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When you visit Geneva, you will definitely hear about the Manor

When you visit Geneva, you will definitely hear about the Manor


Manor Geneva Mall
When you visit Geneva, you will definitely hear about the Manor Mall, as it is one of the most famous Geneva malls, as it is located near the train station, so many tourists



always visit it, and the mall is characterized by its large area, if it consists of 10 floors, 5 floors of which are allocated to local shops And Al-Alameya that offers clothes, shoes, accessories and other supplies at economical prices.

The first floor is dedicated to restaurants, cafés and groceries that display wonderful Swiss fruits, vegetables and chocolates, while the remaining 4 floors are designated as parking lots.



Center Commercial Eaux-Vives
Eaux Vis Mall
Eaux VIs Mall is one of the integrated Geneva malls, where you will find everything you need. The mall includes a group of the best men’s, women’s and children’s clothing stores, and there are also international shoes and bags stores, as well as stores for home supplies, electrical appliances and other stores that meet all needs .

And if you want to take a break during the shopping trip, you can sit in the restaurants and cafes area inside the mall, eat your favorite food and drink and have a great time.


Les Cygnes Center Commercial
Las Sign Mall
The list of the best malls in Geneva cannot be without the name of Las Signe Mall, as it is a distinguished mall with wonderful decorations. It includes many famous stores that display the latest international clothes and shoes, in addition to gift shops, flowers and household items that you can enjoy shopping with.



The mall features pharmacies, supermarkets, libraries, post offices and places for veterinary treatment, in addition to a special corner for restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy your meal and your favorite drink.

The Bookchin State Museum is famous among European museums

The Bookchin State Museum is famous among European museums


The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Bookchin Museum

The Bookchin State Museum is famous among European museums, as it contains more than 700,000 works of art. You can also enjoy the music festivals and science activities


that the museum offers so you will feel like you are visiting a comprehensive museum among Moscow museums.
If you would like to get to the Bookchen Museum via Google Maps, click here.

Cosmonautics Museum
Astronaut Museum

The Cosmonautics Museum was established at the foot of the Monument to the Invaders in Space to commemorate the nation’s achievements in space exploration. It provides


a glimpse into how Soviet space science developed, starting with the first man-made satellites followed by the first manned spaceflight and spacewalks for the first time, through the exploration programs Moon, Solar System Exploration Programs, and International Space Research Programs.

The complex interior design and unusual exhibition created a unique personality for the museum among Moscow museums, in addition to the presence of an amazing


collection of more than 85,000 items, the most famous of which is the space capsule used by (Yuri Gagarin), the first human to travel to outer space with the flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with Fragments of the Moon, as well as the museum includes a Soviet spacesuit and a rocket propulsion unit from the 1960s.


Tsaritsyno Reserve Museum -Reserve
Tsaritsyno Museum

Tsaritsyno Reserve Museum in southern Moscow Founded in 1775 as the summer residence of the Imperial Catherine II, this unfinished building features neo-Gothic architecture and is surrounded by a beautiful garden area.


When visiting, you can enjoy this ancient historical museum, which is accompanied by an art museum, a beautiful landscaped garden, ponds, a waterfall, a forest and the beautiful Beryulyovo tree park. Now this museum is a museum complex and a popular entertainment place for Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital.

The most beautiful malls in Amman, Jordan, the famous

The most beautiful malls in Amman, Jordan, the famous


, Mecca Mall

Mecca Mall is one of the most beautiful malls in Amman, Jordan. It is distinguished by its distinguished location. It is located in the most famous streets of Jordan, and therefore



attracts many tourists to it, in order to buy all their basic needs. It is one of the most luxurious malls in Jordan, which is characterized by its high designs and decorations, and the mall is suitable for individuals and families. To spend a special time and buy all your requirements.

The mall includes a number of shops that vary from shops selling products with international brands or were locally made, and includes shops selling electrical and sports appliances, as well as selling accessories and jewelry, as well as selling household appliances and all the needs of brides, and there is a distinguished group of restaurants and cafes in the mall. Which enjoys high service, and its prices are known to be suitable for everyone.


Al Baraka Mall

Al Baraka Mall is one of the most famous malls in Amman, Jordan. The mall is known for being one of the quietest malls in Jordan, where you can roam freely without crowding, due to the lack of shops in it, but it contains all the basic needs of customers, and is characterized by its high-end designs, and the mall employees are distinguished by sophistication and experience in How to deal with customers, as it is distinguished by its competitive prices compared to other nearby malls.

