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Tourism in Bodrum

Tourism in Bodrum

The best tourist destinations and places in Bodrum


Tourism in Bodrum Palmarina Bay

The most important tourist attractions in Bodrum


Tourism in Turkey deserves to be among the best tourist countries in the world, as it has unique and varied tourism potentials, and this is evident in its different cities. Tourism enjoys the “Bodrum”, dubbed “the pearl of Turkey”, which is located in the southwest of Turkey, in the Aegean region.

Despite the small area of ​​Bodrum, it attracts a significant number of tourists from all parts of the world, especially the Gulf countries, due to the abundance of its picturesque beaches, and its pleasant climate that extends throughout all months of the year. And the advantage of “Bodrum” by its white houses, carved into the green mountains.

Bodrum is the perfect tourist destination for lovers of tranquility and recreation in its high-end resorts, and its ubiquitous services to delight and pamper tourists, and the picture is complete with the spread of Turkish baths in Bodrum with its global fame, markets and annual offers that attract shopping enthusiasts from everywhere in the world.

The best tourist places in Bodrum
On the shores of the Mediterranean, the Turkish city of Bodrum overlooks the unique beauty of the turquoise, delicate water, as it is a symbol of tourism in Turkey and loved by many around the world.

With its attractive green gardens and white houses, you will be enchanted at first sight, and amid the scenery of the lush mountains and wonderful beaches, which are among the most beautiful beach destinations, you will find rest and relaxation.

On the banks of this charming city, tourists enjoy unparalleled recreation in its high-end hotels, beach resorts and stunning natural scenes.

Travel together in Bodrum’s most beautiful landmarks and attractions, with our Bodrum Tourism Guide.




The village of Gumusluk
If you take your family with you, especially in the summer, we recommend that you go to the ancient village of Gumusluk, where you will find wonderful beaches that suit your children, the most famous of which is Jumusluk Beach. And the narrow old streets with a popular local character.

The pristine nature will charm you with its purity and splendor, and you can take boat or boat trips to see the surrounding landscaped areas, and there are more appropriate cafes and restaurants that offer many varieties of Turkish delicacy, which is one of the important tourist attractions in Bodrum that are accepted by all.

Tourism in Bodrum
The village of Gümüşlük
Tavşan Island Bodrum
The island of Tavshan Bodrum, which is known as the island of rabbits, attracts thousands of tourists annually who seek to search for adventure and fun because it is located in the most beautiful sites and gorgeous views that are always enchanted by its vision and every time you visit it again you will feel that you are visiting for the first time, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bodrum .



Tourism in Bodrum – Tourist places in Bodrum
Tafshan Island Bodrum
Palmarina Bay
If you are a fan of fun and loud and fun nights, you can end your happy day in Palmarina Port, which is Bodrum’s restored port. You will spend hours of fun and entertainment in its ubiquitous restaurants with modern music playing.

You will see the tides in its wonderful pictures and picturesque views with hearing the magical sound of the waves, and walking under the palm trees scattered in the place, also there are many shops and markets that offer everything you desire, whether gifts, modern clothes or handicrafts, which is rightly one of the best tourist attractions. In Bodrum.



Tourism in Bodrum
Palmarina Bay
Fink Beach Bodrum
Fink Bodrum Beach is one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in Turkey, not only Bodrum, and that is due to the fun and wonderful activities it provides that make the beach more magnificent, and we start with the blue flag that the beach raises in front of its name, which shows that it adopts and respects the global conditions of the environment and is one of the best tourist places in Bodrum.

Tourism in Bodrum – the best tourist places in Bodrum
Fink Bodrum Beach
Yahsi Beach
The city also includes a number of distinctive beaches, which are among the signs of tourism in Bodrum, including the Isei Beach and it is characterized by being a quiet dreamy beach, providing umbrellas and areas to sit and relax and enjoy the charming nature.



The little ones can be followed in their fun on the beach with complete safety, as the gentle waves embrace the golden sand beautifully, and the sound of its light waves arrives, tickling the ears and taking you to a world of imagination. The visitor will find all his needs from restaurants serving their distinctive local dishes, and various cafes and stores to meet all the demands of the pioneers.



Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archeology
Your tour begins at the Museum of Maritime Archeology in Bodrum from outside it, as it is located inside one of the oldest and most beautiful Bodrum castles, and in the castle garden we find many statues and half-statues of small and medium size that were found in the depths of the water, which belong to different civilizations.

