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Tourism in Borjomi, Georgia

Tourism in Borjomi, Georgia


Tourism in Borjomi
Borjomi is a resort town in south-central Georgia. Borjomi is considered one of the main attractions in Georgia, which is located at an altitude of 800 meters, and offers both healthy waters and a refreshing mountain atmosphere, so it is classified as one of the most beautiful cities ideal for lovers of leisure and enjoyment in the lap of nature, with unforgettable hiking and leisure opportunities.



The Georgian city of Bogomi can be reached by taking the train from Batumi until he reaches the famous village of Khachori, which is one of the most famous villages in Georgia. Then, from Khachori to Borjomi by Marshrutkas, this journey takes only twenty minutes.



In order for the traveler to feel the full enjoyment during his trip to Borjomi in Georgia, he must first determine the appropriate time to go to Borjomi, and summer is one of the most suitable times to go to Borjomi, where opportunities to enjoy fresh air and unique mineral springs increase,

It is worth noting that the summer months in Borjomi are one of the busiest months, so before going to Borjomi in the summer it is best to work on booking the hotel first, as you may not find an empty place due to the large number of visitors.

Some visitors prefer to go to Borjomi in the winter to enjoy snowboarding and see the wonderful icebergs. If you are in the winter or in the summer, you will enjoy a certain way, do not hesitate to go to Borjomi.

There are many tourism trips in the city of Borjomi, Georgia, because it is famous for its many scenic views, where there are many green spaces, warm water springs and other natural ingredients necessary to stimulate the movement of tourism and tourists, and the city of Borjomi has many different historical and archaeological attractions.



The best hotels in Borjomi

In this topic, we will present you with a large list of the best Borjomi hotels, which are highly rated by guests due to their distinctive locations, the services they provide and the excellent facilities they provide. To learn more about them, read more.

Getting around Borjomi

Visitors can take walking and walking tours around the city in its many streets and suburbs, which is one of the most beautiful tours in Borjomi. They can also go to one of the parks or parks for hiking, recreation and roaming. One of the most famous parks that we advise you to visit and not hesitate to go to is Kharagauli National Park Borjomi, which is considered one of the largest and most important Georgian and European gardens at all, and is also



considered one of the most important tourist places in the city of Borjomi, Georgia. Kharagauli National Park in Borjomi enables its visitors to do many different activities, the most important of which is to take wonderful walking tours in the middle of the picturesque nature , watching different types of birds and animals, and visitors can see a variety of different archaeological and historical monuments.

There are many restaurants in Borjomi, which is considered one of

There are many restaurants in Borjomi, which is considered one of



Borjomi Restaurants

There are many restaurants in Borjomi, which is considered one of the best places for tourism in the city of Borjomi, Georgia. Among these restaurants are what is famous for serving Georgian folk dishes, some of which are famous for serving European and international dishes, and some of them are famous for serving a mixture of Georgian cuisine along with a variety of international dishes. famous. Among the most famous restaurants in Borjomi,



Georgia, is Old Borjomi, which is famous for serving a wide range of authentic Georgian cuisine, as well as Bergi Restaurant, which is famous for providing high-quality delicacies, characterized by its distinctive taste. Therefore, Bergi Restaurant attracts many different visitors. Do not miss this amazing opportunity while visiting Borjomi Georgia.

Romanov Palace

The Romanov Palace in Borjomi is one of the historical monuments in Borjomi, Georgia. The Romanov Palace dates back to the 19th century between 1892-1895, and was built at the request of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. The palace contains a number of rooms with unique designs from Its kind, including a wonderful table that



was given to the Romanovs by Napoleon, and also chairs that were given to him by the Shah of Iran and other collectibles. Visitors can take a wonderful tour of the garden that surrounds the palace, which contains many flowers and plants along with a wide selection From the fountains, this garden is the perfect solution for a family vacation.

mineral water park

Borjomi Mineral Water Park is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists, not only because its water is the source of income for Georgia and its economic center, but also because of the interesting and interesting facilities that are suitable for all groups, especially families. The colorful garden, which includes many resting spaces around it, is represented by wooden benches spread around the place. One of the most beautiful features of the Borjomi Mineral Water Park is the waterfall of the mineral water source, which



descends from the top of the mountain to a pond from which the water is distributed in the form of streams and valleys that cut the garden for you to Taste its waters, follow its estuary, and enjoy the landscape that surrounds it.