The mall offers a number of services to customers, in terms of diversity in the exhibits to satisfy all tastes, as the mall displays everything related to the world of men’s, women’s and children’s fashion as well, suitable for all ages, in addition to home appliances stores and some gift and accessories stores, and there are showrooms in the mall The cinema is equipped with the highest technology, and a dedicated children’s area.


Arjan Mall

Arjan Mall or as it is called “Murjan Mall” is one of the important malls in Amman, Jordan, which attracts many customers, whether local or tourists from different countries for the purpose of tourism, despite its small area, but it contains many shops that meet all your requirements and satisfy your purchasing desire, and it is worth noting that its prices are suitable for everyone.



The mall offers a variety of goods and exhibits, including but not limited to places for selling accessories and gifts, selling clothes for all ages, whether men, women or children as well. It also includes a supermarket specializing in the sale of all food commodities, in addition to shops selling children’s toys, and selling electrical appliances. , and shops selling home furniture, as well as an area for children’s amusement park.

As for Aqualand Meknes, it is one of the most popular Rabat

As for Aqualand Meknes, it is one of the most popular Rabat

Aqualand Meknes Park
Aqualand Meknes Park Rabat



As for Aqualand Meknes, it is one of the most popular Rabat amusement parks in the city. It is a fun and interesting water park. The city provides you with many enjoyable


water activities, and also guarantees you an environment conducive to relaxation, recreation and fun at the same time. It is an ideal entertainment city for all family members, Where various water games and swimming pools.

Entrance prices for children under 12 years old are 80 dirhams, and adults are 150 dirhams. All days of the week from 10 am to 6 pm, but we do not advise you to go on the weekend to avoid crowding, the garden is clean and it is a real opportunity to spend an unforgettable family day, It is worth noting that you are not allowed to bring your own food with you, but the restaurant in the city offers delicious dishes at reasonable prices.


Yasmine Fun Park
Yasmine Leisure City, Rabat

And last but not least, Yasmine Theme Park, one of Rabat’s beautiful theme parks, is located on an area of ​​1200 square meters covered, and completely dedicated to making you live enjoyable educational experiences with your family and in complete safety. Her monkey and toucan friends to discover the enchanted lands.



Yasmin City offers your children from 2 to 14 years of age a chance to have fun, with games, trampolines, playgrounds, spinners, trains, video games, electronic games and more. It is worth noting that the voucher prices are relatively high.

Travel and tourism in any tourist destination around the world The best restaurants in Taba

Travel and tourism in any tourist destination around the world The best restaurants in Taba

It is only complete by trying its food, because it is an integral part of any tourist vacation, so Taba restaurants are one of the most important things that you can try during your travel and vacation in Taba, that beautiful Egyptian city. Special during your city holiday…



The best restaurants in Taba
Tourism in Taba is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt. If you are already planning to travel and tourism there, here are the 8 best Taba restaurants that we suggest you try during your next tourist vacation…

Castle Zaman Restaurant

Zaman Castle Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Taba that enjoys a beautiful natural view, in addition to a delicious menu, and imported drinks, and there are many different areas around it to explore, it is a beautiful place worth trying, but just make sure to book and pay in advance, the location is beautiful and the service is good, But if you are a vegetarian, we cannot recommend this place to you at all.


This is because most of the dishes offered by the restaurant include meat in large proportion with a little salad, rice and vegetables, but if you love meat dishes and are looking for a restaurant with a beautiful and distinctive view, it is an ideal place for you. It is also worth noting that the prices of the place are relatively high, the castle of time is A castle built on the mountain in a very beautiful style, located in the 25 km Taba Nuweiba Road, south of Sinai, do not miss its experience.


El Fuego Restaurant

Al Fuego Restaurant is one of Taba’s distinctive restaurants. It is a Mexican food restaurant in the El Wekala Hotel, inside Taba Heights Resort. The restaurant’s menu is characterized by diversity, and the dishes are



delicious, the place is clean, the service is fast, and the ambiance is romantic and nice. It is also a restaurant with a special character in the downtown area in Taba Heights, It is easy to reach using the resorts’ free shuttle bus system.

The place features a terrace with the best views of the region, as it overlooks Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the golf course and the Red Sea, and the restaurant relies on a unique Mexican character, so the menu contains some dishes rich in Mexican spices, the place has a flat-screen TV to display any sport, and other sessions if you do not want in viewing.


casa taba

Casa Taba restaurant is one of the restaurants in Taba that is worth a try, the place is beautiful and a perfect choice for lovers of vegetarian dishes, the taste of the food is very good, the service is excellent, the music in the place is calm and pleasant, and it is worth mentioning that the prices of the place are reasonable and affordable.


