most beautiful options for a holiday in Europe. In Croatia, the beauty of the sea meets the charm of the mountains and their breathtaking nature. This is accompanied by the large number of tourist resorts, parks, restaurants and markets that provide visitors with everything they need from the fun times. While the country is also famous for the authenticity of its heritage and the nobility of its buildings, which also makes it an excellent home for lovers of cultural tourism.




Croatia is also characterized by the beauty of national parks and the diversity of plant and animal species in them. Among the most famous are the Kobaki Reet Gardens and Lake Beltwich National Parks. As well as the country’s reputation for safety and hospitality for visitors, this is what rightfully makes it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Discover tourism in Croatia
What do you think that we help you to know the top 10 tourist cities in Croatia. As well as providing you with a set of the most important tips, instructions and information that you will need to have an enjoyable and happy holiday in Croatia…

Croatia map
Croatia is located in the southeast of the European continent, with a stunning view of the waters of the Adriatic Sea from the southwest. While the country shares a land border with 5 countries: Hungary to the northeast and Slovenia to the northwest. While Serbia is located in the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in the southeast.

The best time to travel to Croatia

Croatia beaches in summer
Croatia has a lot of charm that it offers to its visitors, in every season of the year there is an interesting story for the tourists. This leads any tourist to wonder about the best times to visit this beautiful European country. In short, the climate of Croatia experiences mild and sunny summers with temperatures exceeding 27 degrees Celsius, while winters seem cold with snowfall. It is useful to know the following:


Summer (June to August): The summer season in Croatia sees the largest influx of visitors to the country. This is due to the desire of all visitors to enjoy sunny and pleasant days on the beaches of the coastal country.

Spring (March to May): The most popular opportunities for spring are an ideal opportunity for those looking to swim in the warm waters away from the tourist overcrowding in the summer. If you try tourism in Croatia in the spring days, you will undoubtedly love the colorful flowers scattered in the country’s parks and picturesque gardens.

Autumn season (September to October): Autumn offers visitors to Croatia another opportunity to relax in the country’s beaches and mountain resorts in a more calm and relaxing atmosphere. Autumn also gives tourists a good opportunity to save money and spend a more economical vacation.



Winter (from November to February): If you are a fan of winter tourism, tourism in Croatia is an attractive option as well. Especially in the period from December to February, there is nothing more beautiful than the sights of snow in Croatia in the light of Christmas. Visitors of this period will also have exciting opportunities to ski in the country’s glacier resorts, specifically in the Dinaric mountain range.

The language in Croatia
The Croatian language is the official language of the Republic of Croatia. Croatian is spoken by more than 95% of the population, however visitors may find some variation in dialects from one region to another. In Croatia there are 3 dialects: Shtokavian, Kajkavian and Chakavian.


Croatia tourist visa
Before heading to travel and tourism in Croatia, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Submit the visa application form to the visa center at the Croatian embassy, ​​filling out the form in Latin letters.
A passport valid for at least 3 months.
A recent personal photo with white background, 35 x 45 mm.
Health insurance and bank statement for the last 3 months that prove the ability of the tourist to bear the expenses of the trip.
Book round trip airline tickets as well.
Proof of hotel reservation.
Pay the visa fee of 60 euros.
The ideal period for tourism in Croatia
The time required to visit Croatia and tour its most important attractions is not less than a week. If you have more time, we advise you to stay in the country for at least 15 days. In order to be able to explore the beauty of nature and ancient heritage and take an adequate tour around the most important tourist cities.


In short, Croatia will give you a lot of activities such as water sports, mountain and cultural tours as well as road trips. This is what will undoubtedly push you to extend your vacation repeatedly, for every day you spend in Croatia is a new and unique tourist experience as well.

How much does tourism cost in Croatia?
The estimated costs for a pleasant tourist holiday in Croatia for at least one week are 600 USD per person. In the country, for example, the price of a meal is at least $11. While the cost of hotel accommodation per night is at least 23 USD.

Based on the above, tourism expenses in Croatia are fairly reasonable compared to destination

other European tourist. And this cost will undoubtedly decrease when you choose to visit the country away from the summer when the peak tourist congestion.

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan for an unforgettable holiday

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan for an unforgettable holiday

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan allows you to undertake a range of exciting adventures, as its tourism attractions vary between unique natural and cultural. Kyrgyzstan is famous for its high alpine meadows, snowy peaks, calm lakes dotted between the peaks, wide green spaces and crystal clear mountain rivers.



The Kyrgyz Republic also gives you an opportunity to have a perfect tourist vacation, as it is a tourist destination with a rich ancient history. And that’s where museums, interactive displays, and Silk Road sites are. This is in addition to exploring modern and contemporary history. Here in this report is your comprehensive guide before visiting the Kyrgyz Republic, for a special tourist holiday…

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan

Discover tourism in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan is one of the best tourist destinations, as it offers visitors to enjoy a wonderful range of mountain sports such as climbing, kayaking, snowboarding, hiking, hang gliding, mountain biking, horse riding and many other interesting tourist activities. The following is important information to know before traveling and tourism in Kyrgyzstan and the most important tips before traveling…

Where is Kyrgyzstan located?

The Republic of Kyrgyzstan is located in the heart of the Eurasian continent at the center between East and West. It is located in eastern Central Asia, bordered to the west by the Republic of Uzbekistan, and to the north by the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is also bordered on the east by the province of East Turkestan, dependent of the People’s Republic of China, and on the south by the Republic of Tajikistan.

The best time to travel to Kyrgyzstan
The best time to escape and travel in Kyrgyzstan is often during the summer. And that’s where you can practice all the different recreational and tourist activities, and explore the country’s attractions during mild weather. It is worth noting that:



Summer (June to August):
It is the peak tourist season in Kyrgyzstan and the most popular and visited. It is characterized by a hot and dry climate, temperatures reach 32 degrees Celsius. Which allows you to explore the mountains, hike, sledge, ride horses, bikes, climb and camp, attend festivals and many other exciting adventures.

Autumn semester (September to October);
In that season the country is at its most beautiful, with orange leaves falling on the snowy ground, a magical sight. Although the season is cold and rainy, it is one of the best times to explore Kyrgyzstan in great weather.

Winter season (from November to February):
It is the coldest season, snowfall and precipitation. Despite this, it is one of the wonderful seasons of tourism in Kyrgyzstan, and unique adventures such as hunting eagles, snowboarding and many other enjoyable winter sports.

Spring (March to May):
It is one of the best seasons of tourism in Kyrgyzstan, where the climatic climate is moderate, which enables you to roam and hike on lakes, climb high mountains, ride sledges, kayaking and many more.

