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Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi is characterized by developed services

Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi is characterized by developed services



and modern facilities, as it is complete with facilities in terms of health, education and residence facilities, in addition to its saturation with the most beautiful tourist places with a charming view of the Arabian Gulf, so the island is considered one of the most prominent elements of trade and tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Al Reem Island attracts millions of tourists annually due to its tranquility, natural scenery, and entertainment venues suitable for a special vacation, as well as places for families and children, such as parks, amusement parks, and luxury restaurants.

Discover Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
Learn about the most important recreational activities on Al Reem Island and its various facilities, as follows:

The most important activities on Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
The following are a group of unique activities that can be practiced on the island:


Walk the island promenade
Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Enjoy breathing the fresh air, walking along the landscapes and wandering the streets of the island. You can go out for a walking tour or jog for long distances, and get to know the various facilities such as international and local restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The island is characterized by a developed design that simulates international cities, and the area is adorned with tall palm trees, clean streets, and pathways around the lake.

Relaxing on the beaches
Al Reem Island

Relax on the beaches of Al Reem Island. Many families prefer to spend a wonderful day on the beaches of the island where there is calm and safety, and distinctive views of the landscape, in addition to practicing water activities such as swimming and diving. family members and friends.


Taste the most delicious food
Abu Dhabi, Al Reem Island

The area of Al Reem Island is characterized by a variety of facilities, especially restaurants that vary in grades, prices, and quality of service, as there are high-end international restaurants, local restaurants, and small food outlets.

Among the most prominent restaurants are B Shawarma, Smoking Doll for sushi dishes, Japanese and Thai food, Natural Kitchen for healthy food lovers, First Click Restaurant for burgers, pizza and international dishes, and Arabesque Café full of artistic decorations.



Shop from the island’s malls
Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi

Do not miss the amazing shopping offers, and the diversity of international and local products and brands. There are large shopping centers, including Reem Mall, which was newly established to meet international standards in the luxury of shopping in terms of shops, restaurants, and entertainment, and it also has a Carrefour branch

The park includes a family beach, restaurants and cafes

The park includes a family beach, restaurants and cafes



paths, a distinctive fountain, a large area for children’s games including movement games and water games, a playground, green space for seating, and the park offers boat cruises.

Stay on Al Reem Island
Enjoy luxurious accommodation and stunning views of the distinctive waterfront. The island offers a variety of residential units and real estate, and is characterized by spacious areas and a location close to service facilities.

The island also includes a group of luxury hotels, including the Abu Dhabi Beach Rotana Hotel and Le Meridien Abu Dhabi.

Location of Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
The island is located 600 meters off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi, to which it is connected by bridges. It is also 20 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport. To see the location on the map, click here.



Hotels near Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Beach Rotana Hotel
A luxurious 5-star resort, with direct access to the private beach. The restaurant features a wide range of European, Asian and Arabic dishes. It also has luxurious facilities, including a fitness center and swimming pool. Read more.



Le Meridien Abu Dhabi Hotel
A distinguished 5-star resort, considered a historical icon dating back to the twentieth century AD, and includes various facilities, including two swimming pools, a fitness center, a private beach area, and family rooms

Visit Reem Center Park
Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Bring your children and family to the attractive Reem Park, which is not just a green space, but is full of modern facilities and stunning landscapes, as it constitutes a wonderful outlet for the people of Abu Dhabi.



There is also the Paragon Bay Mall, which is designed in the form of a tower and provides wonderful views of the city’s skyline, as for Shams Boutique, which has a modern atmosphere and includes a group of retail stores and restaurants, as well as a games hall and a grocery store.

One of the most beautiful entertainment and tourism areas in Abu

One of the most beautiful entertainment and tourism areas in Abu

Dhabi, Yas Water World Abu Dhabi represents an entertainment destination full of fun and enjoyment that all family members are looking for, especially as it is suitable for all age groups, as it is located on Yas Island, which is characterized by stunning sea views and attractive places for tourists.

The water park is located on a large area that accommodates about 45 games of water games and slides that are interesting to visitors and a variety of seasonal events and shows, and it is distinguished by a group of games that is unparalleled in the world.

Discover Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi
Learn about Yas Water World Abu Dhabi and the most prominent entertainment activities, facilities and ticket prices, which are as follows:

The most important activities in Yas Water World Abu Dhabi
Here are an interesting set of activities that can be practiced when visiting:

Explore the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi rides
Yas Water World Abu Dhabi


Enjoy an adventurous journey in an atmosphere full of activity and movement, the world of Yas World is full of amazing explorations, especially exciting gaming experiences, some of which are suitable for children, and some for adults, and there are also games that bring together family members.

You will find a small playground for children that includes safe and short water slides that suit their sizes, and a Yahal area that includes three slides and a huge water bucket, as well as a water cannons area full of machine guns and cannons.