According to customer reviews, the Italian dishes here are very good, the menu is well organized, and La Casa restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine, and it is an ideal place for a romantic dinner or a family meal in a beautiful and quiet setting, so we suggest you try it during the tourism holiday in Taba.

Mr. Levents Restaurant Livanets Visit a Lebanese halal restaurant, you should go to visit Leventis Restaurant

Mr. Levents Restaurant Livanets Visit a Lebanese halal restaurant, you should go to visit Leventis Restaurant


Mr.Levents Restaurant

If you want to visit a Lebanese halal restaurant, you should go to Leventis Restaurant, which is classified as the most famous Lebanese restaurant in the middle of Moscow restaurants.



The beautiful interior design indicates the restaurant’s affiliation with the Middle East, and you can find out all the information about the restaurant and book a table before going to it by visiting the restaurant’s website.

Buono مطعم Restaurant
Bono Restaurant

Enjoy a unique meal at a restaurant that takes care of every detail of your favorite dish with the most beautiful views of Moscow, located on the top floor of the Croatia Hotel. The restaurant is classified in Italian with an elegant interior design and you will find that the cutlery is made of Italian porcelain.


The menu was created by the most famous chef in Europe, Chef Lamberti, so you have to make a reservation in order to have a distinctive dining experience of high quality. Despite the high price of the dishes, they have their own audience that prefers them to the rest of Moscow restaurants.
If you want to reach Bono Restaurant via Google Maps, click here.

Piccolino Restaurant

One of the Italian restaurants in Moscow with a warm family character, which is hard to find in the middle of Moscow restaurants, the restaurant offers a selection of the best and finest delicious Italian food. It is a small restaurant with a design similar to a country house, and it is characterized by a wonderful interior decoration that matches the general atmosphere with delicious and well-prepared dishes Carefully, although it is a family restaurant, you will enjoy a special and wonderful time every time you visit.
If you would like to reach Piccolino Restaurant via Google Maps, click here.


Taj Mahal Restaurant

The Taj Mahal restaurant is one of the wonderful Indian restaurants in Moscow. It is famous for serving halal Indian and Pakistani dishes with a famous and distinctive taste, with its beautiful and pungent spices, through its branches in Moscow. You can find out the nearest branch to you and all the information about the restaurant by visiting the restaurant’s website.

In order to complete the feeling that you are in an Indian restaurant, the design of the restaurant is in the form of a tent, and inside you find the furnishings and decor something of the imagination that fascinates everyone who visits it, so you find many visitors come to it because of their admiration for the decor.



Bosphorus Restaurant

If you miss Turkish food and remember the famous Turkish dishes, you should go to the Bosphorus restaurant, which has a wide reputation among Moscow restaurants, offering all the famous Turkish dishes such as grills, Turkish pastries and Turkish sweets, so many Arabs know it, especially because it is located in (Old Arbat) Street, which is the most famous tourist street in Moscow.



Many citizens like to go to the restaurant also because of the good service, love and friendliness that the staff shows towards the visitors so that they can live good moments while they are inside the restaurant, as some of the staff speak Arabic.

It is located near the international airport in the

It is located near the international airport in the



Al Bahja Shopping Center

It is located near the international airport in the northern Mawaleh area, and it is one of the largest and oldest shopping and entertainment malls in the country. Tourist places in Seeb.

city ​​center

City Center Muscat is a commercial center located on Sultan Qaboos Road 3 km from Muscat International Airport, Seeb, Governorate of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The mall opened in October 2001. It is developed and managed by Majid Al Futtaim Real Estate.

Old Seeb



It is a group of old basic villages, and cities officially recognized by the state, and in general a number of regions belong to it, namely: Khoud Al-Jadida, Airport Heights, Rusayl (Awakening Tower), Mabela, Al Matar, Al Seeb, Al Hail Al Shamali, and Mawaleh North, Al Khoudh Six, Shradi, Al Hail South, Mawaleh South, Hail, Sultan Qaboos University, Old Al Khoud, Al Mouj Muscat, Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Seeb Souq, Mabelah South, Muscat Gallery, Iron Wall, Hail South, Muscat Hills, Al Mouj, Hail North, the new airport, and Wadi El Wamy.



natural valleys

Such as: Wadi al-Hayya, Surin, Wadi Salem bin Abbouda (known among the people as Wadi Abbouda) in Northern Khurais, Wadi al-Lawamy, Wadi Khurais, Wadi Gameh, Wadi al-Khoudh, Wadi al-Arash and other valleys.

ancient ancient walls

Such as: the Jama wall, which was used to defend the town (Wadi Al-Lawamy) two hundred years ago, and the Al-Rawiya wall, which they call Yabit Al-Rawia, and it consists of six rooms and a liwan, and was built about 150 years ago.