Borjomi cable car

The Borjomi cable car is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Georgia, but rather as a landmark that contributes to introducing the city of Borjomi and all its features from the top, making it one of the most important and best tourist places in Borjomi. From the perfect panoramic views of the entire city, it makes the trip worth the experience. The views of the Borjomi cable car appear more panoramic, the higher the cable car, where you can see the skyscrapers built in a way that attracts the eye and reflects the urban civilization of Georgia, as it shows the beautiful green nature of the city and its attractive coast.

It is one of the tourist places in Batumi and one of the most

It is one of the tourist places in Batumi and one of the most


May 6 Garden

It is one of the tourist places in Batumi and one of the most popular destinations in the city, especially on holidays. It is a suitable place for family outings, as it includes many recreational facilities for children, a zoo and a very beautiful lake. When you visit the park, you can walk



around the park with family and friends and walk next to the beautiful lake. You can sit on the surrounding benches or ride boats and wander inside. Next to the park there is a small zoo that you can visit that includes many types of animals such as kangaroos, zebras, monkeys, and others.

Miracle Park

The Miracle Garden Batumi is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Batumi, which expresses the charming natural face of the city, which is represented by a number of trees, plants and flowers with a more than charming view of the Black Sea.


The Miracle Garden is located in Batumi, and the park is one of the most popular places for tourists throughout the year, as it contains the most important landmarks in the city, as well as some distinctive recreational facilities.
The garden contains some modern works of art, as well as has a charming natural atmosphere that you can enjoy by wandering around the garden, which is characterized by calm and comfort far from noise and crowding. known.



The best restaurants in Batumi
Heart of Batumi Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Batumi, which offers many options for traditional Georgian and European dishes and vegetarian food, and the meat dish cooked inside the pottery is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes that it is recommended to try.

Laguna Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Batumi, it specializes in traditional Georgian dishes, represented by pastries that are prepared with high professionalism, and the cheese pie with eggs is one of the restaurant’s best dishes that it is recommended to try.

A visit to the Dolphinarium is an excellent way to end your

A visit to the Dolphinarium is an excellent way to end your

Playing with dolphins

A visit to the Dolphinarium is an excellent way to end your trip to Batumi. No wonder it is one of the most popular attractions in Georgia. The place offers an exciting show of dolphins and is very popular with visitors, especially those who go with young children. Besides, at an additional cost, you can play with Dolphins and take the most beautiful souvenir photos of your unforgettable trip.


The Dolphinarium is located in Batumi, specifically in the Rustaveli area, which is one of the quiet and distinctive areas of the city and is visited by many local and foreign visitors because of its distinctive natural beauty.

Batumi Mall

It is a very interesting place because it contains a lot of options for shopping and also contains a variety of services such as barber shops, fitness centers, beauty centers, salons and cafes, and contains a lot of distinctive stores to buy clothes and accessories. You can visit Georgian Designers Corner and Co.mode at The second floor of the mall, there is also a perfume shop Ici Paris which is the favorite place for lovers of new scents.


Flabour Concept Store

It is a multi-brand company that owns several beautiful stores in both Tbilisi and Batumi. It is a specialized store for the trendy fashionable clothes designed by Georgian designers. It offers new home décor, art magazines and furniture. There is a variety of clothes and accessories made by Georgian designers. Famous people such as Tamuna Ingorokva, George Keburia, Mariam Gvasalia, Gvantsa Janashia, Bessarion and others.

Batumi beaches

The city has many wonderful beaches that overlook the Black Sea, and you can enjoy swimming in the Black Sea and you can relax, lie down and enjoy the sunbathing and white sandy soil, and there are beaches that contain a lot of stones and do not contain sand, and near the beaches there are many cafes restaurants and shops.

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi and is popular with

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi and is popular with


Karabak Turkish Restaurant

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi and is popular with tourists. The restaurant offers many traditional Turkish dishes as well as Middle Eastern dishes. The kebab dish, grilled on charcoal, is one of the best dishes in the restaurant that it is recommended to try.