The language in Kyrgyzstan
Russian and Kyrgyz are the two official languages ​​of Kyrgyzstan. There are also many sub-languages, spoken by the population in Kyrgyzstan, including Uzbek, English, French and German.

Tourist visa in Kyrgyzstan

If you intend to travel to Kyrgyzstan, to have a perfect tourist vacation, you must obtain a visa to travel to Kyrgyzstan. It requires a set of rules, conditions and necessary documents, to obtain a tourist visa in Kyrgyzstan. Here are the most important ones:



Apply for a tourist visa to Kyrgyzstan online.
Pay the visa fee electronically by credit card.
A valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the time of your trip in the country.
60 countries in the world are exempted from applying for a Kyrgyzstan visa, including Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Bahrain.
Specify the length of stay in Kyrgyzstan and the flight number for travel to Kyrgyzstan.
Obtaining medical insurance, including treatment for injuries from dangerous sports. There are many areas that do not allow entry to tourists without this insurance.
Register the passenger’s name at the local police department, within five days of arriving in the country.
The ideal period of tourism in Kyrgyzstan
The ideal duration of tourism in Kyrgyzstan is from one week to ten days. To enjoy exploring the country, and practicing many fun recreational activities. It is considered one of the most beautiful mountainous countries on the planet. You can enjoy high snowy mountains, beautiful green pastures, and learn about the unique Bedouin culture. Here is a proposal for a one-week tourist program in Kyrgyzstan:

Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek, exploring the city and practicing the most important recreational activities in it.
Day 2: From Bishkek to Cholpon-Ata and Issyk Kul.
Day 3: From Issyk Kul to Karakol.
Fourth day: From Karakol to Altin Arashan.
Day 5: From Karakol to Tash

Sixth day: From Tash Rabat to Bishkek.
Day Seven: Buying souvenirs and getting ready to leave the country.

How much does tourism cost in Kyrgyzstan?
Good budget planning during your trip in Kyrgyzstan is a must. To help you plan your budget, here are the average costs, services, and leisure activities in Kyrgyzstan:

The average cost of a one-day trip per person ranges between (15-48) US dollars.
The average cost of the trip per person for a week ranges between (106-700) US dollars.
The cost of daily meals ranges between (4.20-5.70) US dollars.
The average domestic transportation price in Kyrgyzstan per person per day is 0.47 USD.
The average cost of purchasing bottled water per person per day is $0.45.
The car rental price in Kyrgyzstan is 92 USD.
The average cost of entry tickets to tourist attractions in Kyrgyzstan ranges between (3.50_7.10) US dollars.

Transportation and transportation in Kyrgyzstan

Transportation and transportation in Kyrgyzstan

You can easily move between the main cities of Kyrgyzstan, and see the tourist attractions through the country’s various means of transportation. The following are the most important means of transportation in Kyrgyzstan:



Big buses and minibuses are located at bus stops, and they have fixed timetables that you should know. It is a reasonably priced means of transportation.

You can get around in Kyrgyzstan using taxis, but they are very expensive. But it is very convenient and fast at the same time.

car rental:
Self-driving is a great way to get around in Kyrgyzstan, but it’s an expensive but fun way.

the train:
Kyrgyzstan has only one train rail, connecting the cities of Bishkek and Balikchi, but it takes about 5 hours. So travelers prefer to take buses better, as it only takes two hours.

Air transport:
There are many flights connecting many major cities in Kyrgyzstan. Which you can use to move around the country faster and more comfortably, but at a greater cost.

Kyrgyzstan is popular for long-distance cycling. It is one of the wonderful means of transportation in the country, which you can use to reach the destinations you want through roads that are impossible to reach by car.



Food and drinks in Kyrgyzstan

Food in Kyrgyzstan is diverse, and its dishes are influenced by the cuisine of Russia, China, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Kyrgyzstan’s cuisine is completely dependent on dairy and meat products due to its beautiful rural and nomadic history. Here are the most important and most famous traditional dishes of Kyrgyzstan, which we advise you to try during your vacation:

It is one of the most famous and best food in Kyrgyzstan, and is considered the country’s national dish. It consists of horse, lamb or beef with noodles in onion broth and eaten by hand.

Rice mixed with boiled or fried meat, as well as onions, carrots and garlic, all cooked in a hemispherical metal pot called kazan. It is one of the most famous delicious Kyrgyz dishes.

It is one of the most delicious and most famous dishes in Kyrgyzstan, which is grilled lamb, fat and onions with a little vegetables such as potatoes or carrots.

It is a vegetable stew with lots of potatoes, carrots, peppers and a little meat.

A delicious dish consisting of layers of thin dough, stuffed with a mixture of cabbage, carrots, onions and meat, the fillings vary according to taste.

One of the most important and popular dishes in Kyrgyzstan, it is dumplings filled with meat. It is steamed.

It is a delicious meat pastry that is very popular throughout Central Asia. And one of the light dishes in Kyrgyzstan.

They are tiny balls of hard white cheese made from curd or yoghurt, and are Asia’s favorite dairy snack.

Most popular drinks:
Among the most famous drinks in Kyrgyzstan are “tea, coffee, drinks made from herbs and spices, and some other drinks, but most of them are alcoholic.”



The official currency of Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Som is the official process used within the Kyrgyz Republic. So be sure to change the currency during tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

Communications and the Internet in Kyrgyzstan
There are many types of telecommunications companies in Kyrgyzstan, to facilitate the process of communication inside and outside the country, and the most important of these companies are:

BEELINE Company:
It is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Kyrgyzstan, which provides the widest coverage in the country, and provides many Internet and international calls services at reasonable prices.

Megacom Company:
Megacom provides many services that always meet the needs of the consumer, especially in the Internet. It is one of the most famous new generation companies in Kyrgyzstan, and the company is characterized by its low prices for local and international communications, in addition to its high quality.

Company or “O”:
One of the famous companies in Kyrgyzstan, it is very popular for being the cheapest telecommunications company in the country and with low prices for internet and local and international connections.

Distance between the most popular cities in Kyrgyzstan
To have a perfect tourist vacation, you should know the distance between the most important tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan, the most important of which are:

From Jalalabad to Karakol 480 km.
Bishkek – Jalalabad 351 miles.
From Bishkek to Chui 38 km.
Choi to Jalalabad is 216 km.
From Batken to Bishkek 443 km.
Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan
Car rental in Kyrgyzstan lets you explore the country on your own without restrictions whenever you want. In order to be able to rent a car in the Kyrgyz Republic, there are a set of necessary restrictions and papers, the most important of which are:

The driver must be at least 23 years old.
Obtaining an international driving license.
Deposit amount of 300 USD.
Traffic rules must be respected at all times.
Choose the car that fits with the number of your family members and your luggage.
Make sure you choose the right car rental company based on the experiences of previous customers.
Beware, many roads and mountain passes in Kyrgyzstan are narrow and there are no safety barriers.
Most of the drivers are reckless in Kyrgyzstan, especially in Bishkek and Osh.