City Center Muscat is a commercial center located on Sultan Qaboos Road 3 km from Muscat International Airport, Seeb, Governorate of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The mall opened in October 2001. It is developed and managed by Majid Al Futtaim Real Estate.

sea ​​beaches

It extends over a total area of ​​50 km2, and these beaches are characterized by a beautiful nature, and they are served by a sea street that passes through all the villages of the Wilayat of Seeb overlooking the sea.

The most important tourist places in Tbilisi

The most important tourist places in Tbilisi


Tbilisi, also known as Tbilisi, is the capital and largest city of Georgia, located on the banks of the Kura River. Founded in the fifth century by Vakhtang I Gorgasali, king of the Kingdom of Iberia, Tbilisi has since become the capital of various Georgian kingdoms and republics. Between 1801 and 1917, when it was under the rule of the former Russian Empire, Tbilisi was the seat of the Imperial Governor, who ruled both the South and North Caucasus.

Because of its location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia and its proximity to trade routes, the city has long enjoyed a prestigious position, and the city’s location to this day ensures its status as an important transit route for various energy and trade projects. Tbilisi’s diverse history is reflected in its architecture, which is a mixture of ancient, classical, Middle Eastern, Art Nouveau, Stalinist and modernist architecture.


Tbilisi has a humid subtropical climate (CAFA Climatic Classification) with significant continental influences. The city experiences very hot summers and moderately cold winters. Similar to other regions in Georgia, Tbilisi receives heavy rain throughout the year without a separate dry period. The city’s climate is influenced by both dry air masses (Central Asia / Siberia) from the east and oceans (Atlantic Ocean / Black Sea) from the west.

Since the city is confined on most sides by mountain ranges, the close proximity to large bodies of water (Black Sea and Caspian Sea) and the fact that the Greater Caucasus Mountains (as well as the North) prevent infiltration of air masses, Tbilisi has a relatively mild climate compared to other cities that have The same similar climatic conditions.



In terms of tourism, the city is a destination for tourists with its multiple ingredients, as there are in Tbilisi the parliament and government buildings (state advisors) in Georgia, as well as the Supreme Court of Georgia.

The city has important cultural attractions such as the Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi Provincial State, Tbilisi Opera, Ballet Theatre, Rustaveli State Academic Theatre, Marjanashvili State Academic Theatre, Sameba Cathedral, Vorontsov Palace (also known as Children’s Palace today), several state museums, and the National Public Library Parliament of Georgia, National Bank of Georgia, Freedom Square, Tbilisi Circus, Peace Bridge and other important institutions. During the Soviet era,



The best hotels in Tbilisi

The capital of Jogja “Tbilisi” contains many tourist places and different attractions, and for this reason it attracts thousands of tourists and visitors, and it has provided them with places to stay in, and to learn about the best Tbilisi hotels that have good locations and provide distinguished services. Read more.


Botanical Garden

Botanical Park, one of the most famous tourist places in Tbilisi, is located just steps away from the Narikala forests in the city center. Many Georgians believe that these forests are the first tourist attraction in Tbilisi. The entrance fee to the park is symbolic and is 1 GEL according to the Georgian currency, you can stay and have a good time In this place all day without boredom, the National Botanical Garden of Georgia, formerly the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, is located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, located in the Tsavkesis-Tskali Gorge on the southern foothills of the Sololaki Range. It occupies an area of ​​161 hectares and possesses a collection of more than 4,500 taxonomic groups. Its history extends back to more than three centuries.



Sataplia Cave

There were found in this cave some ancient monuments that indicate the presence of dinosaurs, and it is located in the northwest region of the city of Sataplia, and was discovered by Professor Chapukiani. The place has more, and these steps are about drawing dinosaurs on the stones and adding some plastic maquettes … This helped attract a large number of tourists to visit this cave … It is located six kilometers northwest of the city of Stapleya and is known to contain traces of dinosaurs, and this makes this cave one of the best places to visit. The richest archaeological areas in the world and it is on an area of ​​300 square meters.



