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5 Arab places in the list of the 100 greatest global destinations worth visiting

5 Arab places in the list of the 100 greatest global destinations worth visiting


5 Arab places in the list of the 100 greatest global destinations worth visiting 5 Arab places in the list of the 100 greatest global destinations worth visiting
Time magazine revealed the American wide circulation of its annual list of the 100 greatest global destinations worth visiting, which are places that the newspaper deems it more right than others to see, around the world.

The list has been regularly issued by the American Time magazine for nearly 15 years, and this year’s list included 5 different Arab places and destinations that were chosen in the list of the best for 2018.

The list includes museums, archaeological sites, parks, amusement parks, cruise ships, hotels, and restaurants, and the readers’ vote is taken into account in part of the result, and the opinion of the magazine’s jury in the largest part of it.

5 Arab places in the list of the 100 greatest global destinations worth visiting
Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum – United Arab Emirates
Entertainment City “Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi” – United Arab Emirates
Marriott Mena House Hotel, Giza – Egypt
King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Al-Qarawiyyin Library in Fez, Morocco

tourism in Turkey

tourism in Turkey

Tourist places in Turkey


Information about tourism in Turkey


Travel and tourism offers to visit Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East, and a major destination for tourists from the Gulf region in particular. Let us review Turkey in the following lines.


Officially known as the Republic of Turkey, it is a country of which the largest part is located in southwestern Asia and another small part in southeastern Europe. The Bosporus and the Dardanelles straits, which connect the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea, are located, making its strategic location and influencing the nearby countries. It is bordered by Iran and Armenia to the east, Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean in the south, with sea borders with Egypt and Cyprus, the Aegean Sea, Greece and Bulgaria to the west, the Black Sea and Georgia to the north.

It separates Asian Turkey from European (consisting mostly of Anatolia), which includes 97% of the country, by the Bosphorus, the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the Dardanelles. European Turkey (Eastern Thrace) comprises 3% of the country.



Culture and history

Turkey is a secular democratic country, a constitutional republic with an ancient cultural heritage. Turkey has become increasingly close to the West through its membership in organizations such as the Council of Europe and NATO.

Turkey began full membership negotiations with the European Union in 2005, knowing that it has been an associate member of the European Union since 1963.

Turkey has also fostered close cultural, political, economic and industrial relations with the Middle East, Turkish countries in Central Asia and African countries through its membership in organizations such as the Turkey Council, the Joint Administration of Turkish Arts and Culture, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Turkey also successfully transformed from the Ottoman Empire based on the Islamic religion to the modern nation-state with a strong separation between religion and state. Various historical factors played an important role in determining the identity of modern Turkey. Turkish culture is the result of efforts to make “modern Turkey” a Western country, while preserving traditional, religious and historical values.


The Bosphorus
Visiting this strait is one of the most beautiful tourism options in Istanbul, as visiting this place provides one of the most beautiful tours and excursions in Istanbul, as the visitor can ride a boat and see the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara.

The strait is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul, which leaves a special character for everyone who passes through it, and no tourist can go there without feeling the beauty of this truly wonderful strait.

Glata Sarai bath
One of the archaeological sites that give its visitor a beautiful feeling, the place is a Turkish bath designed in the ancient Ottoman style that distinguishes the beauty of the walls and walls, as it has a very wonderful Islamic architectural design.



The Covered Market
One of the largest markets in Turkey and even around the world, the Covered Market contains about four thousand shops selling different products. The market is really beautiful and wonderful, and no shopper or tourists can go to Istanbul without going to it and shopping. The market was built in the year 1461 on An area of ​​47,600 thousand meters, and the market contains many streets, which are estimated at 66 streets that serve the market.

Dolmabahce Palace
The palace is considered one of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist places in Istanbul, this luxurious and beautiful high palace is the truest testament to the greatness of the ancient Ottoman Empire.



Taksim Square
A very important and main square in Istanbul, as it has very important and vital facilities such as trams and transportation, and it also has tourist places around it and wonderful archaeological sites.

It also has many restaurants, cafes, halls, as well as cultural halls, both public and private, it is a lively place and a very important hub in Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmed mosque
This mosque is one of the largest, most important and oldest mosques, not only in Istanbul, but in the entire Islamic world.

This mosque is the largest of its kind among the mosques of the Ottoman Sultans, the mosque contains six beautiful minarets, which made it different from many mosques of the Ottoman Sultans, which always has the number of minarets in the mosques that were built during their reign only five minarets, it has a very wonderful location in Istanbul, which is Designed in the latest style decorated with beautiful ottoman decor.



The mosque is also known as the Blue Mosque because the colors around the minaret change with the changing times of the day.