Tourism in Cuba and the best tourist places for nature lovers

Tourism in Cuba and the best tourist places for nature lovers


Tourism in Cuba is one of the best tourist holidays in the Caribbean. This is because this huge island is full of unparalleled natural beauty. As well as its long history, and its unique and impressive cultures. Which made traveling to Cuba for a tourist vacation, a unique experience. Here in this article is your comprehensive guide, about tourism in Cuba and the top 7 tourist destinations you can visit…

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea, and offers you the opportunity to practice many fun activities, such as relaxing on the wonderful beaches that surround it, diving into the depths, watching the exotic coral reefs, and attending the celebrations, festivals and live music carnivals. As well as exploring the country’s history by visiting the old city, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, old buildings and many other tourist attractions.



tourism in cuba

Discover tourism in Cuba
Cuba is the jewel of the Antilles, and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Caribbean. It enjoys a wonderful blend of cultures, customs and traditions.

In addition to its friendly people. The following explore tourism in Cuba, and learn the most important information, tips and the most beautiful tourist places in it…

Where is Cuba?

Cuba is located in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea, at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is bordered on the west by Mexico, and on the south by Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

To the east is Haiti, and to the north is the United States of America and the Bahamas. It is surrounded by a number of wonderful small islands.

The best time to travel to Cuba
The best time to travel to Cuba is between the months of “December to April”. It is the dry season, when the weather is perfect for exploring its places and attractions.

The average temperatures range between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius during the day, and at night around 19 to 21 degrees Celsius. The island has a temperate climate all year round. Here is a breakdown of the nature of the four seasons of the year in Cuba:

Winter season (from December to February):
It is one of the wonderful seasons for tourism on the island of Cuba, and the temperatures are low, but it is very suitable for enjoying sightseeing.


The period is also full of cultural events, religious celebrations, Christmas, national holidays, and wonderful international festivals. It is worth noting that the winter season in Cuba is one of the high-cost tourism seasons.

Spring (from March to April):
It is one of the ideal months for travel and tourism in Cuba, as spring in Cuba is characterized by dry weather and sunshine, giving you the opportunity to go to the sparkling turquoise beaches such as Playa Ancon, or Playa Los Pinos, diving in magnificent flooded caves, hiking over Mountain peaks, valleys, etc.



Spring is the peak tourist season, in Cuba, and prices are high in this season, especially at Easter, so we advise you to book early.

Summer season (from May to August):
Summer in Cuba is characterized by high temperatures, which reach 32 degrees Celsius. It is a great time to visit the country and enjoy exploring the outdoor attractions, horse riding in the Vinales Valley, attending fun and lively summer festivals and carnivals, and many other tourist activities. Prices are higher during that season.

Autumn season (September to October):
It is one of the good seasons for tourism in Cuba, as it has the lowest prices, in addition to being the quietest of the seasons. Although it is the annual hurricane season on the island, you can do many fun tourist activities during it.

The language in Cuba
Cuban Spanish and Haitian Creole are the official languages ​​spoken in Cuba. It also has other sub-languages ​​such as Galician, which is closely related to Portuguese, and Corsican, which is closely related to Italian.

Tourist visa to Cuba

When planning to travel to Cuba, to have a tourist vacation. A tourist visa to Cuba is required. It is worth noting that the documents required to obtain a tourist visa to Cuba differ from one country to another. The following are the most important rules, conditions and documents needed to obtain a Cuba visa:

Apply for a tourist visa in Cuba, fill it well in English and with the same passport data, then go to the Cuban embassy.
Pay the visa fee of about 265 Saudi riyals.
Round-trip airfare to ensure your return after the expiry of your trip in Cuba.
Proof of hotel reservation or accommodation in Cuba for the duration of your tourist vacation.
A copy of your travel insurance sufficient to cover the period of your stay and is valid, make sure that it is valid for Cuba.
A valid and valid passport with blank pages.
Two recent passport-sized photos with a white background.
A bank statement with a high amount of money.
A certificate translated into Spanish with a certified and notarized translation from the Ministry of Justice, the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rajya, which confirms that you are traveling to Cuba for tourism and not for another reason.
The different types of visas for travel to Cuba are:



A1 / Tourist Visa A1:
It is a visa for specific countries

(Syria, Iraq, Yemen, India, Iran, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines).

Tourist card:
It is one of the most popular tourist visas in Cuba, which is granted to many nationalities, requires easy procedures, and has a validity period of 90 days.

How much does tourism cost in Cuba?
You must plan well your budget before traveling for tourism. Here are the average costs of tourism in Cuba:

The average daily cost of spending per person in Cuba is 33 USD.
Daily commuting rates on local transportation $7.71.
The average cost of daily food is about 7.98 USD.
The cost of a trip to Cuba for a couple is approximately 463 USD.
The average price of a hotel in Cuba for a couple is about 37 US dollars.
​​Tips in Cuba are JPY 16 per day.
The average daily cost of spending on bottled water in Cuba is approximately JPY 5.50.

Transportation and transportation in Cuba

Transportation and transportation in Cuba


Transportation in Cuba

There are many means of transportation in Cuba, which you can take within the country to explore and learn about its landmarks, and among the most important means of transportation in Cuba are:

Air transport :
Flying is one of the fast and convenient means of transportation within Cuba, but its prices are high.

car rental:
Self-driving in Cuba is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the country in absolute freedom without restrictions, and reach the destination you want whenever you want. It is a very expensive method of about $80 per day.

Motorcycle rental:
One of the cheapest and most exciting ways to get around Cuba is by motorbike, as the daily rental of a motorbike is $25.

Tourist buses:
It is one of the most widespread means of transportation in Cuba, and it is characterized by cleanliness, comfort, speed and punctuality. When traveling in Cuba, you can buy your edge tickets at the bus station, and bus tickets sell out quickly during high season, so book online before arriving in Cuba to be sure of a place on the bus.

local buses:
It is a very cheap form of transportation in Cuba, and it is usually full, and you should know that some locals do not want travelers to board their local bus services.

Coco Taxi:
It’s a tricycle, and it’s a great way to get around in Cuba due to its exoticism, but beware of its high prices, as many Coco Taxi drivers try to charge travelers big fees for a short trip.

classic cars:
It is one of the most popular means of transportation for getting around in Cuba, and the tours take about an hour and cost about $15 USD.