Mecca Restaurant

One of the best Arabic restaurants in Batumi, as well as one of the halal restaurants in Batumi, which offers the most delicious Arabic meals and appetizers, which are prepared by the most skilled chefs, and the rice dish with meat is one of the restaurant’s best and most distinguished dishes.



Spice Garden Indian Restaurant

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi, an Indian restaurant that serves a wide range of famous Indian cuisine, as well as many cold and hot Indian appetizers, and the Indian curry dish is one of the best dishes offered by the restaurant


Dancing Fountains in Batumi

It’s nice to visit the dancing fountains during tourism in Batumi, these wonderful fountains with dancing shows, which start after sunset around the clock, to enjoy these dancing performances more in the evening, with laser shows and live music that accompanies them, and don’t forget to bring your phone to take videos For this special offer, which will amaze everyone who sees it.
It is worth noting that the founding of the dancing fountains in Batumi was in 2009, and since then these fountains have become a center of tourist attraction in Georgia, as thousands of Batumi tourism lovers flock to them.



Junio ​​Castle

The walls of the castle preserve a long history of the state of Georgia, it was called “Apsaros”, and it was a great Roman fortress, and with the passage of time it became one of the most important tourist places in Batumi, which witnesses thousands of visits annually, although it does not contain much to see, However, its history spanning several centuries is the main reason for its attraction to tourists.
Junio ​​Castle is located on the Black Sea, specifically in the city of Adjara, 4 kilometers from the northern Turkish border, and has an excellent geographical location, making it a permanent haven for tourists from all over the world.


Despite its reconstruction in the last decade, Batumi has

Despite its reconstruction in the last decade, Batumi has


Europe Square

Despite its reconstruction in the last decade, Batumi has preserved an impressive collection of buildings dating back to the 19th century. During this time, Batumi was a free port on the Caspian oil route to Europe, and when the government decided to renovate the city, those old buildings were returned to their original glory, giving


Batumi an even more beautiful atmosphere. Stunning, with great local dishes in one of the restaurants or cafes located in the square. The plaza is surrounded by many ancient historical buildings and important landmarks in the city. It is also characterized by its proximity to the Batumi Promenade on the Black Sea, where there are many recreational facilities, restaurants and the finest hotels.


Alphabet Tower

The Alphabet Tower Batumi is one of the most famous tourist places in Batumi, which is considered one of the modern tourist attractions that will have an important history that is gradually increasing over time. One of the main landmarks of the city, which is one of the most important places visited by visitors; The tower is one of the modern landmarks that a group of visitors flock to for many reasons, which is its unique urban beauty



One of the buildings in the world, as well as for its place in the lap of the charming and elegant nature. Where you can wander next to the tower and visit the amusement park surrounding it, and you can visit one of the distinctive tourist attractions that the city is famous for, such as Batumi Boulevard Park, which is located near the tower.


Argo cable car in Batumi

The cable car is one of the most important tourist activities that visitors are keen to do. On a wonderful trip, the cable car will take you on a 2.5 km (1.5 mi) line and at an altitude of 252 meters (826.7 ft), eventually reaching a platform for panoramic views of the city. In addition, there is a chapel next to the viewing point and a cafe at the upper station of the cable car. If you want to grab something and enjoy the wonderful views, the Batumi cable car is approximately 2,6 km long and you can enjoy a cable car ride and a panoramic view.
Wonderful city from the top, especially in the dark. You can also ride the cable car and go to the shopping complex and restaurants on the Anoria plateau.
Address: Zujiashvili Street, Batumi, Georgia

Piazza Square

Piazza Batumi is one of the most beautiful squares in Georgia. There are many hotels, cafes and restaurants located in Piazza Batumi. Within a few short years, the square had become a world famous entertainment venue. It has recently hosted concerts by Georgian and foreign performers, including Placido Domingo, Chris Poti, Sting, Macy Gray, Michel Legrand and Tamar Gverdtsiteli. Featuring boutique hotels, cafés, and unique architecture, it is a favorite destination for many locals to spend some leisure time. With a great drink or meal, designed by Georgian architect Vazha Orbeladze, it perfectly blends ancient styles and different trends.