Sulaymaniyah Mosque
One of the unparalleled mosques, being an ancient architectural masterpiece, and one of the largest mosques in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular. The mosque’s design is wonderful and dazzling, and it is also characterized by spirituality and splendor in building minarets and walls, so the mosque is one of the most amazing sights in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

Galata Castle
One of the distinctive archaeological towers that were used in the past to monitor the movement of ships at sea.

This tower consists of nine floors and can be viewed from the top with wonderful views, so many tourists and visitors go to the tower to take memorial photos from the top, many tourists and visitors consider the tower to be one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, as the tower gives them a beautiful panoramic view of the city.



Turkish tourist places – tourism guide in Ankara

The Palace of Bielerby
A palace designed with the latest Ottoman architectural styles, it is distinguished by everything from elegance, beauty and history.

The palace has many cultural aspects that attract many tourists, especially the Ottoman culture enthusiasts

Intention The palace is dominated by a wonderful view, whether from inside or outside the palace, as it overlooks the sea bay, ships and watercraft, and gives a picture of ancient Ottoman life.



Gulhane Park
In ancient times, it was a private garden for the Sultans, but it is now a public garden for everyone. There are many flowering and perennial trees in the garden, and there are many cafes and shops that offer fast food.

Aya Sofia
Hagia Sophia is considered the capital of tourist attractions in Istanbul, as it is the largest, greatest, most important and most beautiful tourist attraction in the beautiful city of Istanbul .., whoever goes to it will be truly amazed at the beauty and nobility of this place, which brings together all civilizations and monuments across times and ages, and also combines Christian architecture and Ottoman ornamentation.

Japan in Ramadan: How to find halal products

Japan in Ramadan: How to find halal products

Japan in Ramadan: How to find halal products Japan in Ramadan: How to find halal products
The Japan Arabic website revealed the three main ways to obtain halal products there, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, which began today in most countries of the world.



The advice is directed to the visitor, the tourist, or even the Muslim resident in Japan, so that he can spend the holy month in psychological comfort and without violating Islamic law.

How to find halal products in Japan
First: The Islamic Quarter
It is located in Shin Okubo District, only a 2-minute train ride from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Main Station.

In this neighborhood, which is a few minutes away from the station, there are some shops that sell all the halal goods and foods that Muslims are looking for in Japan, such as meat, chicken, many different types of spices, preserved foods, canned foods such as beans, and many types of legumes.

Second, the use of the Internet
The following is a list of the websites of some stores in various cities of Japan, through which you can buy halal products through the Internet.

Japan in Ramadan: How to find halal products 1
Third: Products imported from Islamic countries
In the largest supermarket chains in Japan, you will find products imported from Islamic countries that clearly say that they are halal products for Muslims.

By the names: The Saudi tourist targets 10 tourist destinations in the summer of 2018

By the names: The Saudi tourist targets 10 tourist destinations in the summer of 2018



By the names: The Saudi tourist targets 10 tourist destinations in the summer of 2018 1 The Saudi tourist targets 10 tourist destinations in the summer of 2018
The beginning of the summer tourist season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing great momentum, with the increasing demand for travel outside the country, according to local media.

The Saudi electronic newspaper Sabq conducted a survey with a number of travel agents in the Kingdom, and was able to arrange the top ten tourist destinations for Saudi Sikhs this summer.

The list shows Arab, Islamic, European and American countries, in a variety of ways, according to the diversity of desires, the duration of the trips, and their nature as well, whether they are family trips or youth trips.

The training was as follows:




























Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain

Tourist places in Bahrain


General information about Bahrain


The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country in the Arabian Gulf on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, and its capital is Manama. Bahrain is linked with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by an industrial bridge called King Fahd Bridge. Bahrain gained independence from Britain in 1971, and was declared an independent state, but in 2002, after a general popular referendum on the National Action Charter, the name of the country became the Kingdom of Bahrain

The culture and history of Bahrain

Bahrain is a double-headed name for the word sea. This term is mentioned in the Holy Quran 5 times, but it does not refer to the present-day island. Bahrain is historically the name for a wide geographical region that includes most of the eastern regions of the Arabian Peninsula overlooking the Arabian Gulf and is not limited to the small island of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is the region extending from Basra through Kuwait, Qatif, Qatar and Al-Ahsa
The name “Bahrain” refers to the fact that the country contains two sources of water, which are springs of sweet water and salt water in the surrounding seas. The Greeks knew the island as Tylos, while it was known prior to the advent of Islam as Awal. It was called that in relation to an idol in the form of a bull’s head, located on the current island of Muharraq, and worshiped by people from Bani Bakr bin Wael and Tamim, according to what Islamic sources say.




Tourist attractions in Bahrain

Royal tombs
These cemeteries are considered the largest prehistoric cemeteries, as there are approximately 170,000 thousand graves from the Dilmun era, since the third millennium BC, and this historical landmark pays the curiosity of current scholars to know the ancient burial methods.