Bodrum Maritime Archeology Museum
Bodrum Castle
St. Pierre Castle in Bodrum, known as Bodrum Castle, is one of the most important historical attractions and the best tourist places in Bodrum, as it is considered an attractive pole thanks to its beauty and size.

Tourism in Bodrum – the best tourist places in Bodrum
St. Pierre Castle in Bodrum
Bodrum Aquapark
Aqua Land Bodrum is one of the most beautiful water centers in Turkey, as it offers many water games and fun activities, which opened in 1999 and was known at the time as Dedeman Aqua Park Bodrum, which is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Bodrum.



Tourism in Bodrum – the places of tourism in Bodrum
Aqua Park Bodrum
Mimosa Square Bodrum
Mimosa Square Bodrum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bodrum for tourists, but every visitor and resident of the city must pass through it because it provides a very attractive strategic location where it is located and overlooks the Aegean coast, providing its visitors with a beautiful natural view.


Tourism in Bodrum – the best place in Bodrum
Mimosa Square Bodrum
Midtown Shopping Center
The Midtown complex is considered one of the best places in the outside, where the complex is characterized by an attractive architecture that was found very modern, and upon entering the Midtown Bodrum complex, you will be captivated by its simplicity and elegant and elegant beauty, where a large water pool is located in the heart of the complex surrounded by artificial green spaces that provide a charming place to sit and rest for all.



Tourism in Bodrum – the best places in Bodrum
Midtown Bodrum
The Mall of Oasis
Oasis Mall is one of the most famous malls in Bodrum, and it attracts a large number of visitors. It is a full-service mall, as it has shops for the most famous international brands, and offers various products where luxurious and modern clothing stores are available.



And also the home necessities of electrical appliances and various furniture, and it is easily accessible by public transport, and it has many restaurants and cafes, and there are also various hotels in its vicinity at various levels.



Tourism in Bodrum
Oasis Mall
Kismet Bodrum Restaurant
Kisma Bodrum Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants and one of Bodrum’s tourist destinations, as it is visited by many businessmen, businesswomen, artists, celebrities and politicians for its exciting and good services and delicious and delicious meals.


The most important tourist cities in Armenia

The most important tourist cities in Armenia

The best tourist destinations and places in Armenia



Tourist cities in Armenia are Sevan

A traveler’s guide for the most important tourist cities in Armenia


The Republic of Armenia is distinguished by its unique location in the Caucasus region, as it enjoys the picturesque nature of mountains, volcanoes and nature reserves, and is distinguished by a unique heritage and culture that includes several ethnicities and religions.

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Armenia is a country rich in history, cultural heritage, gastronomy and stunning mountain landscapes. Armenia is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many tourists around the world, thanks to its wonderful tourism potential, favorable climate most days of the year, in addition to affordable prices for medium budgets.

List of the most important tourist cities in Armenia
Armenia boasts countless tourist destinations, and it is a paradise for visitors to allow them to explore a lot – whether it’s by watching stunning mountains, scenic landscapes or landscapes, or engaging in lots of interesting activities.

If you are planning an unforgettable trip and love to discover destinations with passion, you have every reason to put your eyes on the tourist cities in Armenia. As one of the oldest countries in the world. In the guide to tourist cities in Armenia, we highlight ten beautiful Armenian cities that are worth visiting.



Tourist cities in Armenia
Emblem of tourism in Armenia
Tourism in Yerevan
Armenia’s rich cultural heritage appears everywhere you look, especially in the country’s stunning capital, Yerevan. Most of the buildings are of early Soviet architectural style, and the city also hosts a pair of postmodern wonders on a grand scale.

Yerevan is sometimes referred to as the “Pink City” due to the pink color of the tuff stones used in building the buildings. The capital of Armenia is home to a number of art galleries that display the work of talented local artists, as well as must-visit museums of history and culture.

Those on the culinary tour will be delighted to hear that most Armenian gatherings focus on food, and that Yerevan is home to a wide range of restaurants serving the best of Armenian cuisine.

Tourism in Yerevan
Tourism in Goris
Goris is one of the most charming cities in southern Armenia and is located on the road to Nagorno Karabagh. The city itself is located along a river and is surrounded by lush green mountains.