Stroll down the Boulevard

It is a wide street with a length of seven kilometers starting from Batumi Bay, and it is a place with many attractions for visitors, where many tourist attractions and many places to take pictures are located, as well as many
From cafes, restaurants and fountains, so you can walk and stroll along the bay and explore the places and landmarks in Batumi. The Batumi Boulevard was originally established in 1884, but it changed over time to look like you see it now in this beautiful scene It begins with a seven-kilometre


(4.3-mile) street in Batumi Bay and offers many exciting attractions for visitors, with plenty of photo spots and plenty of cafes, to name a few. Nowadays, it is 12 kilometers long and is divided into “old” and “new” streets, and there you can see the original garden with a new addition of modern benches, sculptures and fountains. During the summer, the street is filled with bars, clubs and cafes on the beach. From there, you can also watch the beautiful sunset view.

An important square in Batumi, which includes; A group of old

An important square in Batumi, which includes; A group of old



Evrupas Mudani Square

An important square in Batumi, which includes; A group of old buildings of great beauty. It has been restored to preserve this, along with a number of modern buildings built in the same style. Evrupas Modani has a number of musical fountains, which children can enjoy in the summer heat. Nearby lies a Medea monument, It was created by sculptor David Khmaladze.



Adjara Art Museum

The museum includes paintings by famous Georgian and foreign artists (Niko Pirosmani, David Kakabadze and Lado Gudiashvili), as well as examples of decorative art (ceramics, woodcuts, glass, engravings, and textiles), as well as European and Russian drawings and paintings dating back to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The museum is open from eleven in the morning until six in the evening, from Tuesday to Sunday.
Ticket price is two Georgian lira per person.



Ortagmi Mosque

One of the best places to visit in Batumi. It is considered the only surviving mosque in the city. It was built in 1860 and painted the Ortagmi Mosque in several colors; Light pink, blue and green. Its walls are adorned with Quranic verses, and the mosque is not considered big enough; Where the worshipers are not enough during Friday prayers. The Great Batumi Mosque is not only considered a tourist attraction, but it is also a living proof of the



respectability of faiths in this city, despite the small number of Muslims in relation to the adherents of other religions in Georgia; It is one of the main attractions for Muslim tourists. The mosque is distinguished by its antique architectural design, which dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and this is what makes it a masterpiece of European Muslim architecture, i.e. a distinctive and rare mixture of architecture. The mosque is also known as Ortagami, meaning Jamia in the middle, This is because it was in the middle of two other mosques, but they are not present now.



Cathedral of the Mother of God Batumi

It is a cathedral with a special religious status in Georgia, but because of its Gothic architectural design, it has a refined and elegant design; This church has been transformed from a religious shrine limited to the Orthodox, to an important tourist attraction that attracts lovers of European architecture. Church of the Holy Spirit, which opened its doors in the year 2000. A visitor to the Cathedral of the Mother of God Batumi can take great pictures with its exterior building, which is distinguished by its meticulous design, so it is one of the important destinations in the city.

The most important tourist sites in Batumi

The most important tourist sites in Batumi



The coastal city of Batumi is located on the border of the Black Sea coast. Batumi is called the pearl of the Black Sea. It was taken as the capital of “Adjara”, an autonomous republic located in southwest Georgia. Batumi is an important commercial center. It is fertile for the cultivation of rich agricultural products such as tea and citrus, while the industrial products include shipbuilding, food industries, light industries, and most of its economy is based on tourism.



Today, Batumi is still a center of architectural innovation. Since 2010, the government has taken care of restoring the old city and renewing its landmarks by constructing new high-rise buildings.

The city of Batumi is considered one of the oldest cities in Georgia, and its foundation dates back to the eighth century, as its name was mentioned in historical texts dating back to the fourth century AD as (Batos), and the largest historical part of Batumi extends between its port and the main street, where it is located. Many distinctive architectural and historical facades.



Batumi’s location, bordering the Black Sea, gives it an important position in Georgia’s economy, and makes it a popular summertime destination for people looking to enjoy the best beaches in Georgia.
Because of its location on the Black Sea, Batumi has a mild climate all year round, away from the harsh cold in winter and very hot summer, with the average temperature in winter being 5 degrees Celsius, while the highest temperatures in summer, about 25 degrees percentage.