Share water games with your children
Yas Water World

Join your children in family games that allow for group fun, including the Nahr Al Raha ride that floats you on a swimming wheel, and engage them in an entertaining water war in the water balloon wars, and the 5D technology Cinesplash game.


And do not forget to visit Yadi Yas, the river with its fast rushing waves. You must hold on to the swimming wheel well while the strong waves take you on a fast movement trip.

Try the collection of exciting games
Yas Water World in Abu Dhabi

Take a little adventure and enter into the experience of a group of the most difficult games, most notably the carousel game, which is the fastest and largest hydro-magnetic game in the world and can accommodate six people, while you can try the Leo Loop transparent tube



where you will enjoy sliding vertically down, also do not forget to try the Bandit Bomber, the longest suspended roller coaster in the region .


Take a break from the fun of the games and tours around

Take a break from the fun of the games and tours around



facilities, and have a full and delicious hot meal or snack in the restaurants and cafes of Yas Water World, as it has a special and unique character.

Including Dana fast food restaurant such as grills, burgers, salads and sandwiches, Chappy’s restaurant for fried chicken, pizza and Indian food, also do not miss the ice cream and cold drinks in the Skinny ice cream booth, and if you prefer entertainment, you will find it in Salma Snack Shack.

Shop from Yas Water World
Yas Water Abu Dhabi

Shop from the shops to buy various goods such as clothes and swimming accessories, as well as unforgettable souvenirs, including the Tawasha pearl store, which gives its visitors oysters specially designed for them, and there is the Al-Gawana village market, which has many small games and souvenirs, and includes food outlets.

You can also buy what is needed to ride the games and slides, and choose from the best brands of water sports accessories in the Sultan and Sons store.



Take memorial photos
Preserve your trip in an album filled with professional souvenir photos. You can also collect souvenir photos at Gowana’s photo booth to keep a wonderful souvenir of your experience at Yas Waterworld.

Ticket prices for Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi
The cost of entry to the park is:

270 AED for adults.
220 AED for children.
Timings of Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi


He works daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Yas Water World Abu Dhabi website
Yas Water World is located on the touristic Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. To see the location on the map, click here.

Hotels close to Yas Water World Abu Dhabi

The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel
A luxurious 5-star hotel, characterized by various designs inspired by the world of cartoon characters. It has various facilities, including a swimming pool, a fitness center, and it serves a special breakfast. Read more.



DoubleTree by Hilton Abu Dhabi Hotel, Yas Island Residence
A luxurious hotel that offers spacious 5-star hotel apartments, with city views. It has excellent facilities, including a children’s playground, a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, and provides free Wi-Fi.

A unique destination for shopping and entertainment enthusiast,

A unique destination for shopping and entertainment enthusiast,


the Amazon Outlet Mall is the first rainforest-themed center in Pakistan in general and Islamabad in particular, where plants dominate this design in an amazing way.

In addition to the various shopping stores available here, which meet your daily and luxury requirements at reasonable prices for everyone, this mall recently opened a fitness center with a wonderful environment suitable for that, in addition to having an entire floor separated from the shopping and entertainment centers for children to play in one safe place while the parents enjoy their shopping experience.



If you want to reach this mall via Google Maps, click here.

Al Gent Mall

You can know the content of the mall from the name that was given to it. It is one of the most famous and best malls in Islamabad. It does not matter whether you are looking for entertainment, shopping, or even buying your daily needs, because you will find everything you need here.

Al Gent Mall stores are famous for offering permanent discounts on various types of products, where you can find many different stores, whether for luxury clothes, precious jewelry, or even shoes of international brands, but if you are interested in children’s clothing, you will be able to find many stores that Offers attractive and colorful clothes for children.


If you want to reach this mall via Google Maps,

It offers a wide range of luxury and homemade clothing stores, in addition to shoes and even bags. If you are looking for some entertainment after a long shopping process, you will find a place on the roof with wonderful views to eat quietly, and there is a special area for children to play and enjoy shopping in peace.

If you want to reach this mall via Google Maps, click here.

Amazon outlet mall islamabad

Another unique shopping destination, and one of the best malls in Islamabad, which has become a benchmark for


quality in retail trade in Pakistan, and is a favorite for many locals and visitors from outside the country, as the ancient Greek style is what distinguishes Olympus Mall from other shopping centers in Region.

Al Rigga Street Dubai is strategically located in Deira

Al Rigga Street Dubai is strategically located in Deira



Dubai and near the creek, it also includes all the facilities that guarantee visitors and residents a modern and easy lifestyle, as it includes commercial buildings, government offices, residential towers, as well as service facilities.