Trains are among the worst modes of transportation within Cuba, the trains are still often unreliable and not the most comfortable.

Hiking in Cuba:
Hiking is a form of public transportation in Cuba, it’s legal, free, safe, and fun.



Food and drinks in Cuba

Cuban cuisine is characterized by the most delicious dishes rich in distinctive flavors. It is a special cooking style that resulted from the colonial era. The dishes in Cuban cuisine are a mixture of European and African cultures. Here are some of the best popular Cuban foods that we advise you to try while traveling in Cuba:

Creole food “Comida criolla”:
A very popular local delicacy, it consists of grilled or fried chicken and meat with rice and an array of tasty root vegetables.

Ropa vieja:
It is the national dish of Cuba, a dish made of shredded beef or lamb, and is one of the most famous local soups in Cuba. It is prepared on low heat with a mixture of green peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic.

It is a rich stew filled with different ingredients depending on the region, but always at least one type of meat, corn and some fresh green vegetables.

It is a dish of fried dried beef, one of the most famous Cuban dishes.

Frituras de Malanga:
A quintessential Cuban snack, a root vegetable resembling taro, the malangas are peeled and skinned and put into a paste and added to a mixture of eggs, garlic and spices, then served as an appetizer or side dish, and served with honey.

Lobster enchilado:
It is a slightly spicy dish with a tomato-garlic sauce, and lobsters are often served with their shells or pieces served with a rice dish.

There is a variety of delicious Cuban drinks. The most important of which is coffee, which is often grown in the eastern mountainous regions of the country, in addition to fresh fruit drinks scattered throughout the country.

The official currency of Cuba
The official currency of Cuba

The Cuban peso is the official currency used and circulated in Cuba.

Communications and the Internet in Cuba
Although there is internet in Cuba at much lower costs, internet access in Cuba is not available everywhere. And that is where it is found in the tourist cities that are frequented by tourists and most of the hotels, squares and public areas.

You can buy a Wi-Fi card that gives you access to the Internet for only one hour. We recommend that you buy a number of these cards in order to be able to connect to the Internet within the Wi-Fi range in all parts of Cuba.

International telephone connections are available in Cuba but they are expensive, and if you are using your mobile device, it must operate on the 900MHz frequency band in order to work in Cuba.

The postal system in Cuba is also reasonably reliable, you can also buy prepaid postcards in Cuba from shops, and it costs about 25 kopecks to send a postcard internationally.



Distance between the most popular cities in Cuba
Here are the distances between the most famous tourist cities in Cuba:

Havana to Santiago de Cuba 759.41 km.
Pinar del Rio to Cienfuegos 337.02.0000 km.
Camague to Holguin 180.09.2019 km.
Baracoa to Jovelanos 744.47 km.
Caibarien to Camaguey 86.15 km.
Havana to Santa Clara 261 km 162 miles.
From Havana to Cienfuegos 227 km 141 miles.
Havana to Guantanamo 813 km 505 miles.
Car rental in Cuba
If you want to explore Cuba and see the most beautiful roadside landscapes on your own while driving. You can rent a car. Here are the most important instructions that you must follow and adhere to in order to rent a car in Cuba:

It is mandatory to have a valid and valid International Driving Permit.
National driving license

Valid, valid, in good standing and translated into English.
Most of the vehicles that are rented in Cuba are classic cars, as the country is a living classic car museum.
You must be at least 21 years old.
Pay rental insurance for the vehicle you intend to rent.
The blood alcohol level must be 0.0% while driving in Cuba.
Do not use headlights in daylight while driving in Cuba because it is illegal.
The car must be parked in the designated car parks, most of which are free of charge, as it is not allowed to park in places other than that.
Avoid excessive speed while driving in Cuba, and always follow the Cuban speed limits.
It is mandatory to wear a seat belt for all passengers while driving in Cuba.
Driving on the right side of the road.

The best tourist cities in Cuba

The best tourist cities in Cuba


Cuba is one of the most well-preserved colonial nations in the Caribbean. It is one of the tourist destinations worth visiting and exploring on your own. Here are 7 of the best tourist cities in Cuba that we advise you to visit….

Tourism in Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba, a very musical city with a vibrant cultural feel.

Santiago de Cuba offers a wide range of fun activities. You can wander the city streets and explore the unique engineering architecture. Plus go to the fortress of San Pedro de la Roca, which dates back to the 17th century and overlooks the Gulf Coast.

You can also go to the beautiful Cospedes Park, the Heredia Street and the Casa de la Trova to listen to traditional music that hosts famous artists. And enjoy watching the best panoramic views of the city from the top and the surrounding mountains from the top of the cathedral.



Tourism in Havana

Havana is one of the most impressive tourist cities in Cuba. It is a diverse and different city, and one of the most important tourist attractions in Cuba.

The recreational activities that you can do in Havana are varied, the most important of which is wandering the streets of the old city to see many different attractions, as well as exploring the architecture, preserved colonial structures, and mysterious abandoned buildings that attract photography enthusiasts to capture the most beautiful wonderful photographs.

You can also visit the Museum of the Revolution to learn about Cuban history and culture, in addition to a trip to the cigar factory, ride in a classic antique car, walk the Malecon, enjoy the bustling nightlife, and much more.

Tourism in Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is known as the “Pearl of the South” because of its relaxed and laid-back vibe. It is now a commercial place for coffee, tobacco and sugar cane. The city has a French character that made it one of the most visited tourist cities in Cuba. It was founded in 1819 by the French.

Cienfuegos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It allows you to enjoy the best times, as it is located directly on the sea. It is a waterfront that leads eventually to Punta Gorda.

You can also explore history museums, dine at an outdoor café, or buy some local handcrafted goods from the markets. As well as going to the beautiful Botanical Gardens, and the Bay of Pigs, which is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling, and watch the magnificent waterfalls, do not hesitate to visit.



Tourism in Santa Clara
Santa Clara

Santa Clara is one of the most popular and popular cities in Cuba. It is a city rich in important cultural events, as it is the place where Guevara’s wife, Alida March, was born.

Santa Clara has many tourist attractions, the most important of which is the monument to Ernesto Che Guevara, which is a pilgrimage for anyone visiting the city. His statue was built in 1987 to mark the 20th anniversary of Che Guevara’s death, the Loma del Cabero Hill, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Malayto and Vidal Park murals.

Tourism in Baracoa

Baracoa is a beautiful city located in the province of Guantanamo, which is difficult to access as it is isolated from the rest of the country. And that isolation made Baracoa a very special and unique city. Despite being a fairly small city, it is one of the best tourist areas in Cuba.