The city of Batumi in Georgia has become a wonderful summer destination for tourists from all sides to enjoy a wonderful range of amazing tourist experiences, activities and events. This charming city has undergone a radical change in recent years, enabling its visitors to enjoy many attractions, international hotels, and wonderful sights. For dining and a bustling nightlife, which satisfies all the tastes and desires of visitors.. In the next report, you will learn with us the best things that you can see and do in this resort located on the Black Sea with its charm, elegance and comfortable atmosphere.



The best hotels in Batumi

Batumi hotels occupies a prominent position among other hotels and various accommodations located in the whole of Georgia, due to its excellent facilities, amenities and entertainment at the highest level to ensure their satisfaction, and to know the best of these hotels read more.


eternal love statue

Boulevard Street is filled with many impressive statues, the most important of which is the statue of Ali and Nino made by Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvestadze, which is 8 meters tall of solid metal wires that overlap together by wrapping them in a circular motion, as if embracing each other.The idea came to create this wonderful statue From a book of the same name by the Azerbaijani author Gurbani Saeed, the book revolves around a romantic relationship between a Muslim man named Ali from Azerbaijan, and the Georgian Christian daughter of a noble in Baku in 1918.


botanical garden

They are gardens in which plants are documented according to the classification of the plant kingdom, by planting them in a wide land that includes huge numbers of natural and exotic plants, as well as common plants, with complete information next to each plant that serves as a documented identity in which the plant is identified and written and the scientific name, family and plant division to which it belongs For her, the Batumi Botanical Garden was opened in 1912 by a Russian botanist. It is located in a small town called Matstan Kutskhi (“Green Cap”) only 10 kilometers from Batumi, and the garden is one of the largest in the former Soviet Union. There you can walk around and see some beautiful flora and fauna, enjoy the views of the coast or even watch the beautiful sunset.

Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer

Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer



Turtle lake in Tbilisi

Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer and is the ideal place to spend a wonderful day, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Tbilisi because of its distinctive and enjoyable facilities. Turtle Lake in Tbilisi was famous by this name not because it contains many turtles as some think, but because its shape resembles Turtles from above It is a beautiful lake located in the heart of the hills at an altitude of more than 600 meters above sea level on the banks of the city of Tbilisi and overlooking it.

The lake provides its visitors with a lot of fun in the arms of nature, as it reflects the attractive greenness that we see in its trees and mountains on the lake, which gives it a distinctive elegance.



The famous Rustaveli Street

This street was formerly called Shota Rustaveli Street, an old Georgian street dating back to the 12th century, one of the top 10 tourist places in Georgia. It includes more than one historical place such as the National Museum, the Opera, the State Theater of Ballet Art, the Kashfeti Church, and the Parliament.

Your tour begins in Rustaveli Tbilisi Street from Tahrir Square, which borders it and ends in Kostava Street. The street sings of the beauty that blends between civilization and the ancient art of Tbilisi, making the street a masterpiece in itself. Also, you will find many famous and international stores in this street. The street, which provides beautiful and attractive clothing and accessories, as you find a part of Rustaveli pier has been converted into a place for the popular market where antiques and beautiful handicrafts are sold at nominal prices for you to buy what you want from it as a souvenir.



Sataplia Cave

There were found in this cave some ancient monuments that indicate the presence of dinosaurs, and it is located in the northwest region of the city of Sataplia, and was discovered by Professor Chapukiani. The place has more, and these steps are about drawing a dinosaur kitten on the stones and adding some plastic maquettes…

This has helped to attract a large number of tourists to visit this cave … It is located at a distance of six kilometers northwest of the city of Stablia and is known to contain traces of dinosaurs, and this makes this cave one of the richest archaeological areas in the world, which is on an area of ​​300 square meters.


Georgian National Museum

You can learn about the local history of the city of Georgia by visiting the Georgian National Museum, which contains an impressive collection of well-preserved artifacts that will help you understand the ancient history of the country. You can also visit the Soviet exhibition, which has a special place in the National Museum.