Hawar Islands
These islands are located 20 km from the mainland of Bahrain. These beautiful landscaped islands are considered heaven on earth. With the golden sands of the islands and the beaches, it is the perfect place to relax and spend beautiful times, especially in winter when the weather is moderate …


Bahrain Fort
Qal’at al-Bahrain is located on the northern shore of the Kingdom and is five minutes away from Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The castle was built by the Persians in the sixteenth century and some time later it was destroyed and in need of restoration. It was perfectly restored and restored its splendor …


Riffa Castle
This magnificent sandstone castle was built in 1812 by Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed “Al Fateh”, and Riffa Castle was renamed after its patron. The king ruled Bahrain from this castle from 1869 until 1932 AD. The castle overlooks an entire village and the view is really impressive.

10 tourist destinations for the wealthy in 2018, led by Greece

10 tourist destinations for the wealthy in 2018, led by Greece


10 destinations for the rich in 2018 led by Greece 10 destinations for the rich in 2018 led by Greece
The global luxury tourism network Virtuoso announced that Greece has been chosen as the fastest growing tourist destin

ation for the year 2018 and the most requested in the world at the level of affluent vacationers.

And “Virtuso” is a network of the best luxury travel agencies around the world, and it owns more than 17,500 consultants and offices around the world, in various tourism fields.

The network analyzed its repository of business, which amounted to $40.7 billion in transactions, to reveal the top tourist destinations for upscale travelers in the summer of 2018, as well as the fastest growing attractions.

Greece topped the list, while two Arab countries came in the ranking, namely Morocco in sixth place, and Egypt in tenth place in the same list.

The ranking of the top ten destinations is as follows:








Dominican Republic





Morocco, West, sunset



Turks and Caicos Islands



San Lucia











France’s Lyon wins the World Traveler Award: These are its best tourist attractions

France’s Lyon wins the World Traveler Award: These are its best tourist attractions



France’s Lyon wins the World Traveler Award: This is its best tourist attractions French Lyon wins the World Traveler’s award: these are its best tourist attractions
The French city of Lyon won the title of the World Traveler Award in the Continent of Europe at an awards ceremony held last weekend, and the city’s mayor was awarded the award.

The founding of the city dates back to 43 BC, as it is rich in many historical tourist attractions, making it one of the world heritage cities according to the classification of UNESCO.

The city of Lyon is unique in a number of famous tourist attractions that we also recommend to every visitor:

Place Bellecour is the largest pedestrian plaza in all of Europe, so its sheer size makes it an ideal location for local festivals and live concerts.
The Basilica of Notre Dame is characterized by the Byzantine and Roman decorations that adorn it, its architecture, and its views of all parts of the city of Lyon, which has a tower in every corner in addition to the surrounding areas. It is more like a spacious garden.
Museum “Gallo-Romain Fourviere” The ancient Roman theater is the oldest in France and was built by order of Augustus from the seventeenth to the fifteenth year BC.
The Mur des Canuts, located on the Rue des Canuts in the Croix-Rousse district, is an expansive mural depicting the heritage of the neighborhood that was home to many of the city’s silk weavers.
The Confluence Museum, designed in the form of a crystal cloud made of glass, concrete and steel, looks forward to the future and is located at the confluence of the Rhone and Saône rivers in Lyon.

Tourism in Bodrum

Tourism in Bodrum

The best tourist destinations and places in Bodrum


Tourism in Bodrum Palmarina Bay

The most important tourist attractions in Bodrum


Tourism in Turkey deserves to be among the best tourist countries in the world, as it has unique and varied tourism potentials, and this is evident in its different cities. Tourism enjoys the “Bodrum”, dubbed “the pearl of Turkey”, which is located in the southwest of Turkey, in the Aegean region.

Despite the small area of ​​Bodrum, it attracts a significant number of tourists from all parts of the world, especially the Gulf countries, due to the abundance of its picturesque beaches, and its pleasant climate that extends throughout all months of the year. And the advantage of “Bodrum” by its white houses, carved into the green mountains.

Bodrum is the perfect tourist destination for lovers of tranquility and recreation in its high-end resorts, and its ubiquitous services to delight and pamper tourists, and the picture is complete with the spread of Turkish baths in Bodrum with its global fame, markets and annual offers that attract shopping enthusiasts from everywhere in the world.

The best tourist places in Bodrum
On the shores of the Mediterranean, the Turkish city of Bodrum overlooks the unique beauty of the turquoise, delicate water, as it is a symbol of tourism in Turkey and loved by many around the world.

With its attractive green gardens and white houses, you will be enchanted at first sight, and amid the scenery of the lush mountains and wonderful beaches, which are among the most beautiful beach destinations, you will find rest and relaxation.

On the banks of this charming city, tourists enjoy unparalleled recreation in its high-end hotels, beach resorts and stunning natural scenes.