In addition to the indispensable entertainment aspect, there are some commercial markets, luxurious international restaurants, sandy beaches, and historical places, so Al-Raqqa Street is a meeting point for all means of comfort and entertainment.

Discover Al Rigga Street, Dubai
Learn about Al Rigga Street in Dubai and the most prominent recreational activities, facilities, and tourist places, as follows:

The following are the most prominent activities and facilities on Al-Raqqa Street:

Al Rigga Street, Dubai



Start by checking out the tourist places and high-end neighborhoods. You will also enjoy walking and watching the street design in terms of organized small trees and palm trees on both sides of the road. You can also practice light sports such as walking or jogging in the paths available in some places.

the shopping
Al Rigga Street in Dubai

You cannot visit Al-Raqqa Street without passing through the famous shopping centers that receive a lot of visits daily, some of which sell international brands, and some that sell local textiles, especially traditional costumes that express the country’s culture.


Among the malls on the street is the Al Ghurair Center, which is a large mall, one of the oldest malls in the city, known for its variety of brands. Besides fashion and clothing, you will find restaurants, a cinema, and a hotel. There is also a countryside mall that sells clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, and an area for selling foodstuffs, and on your way you will find individual shops for selling antiques. household items, gifts, perfumes, and more.

eat the food


Try dining on Al-Raqqa Street, which provides several distinctive and varied restaurants along its length, where the indoor sessions are in historical and modern decorations, and the outdoor sessions are in the open air.


The most prominent of which is Al-Safadi Restaurant widely known

The most prominent of which is Al-Safadi Restaurant widely known


in the city, as it serves Lebanese and various dishes, and Miran Kabab Restaurant for Iraqi grills, and for fast food there is Kentajy and Al-Tazaj Chicken Restaurant, also eat sweets in the nearby Dunkin Donuts, or buy them from Sultan Sweets, and to buy foodstuffs go to the Center delta.

Al Rigga Street, Dubai

Also, do not forget the entertainment aspect that every family is looking for, especially children. On Al-Raqqa Street, you will find the Happy Fun amusement park, which is filled with many electric and kinetic games for children, and adults can also participate with them.

There is an open air market that displays some simple goods, including clothes, hats and accessories. There is also a café and tables to rest on while children play.

Visit the facilities
Al-Raqqa Street provides a range of service and recreational facilities, including gyms and groceries. Exchange shops, Port Said Mosque, a beauty salon for women, and a metro station are also available.


I live in Al-Raqqa Street
Some high-end hotels are located along the street, and provide good services for a comfortable stay close to public services. Some of the good hotels are Ibis Al Rigga Hotel, Delmon Palace Hotel, Lotus Grand Hotel, and Landmark Grand Hotel.

Al Rigga Street, Dubai
Al Rigga Street is located in Deira, Dubai, near the creek. To see the location on the map, click here.


Hotels in Al Rigga Street, Dubai
Al Rigga Street, Dubai

Delmon Hotel
A 3-star hotel, near Al Ghurair Shopping Center, it offers a variety of facilities, including a swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, non-smoking rooms, a spa and wellness center, a tour desk, and it offers car rental, read more.

Sun and Sands Downtown Hotel
A 3-star hotel, located on the main Al Rigga Street in Deira Dubai. It provides good facilities for guests, including a rooftop swimming pool, dining areas, a spa and wellness center. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi,

The library is distinguished by a distinctive design for displaying rare

The library is distinguished by a distinctive design for displaying rare



books, and it includes spaces for reading, the Internet, and cameras. You can also sit in it completely quietly to complete your work on your personal computer. Also, the library welcomes all age groups, young and old.

eat the food
Dine in one of the most prominent historical landmarks of Abu Dhabi in an atmosphere full of luxury. At the exit of the palace and at the exit of the visitor center, there is a distinctive restaurant called (Loqma). It serves a variety of snacks, refreshments and delicious desserts. Eat them in the dining hall, which is characterized by a large area and coordinated decorations in light colors.

Buy a souvenir
Homeland Palace

Do not leave Qasr Al Watan before taking a piece of it in the form of a souvenir, reminding you of the place and the history that you will learn about in the corridors of the place, where a variety of exclusive high-quality souvenirs are sold in the gift shop and are inspired by the stunning palace designs and the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates.



It is also a great opportunity for visitors to learn about a number of diplomatic gifts received by the UAE.

Ticket prices for Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi
Ticket prices for the National Palace are as follows:

The price for adults is 65 AED.
The price for children is 30 AED.
This ticket allows you to attend the light show if it is available on the day of your visit.
Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi website
The palace is located within the presidential palace complex on Al Riyada Street in the Ras Al Akhdar region in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. To see the location on the map, click here.



Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi working hours
The palace is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Hotels near Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Hotel, Mandarin Oriental
A luxurious 5-star resort in Abu Dhabi, with attractive beach views, luxurious décor as if it were a royal palace, and the resort includes luxurious facilities, including two swimming pools, a spa and wellness center, read more.

Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana
A distinctive 5-star hotel, distinguished by its location on the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf Sea and near the


National Palace in Abu Dhabi. It includes various facilities, including a private beach area, a swimming pool, and offers an airport shuttle service

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi is considered one of the most prominent

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi is considered one of the most prominent

landmarks of culture and tourism in Abu Dhabi, as it is a historical edifice that embraces the authenticity of Emirati heritage and the fragrant past.

It is possible to take many memorial photos with the delicate details and elegant marble hallways, as well as attending conferences and important events that take place inside the palace halls, and there is a large library that holds the best books and their anecdotes.

Discover Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi
Learn about the most prominent cultural activities in Qasr Al Watan, the important facilities and working hours, as follows:

The following are the most preferred activities for visitors when visiting the palace:

Free tour
Al Watan Palace, Abu Dhabi

Enjoy taking a free tour inside the corridors of the palace. Watch on your tour the decoration that expresses Arab originality and artistic figures, as well as the chandeliers


hanging in the ceilings that form an amazing painting. You can also take many memorial photos and receive photos from the Qasr Al Watan gift shop at the end of the tour.

You will also learn about the facilities and watch important conferences, seminars and events, and enjoy during your tour watching the main table in which visitors from all parts of the world are received. Tours are available in Arabic and English.

Visit the Collaboration Spirit Hall
Homeland Palace

Do not miss seeing the Hall of the Spirit of Cooperation, which is designed in the form of a circle, and was specially made to host important official meetings, summits, and regular sessions of the Supreme Council of the Federation.

Also, attention has been paid to its design, as a chandelier weighing 12 tons rests on its ceiling, and it is composed of three layers of 350,000 crystal pieces, and it has the ability to absorb noise and noise in the hall.



Knowledge house
Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi

Do not forget to provide your cultural quotient through the informative platform that displays a large collection of artifacts and manuscripts that highlight the most important contributions of the Arabs in astronomy, science, arts, literature and other fields.

Read in the palace library
Al Watan Palace, Abu Dhabi

Increase your literary and scientific culture. If you are a fan of reading, go to the Qasr Al Watan Library to get


acquainted with a wide range of immortal literary pearls, as this library includes a collection of 50,000 books for various historical stages of Arab scholars and thinkers.


Islamabad is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, the beauty varies

Islamabad is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, the beauty varies

In it, among the vast green spaces, amazing buildings, and the charming Margalla Hills in the north of the city, the malls of Islamabad also take a large share of its beauty and tourists.

One of the best things to visit in Islamabad is the shopping malls, which are not without visitors and adventurous locals who are shopping, entertainment and fashion enthusiasts.

Malls in Islamabad
With its attractive, clean and beautiful environment, this city attracts you to live an amazing adventure and make unforgettable memories in its comprehensive and wonderful malls. Here is a list of the best malls in Islamabad:

Giga Mall


One of the best and most famous malls in Islamabad, it is located inside a large building and shares part of it with the World Trade Center on GT Road, here you will find a variety of stores that display various forms and types of wonderful accessories, also it includes more than 200 stores that sell high-quality and high-quality clothing International brands, in addition to a large supermarket.

In addition to providing a clean and elegant environment and an enjoyable shopping experience, Giga Mall includes a large food court to enjoy multiple types of delicious cuisine, and also provides many of the latest movies that are shown for some entertainment and entertainment.

If you want to reach this mall via Google Maps, click here.

Centaurus Mall


It is also considered one of the most beautiful and famous malls in Islamabad, a luxurious shopping center that attracts a large number of Pakistani locals and tourists from other regions, as it includes a large number of shops at a height of five floors, as it displays many famous brands such as KFC and Khadi.

In addition to clothes and international brands, Centaurus Mall contains some bookstores for some calm and reading, and a few jewelry stores, in addition, it includes grocery stores, food halls, seating and rest areas, many ATMs and fitness centers, which are among the important attractions in this The mall.

If you want to reach this mall via Google Maps, click here.

Al Safa Gold Mall


One of the most important attractions in the city of Islamabad and one of its most famous malls, it is located among the hills of Margalla, which makes it surrounded by charming landscapes. If you are looking for a place to have a pleasant shopping experience with a lot of entertainment, do not hesitate to visit.

It includes more than 150 stores that display high-end and luxurious clothes. It is not limited to international brands only, but also offers a lot of high-quality local products. If you want to spend quality time with family and friends, it offers you a variety of places designated for that. Such as cinemas, gyms, fitness club, indoor swimming pool and food court.

If you want to reach this mall via Google Maps, click here.