Luka Polar Ice Cream in Tbilisi

This is the discovery of a wonderful coffee shop, or you can say an ice cream shop. Advertisements for the shop are spread in the streets of Tbilisi, with a print of attractive ice cream shapes. The shop is located on Egmenshabeli Street No. 125, and it is characterized as a large coffee shop and a wonderful outdoor terrace, as well as an endless list of choices from Types of ice cream at a price of 2.9 jelly per 100 grams of ice cream, and what is amazing is the presence of an ice cream machine, through which you can serve yourself and enjoy any additions you like from types of fruits such as strawberries, cherries or chocolate, and there are also pancakes and sweets at low prices and all of them Fresh and at 2.9 GEL as well. The best coffee here is except Turkish coffee, but you can try a cappuccino for 4.9 GEL.

Borjomi Museum of Local Antiques is one of the most famous

Borjomi Museum of Local Antiques is one of the most famous



Borjomi Museum of Local Antiques

Borjomi Museum of Local Antiques is one of the most famous museums in Borjomi, and it is also one of the best places to visit in Borjomi, Georgia. This museum was built in 1890, but it was opened to the public in 1928, and this museum is considered an architectural masterpiece One of the unique antiques, this museum includes a large collection of collectibles that attract visitors from all over the world.
Borjomi Museum enables its visitors to do many different activities, the most important of which is to take a wonderful tour inside the museum and see more than 36,000 historical documents, in addition to viewing 4 permanent exhibitions that provide various information about plants and animals within the city.

Borjomi Central Park


If your hotel or residence is very close to Borjomi Central Park, I recommend walking towards it rather than taking a taxi, so that during the walk you can check out the beautiful light blue historic building named Monument Firuza. Moreover, there are shops along the streets where you can buy empty water jugs and bottles that you can fill with mineral water in the garden, and there are many playgrounds for children to play in the garden. Although most of the kid-friendly rides are closed in winter due to snow, at this time of year, kids can also happily enjoy snowshoeing. Add to that, walking around the park among the beautiful surrounding scenery that also looks Even more wonderful during the winter, when it is covered with snow.


Day trip to Bakuriani

When you visit Borjomi, you must try the nearly 120-year-old historical railway, which is still in excellent condition to take you back and forth to Bakuriani. However, you should know that it runs only twice a day from Borjomi: at 7 am and 10 am. As this railway passes through forests and mountains, it gives passengers a wonderful view of Georgia. In addition, you will feel fun and entertained when looking at the steep mountain sides outside the train window, once you arrive in Bakuriani, a city known for its ski resorts during the winter and family-friendly health centers during the summer, located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, you will enjoy Much nicer, with exploring the city and skiing as well, as there are many ski rentals all over the city, and you can also buy cheap ski clothes and equipment from street vendors.

An important square in Batumi, which includes; A group of old

An important square in Batumi, which includes; A group of old



Evrupas Mudani Square

An important square in Batumi, which includes; A group of old buildings of great beauty. It has been restored to preserve this, along with a number of modern buildings built in the same style. Evrupas Modani has a number of musical fountains, which children can enjoy in the summer heat. Nearby lies a Medea monument, It was created by sculptor David Khmaladze.



Adjara Art Museum

The museum includes paintings by famous Georgian and foreign artists (Niko Pirosmani, David Kakabadze and Lado Gudiashvili), as well as examples of decorative art (ceramics, woodcuts, glass, engravings, and textiles), as well as European and Russian drawings and paintings dating back to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The museum is open from eleven in the morning until six in the evening, from Tuesday to Sunday.
Ticket price is two Georgian lira per person.



Ortagmi Mosque

One of the best places to visit in Batumi. It is considered the only surviving mosque in the city. It was built in 1860 and painted the Ortagmi Mosque in several colors; Light pink, blue and green. Its walls are adorned with Quranic verses, and the mosque is not considered big enough; Where the worshipers are not enough during Friday prayers. The Great Batumi Mosque is not only considered a tourist attraction, but it is also a living proof of the



respectability of faiths in this city, despite the small number of Muslims in relation to the adherents of other religions in Georgia; It is one of the main attractions for Muslim tourists. The mosque is distinguished by its antique architectural design, which dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and this is what makes it a masterpiece of European Muslim architecture, i.e. a distinctive and rare mixture of architecture. The mosque is also known as Ortagami, meaning Jamia in the middle, This is because it was in the middle of two other mosques, but they are not present now.



Cathedral of the Mother of God Batumi

It is a cathedral with a special religious status in Georgia, but because of its Gothic architectural design, it has a refined and elegant design; This church has been transformed from a religious shrine limited to the Orthodox, to an important tourist attraction that attracts lovers of European architecture. Church of the Holy Spirit, which opened its doors in the year 2000. A visitor to the Cathedral of the Mother of God Batumi can take great pictures with its exterior building, which is distinguished by its meticulous design, so it is one of the important destinations in the city.