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Borjomi is famous for its many scenic views, where green

Borjomi is famous for its many scenic views, where green

Borjomi is famous for its many scenic views, where green



Tourism in Borjomi
Borjomi is famous for its many scenic views, where green spaces abound, warm water springs and other natural ingredients necessary to stimulate the movement of tourism and tourists. Borjomi also has many different historical and archaeological attractions. Some visitors prefer to go to Borjomi in Winter to enjoy skiing and see the wonderful icebergs, if you are in winter or in summer you will enjoy a certain way, do not hesitate to go to Borjomi.

Getting around Borjomi

Visitors can take walking and walking tours around the city in its many streets and suburbs, which is one of the most beautiful tours in Borjomi. They can also go to one of the parks or parks for hiking, recreation and roaming. One of the most famous parks that we advise you to visit and not hesitate to go to is Kharagauli National Park Borjomi, which is considered one of the largest and most important Georgian and European gardens at all,


It is also considered one of the most important tourist places in the city of Borjomi, Georgia. Kharagoli National Park in Borjomi enables its visitors to do many different activities, the most important of which are taking wonderful walking tours amidst the picturesque nature, watching different types of birds and animals, and visitors can see a variety of Various archaeological and historical monuments.

Romanov Palace

The Romanov Palace in Borjomi is one of the historical monuments in Borjomi, Georgia. The Romanov Palace dates back to the 19th century between 1892-1895, and was built at the request of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. The palace contains a number of rooms with unique designs from of its kind, including an exquisite table given to the Romanovs by Napoleon, chairs given to him by the Shah of Iran and other collectibles.



Visitors can take a wonderful tour of the garden that surrounds the palace, which contains many flowers and plants as well as a wide range of fountains, so this garden is the perfect solution for a family vacation.

mineral water park

Borjomi Mineral Water Park is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists, not only because its water is the source of income for Georgia and its economic center, but also because of the interesting and interesting facilities that are suitable for all groups, especially families. The colorful, which includes around it many resting spaces, represented by wooden benches spread around the place.



One of the most beautiful features of the Borjomi Mineral Water Park is the waterfall of the mineral water source, which descends from the top of the mountain to a pond from which the water is distributed in the form of streams and valleys that cut the garden for you to taste its water, follow its mouth and enjoy the natural views that surround it.

Borjomi cable car

The Borjomi cable car is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Georgia, but rather as a landmark that contributes to introducing the city of Borjomi and all its features from the top, making it one of the most important and best tourist places in Borjomi. The perfect panoramic views of the entire city make the trip worth the experience.,

The views of the Borjomi cable car appear more panoramic, the higher the cable car, where you can see the skyscrapers built in a way that attracts the eye and reflects the urban civilization of Georgia, as well as the beautiful green nature of the city and its attractive coast.