You can admire the murals of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos all over the city. It also includes the most beautiful coastal beaches in Cuba, such as (Playa Maguana). You can hike El Yunque, the mysterious flat mountain, which can be seen from the city and although it is a difficult hike it is very interesting.

Baracoa is also the gourmet capital of Cuba, so you can sample delicious seafood, visit a cocoa farm and sip the local chocolate drink made with ground cocoa and homemade coconut milk.



Tourism in Camaguey

The city of Camaguey is one of the best tourist cities in Cuba, and it has many attractions that attract many tourists and visitors alike.

Lively Camaguey allows visitors to enjoy wandering the city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as exploring colonial buildings, beautiful squares, art galleries and small alleys.

Tourism in Trinidad Village

Trinidad Village is one of the best and most beautiful important tourist attractions in Cuba that should not be missed. It is one of the most beautiful and perfectly preserved colonial cities, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Entertainment activities and exciting sports vary in Trinidad village, where you can visit the many museums that are spread inside, the most important of which is the “Municipal Histrico Museum”, which provides you with a wonderful view of the city, as well as wandering the cobbled streets, enjoying its colonial buildings, and taking pictures of balconies and gardens the beautiful .

Cars are not allowed in the center, so it is good to wander around the various markets, artesian shops and art studios, eat delicious food in the amazing restaurants with antique furniture, as well as the bustling nightlife, listening to music and watching salsa dancing in the main square.



Tips before traveling to Cuba
Before you travel to Cuba, here are some of the most important tips and guidelines that can help you plan your trip and spend the perfect, hassle-free vacation:

Make sure you always carry cash.
Due to US restrictions, credit cards issued by banks are not accepted

In Cuba, you can pay for all things in Cuba with cash.

Don’t ignore the tip.
Tipping is common and encouraged in Cuba, it is a must to have cash of the small denomination to give to the people who serve you anywhere.

Beware of tap water.
The water in Cuba is undrinkable, and full of bacteria and microorganisms, which can harm your health.

Beware of street food.
Cuba is home to delicious local food, but the street vendors and street stalls of Cuba are not entirely clean.




Pay attention to the type of fish you eat.
There are certain types of local fish that come from the southern coast of Cuba are poisonous, (segwato) because they eat poisonous sea plants, so be careful.

Make sure you have a Spanish language application installed on your mobile phone.
This is because you cannot rely on English during your vacation, as speaking it in Cuba is very minimal. So be sure to refer to a special application in Spanish before traveling and tourism in Cuba.

Tourism in Latvia and the best tourist destinations we advise you to visit

Tourism in Latvia and the best tourist destinations we advise you to visit




Tourism in Latvia is one of the exciting and distinctive experiences in Eastern Europe, because it is one of the three Baltic countries. Latvia has a distinct set of tourist attractions, such as natural monuments, historical monuments, and others.


Latvia also features a variety of water parks, botanical gardens, and theme parks for adults and children. Moreover, waterfalls, towering mountains, lakes and rivers. This is in addition to the beautiful beaches, and sand dunes. Moreover, historical museums, archaeological castles with majestic architecture, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here in this article is a comprehensive guide to everything you want to know about tourism in Latvia and its most beautiful recommended tourist cities…


Tourism in Latvia

Discover tourism in Latvia
Latvia is an affordable tourist destination. This made it one of the ideal European tourist destinations for many. This has increased the tourist demand significantly in recent years, as it achieved a great equation as an ideal destination for a fun tourist vacation and on a low budget.

Where is Latvia?

Latvia is located in northeastern Europe on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is bordered by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russia to the east, Belarus to the southeast, and the Baltic Sea to the west.



Best time to travel to Latvia
The best time to visit Latvia is during the fall, between (September to December). This is because Latvia is located in the temperate climate zone. This is what made her four chapters clear. Autumn is characterized by moderate temperatures, which allows you to enjoy a tourist holiday in an ideal atmosphere. The following is an explanation of the nature of the four seasons of the year in Latvia:

Winter season (mid-December to March):
Winters in Latvia are very cold, with temperatures fluctuating between (5 to -30). Despite this, it is an ideal tourist season for lovers of tourism and winter activities. That’s where cross-country skiing and skiing on the many ski slopes come together. This is in addition to ice fishing, which is a popular pastime in Latvia during the winter. As well as spa resorts and heated saunas.

Spring (April to June):
Spring in Latvia is characterized by many floods, yet it is a great season for travel and tourism in Latvia. The high water level in the rivers in that season makes it the best time for boating, especially the Amata River and Gauga River.

You can also go to the lakes and observe migratory birds, and enjoy the colorful blooming flowers, especially purple, in the Botanical Gardens in a wonderful scene.



Summer (from July to August):
Summer in Latvia is characterized by high temperatures, which makes it the perfect season for going to the beautiful tourist beaches, cycling, strolling the streets, and hiking the trails designated for it. In addition to exploring modern artistic architecture, and enjoying the many wonderful festivals and celebrations that take place at that time.

Autumn semester (September to December):
It is the best time to visit Latvia. In the fall, the foliage turns red, orange and gold, creating a picturesque canvas, as well as the mild temperatures. At that time, you can visit Gaoga National Park, which offers you stunning views.

In addition to visiting national parks such as Kemeri National Park, to learn about the unique ecosystem of swamps, amusement parks, cycling, walking in the jungle and swamps. It is also the fishing season throughout Latvia. In addition to going to the opera house and many other tourist attractions and entertainment.

Language in Latvia
Latvian is the official and predominant language in Latvia. In addition, there are a number of languages ​​spoken by the population in Latvia (Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Belarusian).


Tourist visa in Latvia
Tourist visa in Latvia

There is a set of documents and conditions, which must be submitted to obtain a Latvia tourist visa. Here are the most important papers and conditions for obtaining a tourist visa in Latvia:

Latvia visa application form, filled accurately and clearly and signed.
A recent personal photo with a white background and the same size as the passport photo.
A valid and valid passport.
Pay the visa fee of 80 euros.
Provide biometric data “fingerprints”.
Proof of residence in Latvia.
Proof of financial ability to spend for the duration of your tourist trip in Latvia.
Travel medical insurance.
A round-trip air ticket for proof of return after the end of your tourist trip in Latvia.
All required papers must be translated into Latvian, Russian or English.
The ideal period for tourism in Latvia
The ideal duration of tourism in Latvia is approximately three days. If it is your first visit, we suggest you spend 3 days in Riga, the Latvian capital. In order to enjoy all that you have

The best tourist cities in Latvia

The best tourist cities in Latvia
Latvia has a unique collection of natural wonders and historical monuments that are worth exploring. Here are the top 10 tourist cities in Latvia that we advise you to visit:



Tourism in Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in Latvia, and it is one of the most famous and best tourist destinations frequented by tourists in Latvia. Its historical center has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2014, Riga was declared the European Capital of Culture, for hosting many important and international cultural events.