What distinguishes it from other cities is the breathtaking rock formations on the outskirts of Goris. Visitors can also head to the nearby Old Cave Village called Old Khndzoresk. But what you must see in the area is still the beautiful Tatev Monastery.

To reach the monastery, which sits on an 850-meter-high cliff, visitors can take a ride on the longest cable car in the world while gazing at the stunning scenery from above.


Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Sevan
Armenia may not have a sea, but it does possess such a beautiful natural jewel; It is Lake Sevan. Sevan is a beautiful riverfront destination. Located at 1,905 meters above sea level, Sevan is the perfect city to head to on hot summer days to enjoy a swim, and when the weather isn’t good enough for a swim, you can still enjoy grilling delicious local fresh fish by the lake.

The most famous tourist attraction there is the Sevanavank Monastery. This historic church is beautiful due to the rough black stones that make up its exterior design and the stunning ancient altar inside. It is also the best place to enjoy the stunning views of the vast lake.

Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Kapan
Caban, the largest city in Syunik, is the perfect city to relax, enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of high mountains, beautiful valleys, and breathe in the fresh air. The name itself comes from “kapel,” meaning a lock, referring to the converging, intertwining mountain ranges of Kaban.

The downtown area of ​​Caban is one of the funniest areas with its lush gardens lined with relaxation, streams and outdoor cafés. Visitors can also head to the 9th century monastery, Vahanavank, which is about 7 km from the city to see the place that was once the religious center of the Syunik kings.


Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Dilijan
Dilijan is a major spa town in Tavush province in Armenia, which is famous for its mineral water treatment fountains. The Green City is a favorite with both locals and tourists.

It provides a good number of beautiful hotels and sanatoriums, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding national park and wonderful historical monuments. Locals sometimes refer to Dilijan as “little Switzerland” or “Armenian Switzerland.”



This lovely wooded town also features some traditional Armenian architecture, particularly in the “old town”, and is the ideal place for mountain biking, hiking and even picnicking.

Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Jermuk
Jermuk is a cozy little town famous for its mild climate, stunning nature, and curative mineral waters. Adi will come

It is a visitor to Jermuk for health treatment purposes, making it the first city in health resorts.

You can also go to the different water stations where you can try sparkling fresh water with varying temperatures. In total, there are about 40 very hot mineral sources in Jermuk.



Jermuk Waterfall is another major attraction in the city, and it is the second largest waterfall in the country as it drops water from a height of 68 meters.

Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Odzun
Odzon, a beautiful and important historical village in Lori Province, Armenia, is located on a plateau above the left banks of the Debed Strait.
The landscapes in the area are breathtaking, especially when viewed from the very famous Odzun Church, which overlooks the strait.



The ancient, 5th-century church is well worth a visit, and is actually the main attraction in this city, as it houses one of the country’s finest basilicas with its finest dome.

Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Tsaghkatsor
Tsaghkadzor, located north of the capital Yerevan, is the most popular ski resort and spa. This quiet little town is the perfect vacation spot for all seasons.

In summer, the weather is usually sunny and mild, allowing visitors to ride rope lifts to enjoy stunning mountain views, and the stroll is surrounded by a calm and green landscape. In the cold winter, visitors can rent all the ski equipment they need locally for skiing or snowboarding down the mountain.

Equipment prices are low compared to the rest of the world, making it an attractive ski destination for many. It is also one of the Armenian cities with the best development of tourism infrastructure including luxury hotels, leisure facilities, and great dining options.



Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Ashtarak
Ashtarak is known to be one of the oldest settlements in Armenia. As such, it offers several cultural and historical attractions showcasing the country’s notable architectural features.

In fact, the city was first mentioned as a rural settlement in the 9th century. There are a number of churches to visit, and each has its own stories. Another interesting sight is the 17th-century bridge built over the Kasag River, which is located in a narrow lane below the beautiful Sorbis Sarkis Church.

Tourist cities in Armenia
Tourism in Arzakan
Located in the province of Kotike, Erzakan is a lovely little village that is home to the popular mountain resort of Aghveran. Many go there just to relax and breathe the fresh mountain air.




Visitors to Arzakan can also enjoy the large 10th-century ruins of the once beautiful monastery called Neghutsi Vank, which is located along a valley northwest of the small town, and the ruins of another majestic 13th-century monastery called Ghuki Vank.