It will reveal to you many things about the system that used to rule not only in Georgia, but other countries in Eastern Europe as well. This place will impress you so that you can spend many hours in it without noticing or getting bored.

National Botanical Garden

The National Botanical Garden of Georgia is one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens in Georgia and the Caucasus, which is visited by thousands of tourists fleeing the hustle and bustle of the city in search of nature and relaxation,



The National Botanical Garden in Georgia is one of the most famous cultural, nature and tourism attractions in Tbilisi because of the fun, comfort and tranquility it provides. The National Botanical Garden provides many plants, trees and roses that visitors can discover, which decorates the garden as a colorful natural painting where tree species dance in The garden is made of pine trees, bamboo, ornamental and medicinal plants, and aromatic herbs, in addition to many roses and colorful flowers.

The National Botanical Garden crosses many paved roads that include wooden chairs for rest, because the walk inside this garden is long and branching, and you need to rest some time.

Bakuriani is a wonderful ski resort, some go to it for skiing, others

Bakuriani is a wonderful ski resort, some go to it for skiing, others



Bakuriani is a wonderful ski resort, some go to it for skiing, others consider it a great place to celebrate birthdays and Christmas there. The resort is located in the Borjomi province of Georgia, on the northern slope at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, and it is surrounded by many forests green coniferous planted especially fir trees,

Bakuriani Ngo Resort is located 30 km from Borjomi, and is located in the so-called Bakuriani Depression or Caldera. In winter, and warm in summer, Bakuriani is also home to the Botanical Garden of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.



sulfur baths

It is located in the old city inside Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, and one of the most famous therapeutic areas. The sulfur baths in Tbilisi, “Abanatubni Baths” are among the most frequented by many people in pursuit of their therapeutic benefits. If you are one of the people who suffer from joint pain or skin problems. All you have to do is go to that place and enjoy the treatment offered by its magical waters.

You can also try beautifying yourself in Georgia by trying to dive in the sulfur bath, which is a bath similar to the Turkish bath or the Russian banya and has a great impact on improving your psychology as a new experience.

Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge in Tbilisi is one of the symbols of identity for the capital of Georgia, which is also one of the most important and most beautiful tourist attractions in Tbilisi, and hundreds of tourists, visitors and locals pass through it daily. On the national and international peace that the Georgian government and people have sung over the years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.,


Tbilisi Peace Bridge is also known as the glass bridge, because it is made of glass and steel, which makes it look fragile, but it is strong and durable. In addition to these components, it is an architectural masterpiece of great beauty like no other.

The shape of the Tbilisi Peace Bridge is represented in a glass network bordering it from the top, while the glass walkway is located under it. Therefore, crossing it during the day is a unique pleasure, but visiting it in the evening is an incomparable experience. With the lights on it, it appears as twinkling stars reflected in the Kura River along 150 meters.

Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe

Rabbani Castle complex is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist places in Tbilisi and Georgia.

It took less than fifteen months to build, and lightweight materials were used from scrap materials.



Rustaveli Street

Rustaveli Tbilisi Street is one of the most active streets of Georgia, as it attracts thousands of visitors from the city’s residents and outside, as well as tourists due to its 1500 meters of exciting and attractive landmarks and places.,

Your tour begins in Rustaveli Tbilisi Street from Tahrir Square, which borders it and ends in Kostava Street.

While wandering along the Rustaveli Street Tbilisi Road, we find many attractions and wonderful places. You can visit the Opera Palace, which was built in Baroque art supported by modern architecture, and you can attend many activities in it, and you can visit the prestigious ballet building.



Tbilisi Zoo

Tbilisi Zoo is one of the best and most beautiful tourist places in Tbilisi, Georgia, and a favorite among families and children because of its suitable and enjoyable facilities for all groups and ages.,

Tbilisi Zoo is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists from inside and outside the city. It has more than 300 species of animals brought from the Caucasus city and outside Georgia from the rest of the world, including rare and endangered ones.,

While you are wandering with your family, you will enjoy more watching animals that you are not accustomed to seeing always, especially predators of all kinds, including mammals that you can see tigers, lions, leopards, bears and hippopotamuses that you may not see elsewhere, especially the cute little cubs.