Riga offers its visitors to enjoy a variety of recreational activities, the most important of which is exploring the UNESCO-registered old town, as well as wandering its winding streets and cobblestones. And watch modern art in civilized buildings. In addition to visiting museums, seeing the Freedom Monument and churches, and hiking in the national parks with vast green spaces.



Sikhism in Daugavpils

Daugavpils is located in the southeast of Latvia, and is the second largest city in Latvia. The city is very famous and popular for its beautiful landscapes, and it is one of the ideal places for tourism in Latvia.

Tourism in Daugavpils allows for many exciting and unique experiences, the most important of which are touring the natural parks, the many recreational parks, enjoying the exploration of historical monuments and wonderful cultural institutions, watching the castle, buildings built with red bricks, and practicing fun water activities in the beautiful lakes of the city.

Tourism in Jūrmala

Jūrmala is one of the main Latvian cities that attract tourists from all over the world. It enjoys its privileged location between the Lilobe River and the Gulf of Riga, which has increased its beauty and fame. It is also the fifth largest and most important city in Latvia, and is called the city of resorts.

You can engage in many wonderful recreational activities, such as strolling through the miles of sandy beaches in the city, wandering among the romantic wooden houses, and beautiful modern buildings. Explore museums, forests, hiking trails in theme parks, national parks, and biking.

In addition to the water park, which offers you a variety of water games for adults and children, as well as swimming pools.



Tourism in Jelgava

The city of Jelgava is located in the southwest of Riga, in the heart of Latvia, at an altitude of 3.5 meters above the ground. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Latvia.

Giljiava has a distinct set of tourist attractions, such as well-preserved buildings and monuments. As well as the air base, railroad center, museums, and tower of this Holy Trinity Church as well as exploring the wildlife in the private reserves, which includes a rare and exotic collection of birds, plants and animals. It is really a city worth visiting.

Tourism in Liepaja

Liepaja is one of the cities that is highly regarded with locals and tourists alike. It is the third largest and most visited city in Latvia, due to its ice-free port. It also enjoys a distinctive and attractive geographic location near the beach.

Liepaja is also known as “the city where the winds are born”, in reference to the sea breeze that constantly blows over the city. The city offers tourists an opportunity to practice many recreational activities, such as walking on the dunes and soft white sand, and relaxing on the “Blue Flag” beach, which is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city.

In addition to exploring the wonderful historical monuments, such as the ancient churches and others. And do not forget the wonderful theme parks, watching the sea, yachts and the port, and enjoying fresh seafood.

Tourism in the village of Sabil
Sabil Village

The village of Sabil is located in the west of the capital, Riga, and in the Abava Valley, in the Talsi region. It is an important historical site in Latvia, which dates back to the thirteenth century. In addition to the landscape and the vast green spaces that it includes.

The village of Sabel offers its visitors to relax in the open air vineyards, as the city is home to vineyards in the far north. As well as exploring the wonderful archaeological sites in the Abava Valley, and visiting an open-air museum, which displays a group of modern art installations, as well as various cultural events.


Tourism in Kandava Village
Kandava Village

Kandava village is one of the important tourist attractions that tourists come to visit when visiting Latvia. This is where the city has a great history and rich archaeological sites, it is one of the treasures of tourism in Latvia.

Visit the old city center, learn about the ancient history of Kandava by seeing the well-preserved archaeological sites in the city, such as the ruins of the fortress and a 14th-century tower, as well as the old town square, and explore the unique architecture of Kandava, evident in the neo-gothic country houses, and beautiful stone buildings. This is in addition to the amusement parks, restaurants, cafes, and artisan shopping in the village.



Tourism in the village of Kuldiga
Kuldiga village

The village of Kuldiga has many tourist attractions in Latvia. In addition to its fame in all parts of the country, its charming architecture.

The village of Kuldiga allows its visitors to explore historical landmarks such as the Old Town, the 17th and 18th centuries Kuldiga Castle, as well as take a stroll around the Alksobyte River, which offers many sites worth visiting, including the Venta Rapid, the widest natural rapids in Europe.

In addition to exploring the tallest waterfall in Latvia which is approximately 4.5 meters high, enjoy racing around the brick Kuldiga Bridge, and much more.

Tourism in Luxembourg Tourist cities we advise you to visit

Tourism in Luxembourg Tourist cities we advise you to visit

Tourism in Luxembourg is characterized by a great diversity of tourist attractions. Despite being a small country, it covers just under 1,650 square kilometres. However, its size has played an important role in making it a great tourist destination, as many of the major tourist sites are concentrated in one place.


Luxembourg has a group of wonderful historical monuments, the most important of which is the Old Quarter, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well as ancient forts, castles, bridges, fortified farms, churches, cathedrals and monasteries dating back to the nineteenth century. In addition to historical museums, opulent palaces, galleries, and open-air theatres. As well as many small towns, towns and beautiful rural villages that are worth a visit.

Tourism in Luxembourg

Discover tourism in Luxembourg
The nature of Luxembourg is an important tourist attraction. Luxembourg has a landscape that surrounds it, where you will find high plateaus and forests, wooded slopes and hills, hidden valleys covered with footpaths, rivers, theme parks, national parks, and mountains. In addition to a nature reserve that includes an underwater world exhibition.
Where is Luxembourg located?

Luxembourg is located in the northwest of the European continent. It is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, France to the south, and Germany to the northeast and east.

Best time to travel to Luxembourg
The best time to travel to Luxembourg is during the spring, when the temperatures are mild with little chance of precipitation. It is the perfect season for many fun activities and exciting adventures. Here is a breakdown of the four seasons of the year in Luxembourg:



Spring (March to May):
It is one of the best seasons to visit Luxembourg, characterized by moderate temperatures, which allow you to roam and explore the country. As well as doing all the fun recreational activities, such as hiking in Mullerthal with many trails and a beautiful waterfall that catches the eye. You can also kayak on the Shore River. The cost of tourism in Luxembourg in the spring is low.

Summer (from June to August):
It is the peak tourist season in Luxembourg. Summer is characterized by its warm, sunny weather. This allows you to enjoy the best entertainment trips, as well as attend many live music festivals, the country’s national holiday, and watch military and fire shows and processions in the streets. Summer in Luxembourg is an expensive season.

Autumn semester (September to November):
Autumn in Luxembourg is a perfect calm away from the hustle and bustle of summer. Autumn weather is warm, and allows you to enjoy the wonderful colors of autumn, explore historical monuments, and do many interesting tourist activities.




Winter season (from December to February):
The winter season is one of the wonderful seasons for tourism in Luxembourg. Although it is the coldest season, it is characterized by festivities, exciting festivals and an ice skating rink. Cities around Luxembourg are decorated to host unique local events for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The language in Luxembourg
There are three official languages ​​spoken in Luxembourg, which are (Luxembourgish language, French language, and German language). There are also many other languages ​​spoken in Luxembourg, such as English, Italian, Bengali and also Arabic.




Tourist visa in Luxembourg

It is necessary to obtain a visa to travel to Luxembourg, when deciding to travel to Luxembourg. There are many conditions and documents necessary to obtain a tourist visa to Luxembourg, the most important of which are:

Apply for a short “C” tourist visa in Luxembourg two weeks before you travel.
Submit a complete and signed Luxembourg Schengen visa application form.
A passport that is valid and valid for at least three months after your return from Luxembourg, and must include at least two blank pages.
Two recent passport size photographs with white background.
A letter explaining clearly the purpose of your travel to Luxembourg, and what you would like to do.
Proof of hotel or accommodation reservation in Luxembourg.
Round-trip flight ticket to ensure return after the trip.
A letter addressed and signed by the employer to “employees”.
Health insurance covering the length of your stay in Luxembourg, and it must be at least €30.
Proof of professional identity and financial spending capacity for the period of your stay in Luxembourg.
Pay the tourist visa fee of €60.
All papers must be translated into English, French or German.
The ideal period for tourism in Luxembourg
The ideal duration of tourism in Luxembourg is two to three days. That is just enough time to explore this small and beautiful country. The following is a proposal for a two-day itinerary in Luxembourg:

Day 1: You can spend it in a city

Luxembourg, the capital, go to the bridge leading to the old town and enjoy the charming views from the top of the bridge, and stroll among the ancient walls under which there are hundreds of caves.

Then you can visit the theme parks, and the central square, which holds many wonderful celebrations and events. In addition to exploring the city’s prominent historical monuments, such as the Golden Lady Memorial, cathedrals, the Museum of Art, History and Science, and others, and the Grand Ducal Palace.

Day 2: Go to the small town of Vianden in the north, visit the famous 11th century Vianden Castle, and wander inside from 10 am to 4 pm. And enjoy riding a gondola, seeing museums and monasteries, and wandering among the lush green forests. And we advise you to buy the Luxembourg Card, which allows you to enter many attractions for free.

How much does it cost to travel in Luxembourg?
To have a perfect Luxembourg vacation, you need to plan well before traveling to determine your budget. Here are the average prices for leisure activities and services in Luxembourg:



The average costs for a trip to Luxembourg Airport worldwide are about 714 USD per person.
The cost of an economy flight to Luxembourg Airport per person is 1041 USD, and about 3,267 USD for a first class passenger.
The average price for a one-week trip to Luxembourg City is $1,571 for a single traveler.
The average hotel price in Luxembourg per night is 124 US dollars.
The daily commuting and spending prices per person in Luxembourg range between 40-99 USD.
The average cost of food in Luxembourg per person ranges from 21-43 USD per day.
Transportation and transportation in Luxembourg
Transportation and transportation in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has an extensive network of public transport, spanning the entire country. It is characterized by cleanliness, comfort, speed and ease of use. The following are the most important types of public transportation that you can use during tourism in Luxembourg:

The national train operator within Luxembourg is CFL, and trains in Luxembourg are distinguished by their accuracy, order, cleanliness, high speed, and punctuality. You also have the right to bring bicycles, pets and luggage without paying a ticket. Public transport in Luxembourg is free, tickets are not necessary on domestic roads, and some long-distance trips require a ticket.

Buses in Luxembourg operate 24 hours a day, with night buses available if you miss the last regular bus, and Luxembourg’s three main bus carriers also publish timetables and detailed route information on their websites.

The tram networks in Luxembourg were very well developed in 2017. Traveling by tram is free for everyone in the country and is a great way to get around in Luxembourg.

Taxis are widely available in Luxembourg, and you can order them from the street or a taxi stand, by phone, or through their app. Taking a taxi in Luxembourg is very expensive compared to the rest of Europe.

The funicular:
The funicular uses cable cars to go up and down, giving you fantastic panoramic views of the country from above.

Cycling is very popular within Luxembourg, due to the wonderful infrastructure of the country. The Luxembourgish authorities introduced a free network of bicycle storage lockers, in exchange for a refundable deposit of €20. You can take a pleasant sightseeing tour of Luxembourg by bike.

Food and drinks in Luxembourg
Food and drinks in Luxembourg

Luxembourgish cuisine is known for its delicious food, with dishes featuring a mixture of rustic German, French and a bit of a distinctly Iberian flavour. Traditional Luxembourgish cuisine usually consists of meat, potatoes, cream and fish. Here are the most famous traditional dishes that you can try while traveling in Luxembourg:

It is a thick soup made of green beans, potatoes and bacon, sometimes with onions, carrots, celery, milk and cream, and eaten with wonderful potato pancakes.

Fretour de la Moselle:
It is a fried fish dish, seasoned with salt and pepper, then dipped first in lemon juice and then in flour and egg mixture before deep frying and served with slices of lemon.

Crispy fried potato cakes are one of the most delicious and famous dishes in Luxembourg. They are prepared by mixing shredded potatoes, chopped onions, parsley, eggs, flour and salt, then shaped into fried dumplings, and served with soup or with tomato sauce or apple sauce.

Riesling Bay:
It is a traditional dish that is a delicious meat pie, eaten with pickles, and the pie is served cold and sliced.

It is a tripe “cattle stomach” covered with breadcrumbs, fried and served with red sauce.


The official currency of Luxembourg
The official currency of Luxembourg

The euro is the official currency of Luxembourg. It is denoted by the symbol (€). The euro has been used as the country’s official currency since 2002, in place of the Luxembourgish franc, which was the country’s first currency.

Communications and the Internet in Luxembourg
Luxembourg has a variety of telecommunications companies with modern and advanced technologies, as Luxembourg has the most prominent and most important leading electronic companies in the European continent. The following are the most important companies that you can use during tourism in Luxembourg:

Sigcom Corporation:
This company is the first alternative telecom operator in Luxembourg. availability of

Many telecommunications services and solutions, mobile phone, local and international telecommunications, with purity of sound and image. And got many international certificates.

Post Internet Company:
It is one of the most important and main telecommunications companies in Luxembourg, and is considered the best. This is where telecommunications services, rapid transport, information technology and the Internet are provided, in addition to the telecommunications network. It is always working on developing the telecommunications and internet services that the consumer needs.

Telcom company:
Telcom is one of the world’s leading Internet telecommunications companies. Provides carrier-type communication services, which connect the digital requirements of companies in the world with the capabilities of smart grids.

Orange Luxembourg:
It is one of the important telecommunications companies in Luxembourg. It is the operator of fixed and mobile telephones as well as various internet, telecommunications and fixed line services. It is considered one of the first companies to introduce fifth generation Internet services (FiveG).

Tango Company:
Tango provides many high-quality telecommunications and Internet services, and is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world of wireless networks.

Distance between the most popular cities in Luxembourg
To navigate between the tourist cities of Luxembourg, definitely to know the distance between them. Here are the distances between the most important tourist cities in Luxembourg:

Etelbrück to Diekirch 4.34.0 km.
Luxembourg to Aich sur 16.8 km.
Mammer to Soliver 12.81 km.
Kehlin to Vianden 32.15 km.
Car rental in Luxembourg
Renting a car within Luxembourg allows you to explore the country completely freely. In order for you to be allowed to rent a car in Luxembourg, you must abide by a set of rules and conditions, the most important of which are:

Have a valid and valid driver’s license for at least two years, and a valid ID card or passport.
The driver must be at least 21 years old, and a young driver surcharge applies for drivers under 25 years old.
The payment method must be issued in the driver’s name and valid, knowing that cash payment is not acceptable.
Windshield and car frame must be provided, so that the renter is not responsible for the full amount of damage.
The additional driver, whose details are written in the rental agreement only, is charged if the additional driver presents a valid driver’s license.
Book your car online through large companies, highly trusted by previous customer experiences.
Read the contract carefully and carefully before making a reservation.

The best tourist cities in Luxembourg

The best tourist cities in Luxembourg
Luxembourg despite its small size, is home to quiet villages, picturesque landscapes, and beautiful tourist cities. Here are 7 of the most important tourist cities in Luxembourg that we advise you to visit:



Tourism in Clairvaux
Tourism in Clairvaux

Clairvaux is located in the north of Luxembourg, and it is an important tourist city, which attracts visitors from all sides. Killervaux enjoys a privileged location among the hills and high-rise towers.

The city of Clairvaux allows you to enjoy many tourist activities, such as exploring museums, monasteries, and historical castles such as Clairvaux Castle, which dates back to the 12th century, which is registered on the UNESCO World List. There is an exhibition of photography curated by the famous director “Edward Steichen.

Tourism in Eitelbrook

Eitelbrück is one of the most popular tourist cities in Luxembourg. It is a city distinguished by its wonderful landscapes and beautiful rivers. It is one of the quiet Luxembourg cities that many tourists prefer.

You can spend the best tourist holidays inside Eitelbrook, and enjoy doing a lot of activities. You can explore Ettlebrook’s main square, named after American General “Patton”, wander through the arched bridges, and see the landscape. In addition to visiting the old Ettelbrück Parish Church, walk the narrow streets of the city.



Tourism in Diekirch

Dikirch is located on the banks of the River Sauer, and it is the best place to enjoy the green nature, which attracts tourists from different parts of the country. Dikirch offers fun leisure activities, such as wandering the historic lanes, exploring ancient historical monuments such as St. Laurentius Church and old houses and visiting beautiful museums such as the National Museum of Military History and the National Museum of Historic Vehicles.

As well as wandering the cobblestone streets, and enjoy watching the public summer concerts and cheerful folklore festivals in the traditional squares in the city center. As well as taking a cruise, kayaking, fishing, cycling and many other fun activities..

Tourism in Mamer
Tourism in Mamer

Mammer has a distinguished group of important tourist attractions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it is a wonderful historical city that you do not hesitate to visit.

You can explore many amazing historical monuments, such as the castle, the Church of John the Baptist, and the site of the Roman bath. As well as wandering in the quiet countryside, seeing ancient mills, mysterious caves and wonderful rock formations.



Tourism in the Moselle Valley
Moselle Valley

The Moselle Valley is one of the most important and most visited tourist attractions in Luxembourg. And that includes a group of wonderful villages, which are characterized by many picturesque landscapes. The Moselle Valley offers you a distinguished range of fun leisure activities.

This is where you can explore the many fruit farms scattered all over the place, take wonderful river cruises, see castles along the river, practice water sports, and hike. In addition to enjoying the most delicious cuisine, there is a selection of the finest restaurants in the Moselle Valley.



Tourism in Vianden

Vianden is located in northeastern Luxembourg, on the German border. It is characterized by its prominent landmarks, which attract thousands of tourists annually. It is one of the most famous tourist cities in Luxembourg, which we advise you to visit.

Vianden includes many historical monuments, such as the fortress and Vianden Castle, which is today a museum that traces the royal families of Europe and their relationship to the city. and the bell tower, ramparts and castle houses, historic Gothic churches, medieval towers and the memorial located on a hill near the castle.

In addition, there is the “Victor Hugo” Museum, which is the house where he lived. Also, at the top of the castle there is a luxury restaurant, which you can only access through the chair lift that allows you to enjoy the charming views of the city from above and the surrounding mountains. It is a wonderful city do not hesitate to visit.



Tourism in Ech Sur
what sur

The city of Aich Sur has many tourist favorite sites for tourists, in addition to its beautiful landscapes, it is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Luxembourg.

In the city of Aich Sur, you can explore a variety of different rocks with their wonderful colors, visit the famous castle of Aich Sur, enjoy watching the beauty of nature through fantastic panoramic views from the highest hills in the city, and ride horses in the city’s famous horse circuit.

Tips before traveling to Luxembourg
Before traveling and tourism in Luxembourg, here are the most important tips and advice that may help you during your trip:

Be aware that Luxembourg has no nightlife
The main entertainment in Luxembourg are trekking, cycling, horse riding, sports and relaxing in the therapeutic mineral waters. The nightlife there is very limited.

Respect the people of Luxembourg
You should remain silent and calm while wandering the streets, as loud voice and bold behavior are not at all welcome among its residents.

Plan well your vacation in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a small country, so plan your trip well and visit as many attractions as possible.



Enjoy walking

This is because Luxembourg does not have much car traffic, so you can enjoy roaming the city streets on foot.

Watch out for the high cost of restaurants

So plan well your budget during the tourism holiday in Luxembourg, as it is difficult to find a cheap restaurant in the country. Do not rely on restaurants completely during your trip, but you can buy different foods from the supermarket.