Travel together in Bodrum’s most beautiful landmarks and attractions, with our Bodrum Tourism Guide.




The village of Gumusluk
If you take your family with you, especially in the summer, we recommend that you go to the ancient village of Gumusluk, where you will find wonderful beaches that suit your children, the most famous of which is Jumusluk Beach. And the narrow old streets with a popular local character.

The pristine nature will charm you with its purity and splendor, and you can take boat or boat trips to see the surrounding landscaped areas, and there are more appropriate cafes and restaurants that offer many varieties of Turkish delicacy, which is one of the important tourist attractions in Bodrum that are accepted by all.

Tourism in Bodrum
The village of Gümüşlük
Tavşan Island Bodrum
The island of Tavshan Bodrum, which is known as the island of rabbits, attracts thousands of tourists annually who seek to search for adventure and fun because it is located in the most beautiful sites and gorgeous views that are always enchanted by its vision and every time you visit it again you will feel that you are visiting for the first time, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bodrum .



Tourism in Bodrum – Tourist places in Bodrum
Tafshan Island Bodrum
Palmarina Bay
If you are a fan of fun and loud and fun nights, you can end your happy day in Palmarina Port, which is Bodrum’s restored port. You will spend hours of fun and entertainment in its ubiquitous restaurants with modern music playing.

You will see the tides in its wonderful pictures and picturesque views with hearing the magical sound of the waves, and walking under the palm trees scattered in the place, also there are many shops and markets that offer everything you desire, whether gifts, modern clothes or handicrafts, which is rightly one of the best tourist attractions. In Bodrum.



Tourism in Bodrum
Palmarina Bay
Fink Beach Bodrum
Fink Bodrum Beach is one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in Turkey, not only Bodrum, and that is due to the fun and wonderful activities it provides that make the beach more magnificent, and we start with the blue flag that the beach raises in front of its name, which shows that it adopts and respects the global conditions of the environment and is one of the best tourist places in Bodrum.

Tourism in Bodrum – the best tourist places in Bodrum
Fink Bodrum Beach
Yahsi Beach
The city also includes a number of distinctive beaches, which are among the signs of tourism in Bodrum, including the Isei Beach and it is characterized by being a quiet dreamy beach, providing umbrellas and areas to sit and relax and enjoy the charming nature.



The little ones can be followed in their fun on the beach with complete safety, as the gentle waves embrace the golden sand beautifully, and the sound of its light waves arrives, tickling the ears and taking you to a world of imagination. The visitor will find all his needs from restaurants serving their distinctive local dishes, and various cafes and stores to meet all the demands of the pioneers.



Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archeology
Your tour begins at the Museum of Maritime Archeology in Bodrum from outside it, as it is located inside one of the oldest and most beautiful Bodrum castles, and in the castle garden we find many statues and half-statues of small and medium size that were found in the depths of the water, which belong to different civilizations.

Bodrum Maritime Archeology Museum
Bodrum Castle
St. Pierre Castle in Bodrum, known as Bodrum Castle, is one of the most important historical attractions and the best tourist places in Bodrum, as it is considered an attractive pole thanks to its beauty and size.

Tourism in Bodrum – the best tourist places in Bodrum
St. Pierre Castle in Bodrum
Bodrum Aquapark
Aqua Land Bodrum is one of the most beautiful water centers in Turkey, as it offers many water games and fun activities, which opened in 1999 and was known at the time as Dedeman Aqua Park Bodrum, which is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Bodrum.



Tourism in Bodrum – the places of tourism in Bodrum
Aqua Park Bodrum
Mimosa Square Bodrum
Mimosa Square Bodrum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bodrum for tourists, but every visitor and resident of the city must pass through it because it provides a very attractive strategic location where it is located and overlooks the Aegean coast, providing its visitors with a beautiful natural view.


Tourism in Bodrum – the best place in Bodrum
Mimosa Square Bodrum
Midtown Shopping Center
The Midtown complex is considered one of the best places in the outside, where the complex is characterized by an attractive architecture that was found very modern, and upon entering the Midtown Bodrum complex, you will be captivated by its simplicity and elegant and elegant beauty, where a large water pool is located in the heart of the complex surrounded by artificial green spaces that provide a charming place to sit and rest for all.



Tourism in Bodrum – the best places in Bodrum
Midtown Bodrum
The Mall of Oasis
Oasis Mall is one of the most famous malls in Bodrum, and it attracts a large number of visitors. It is a full-service mall, as it has shops for the most famous international brands, and offers various products where luxurious and modern clothing stores are available.



And also the home necessities of electrical appliances and various furniture, and it is easily accessible by public transport, and it has many restaurants and cafes, and there are also various hotels in its vicinity at various levels.



Tourism in Bodrum
Oasis Mall
Kismet Bodrum Restaurant
Kisma Bodrum Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants and one of Bodrum’s tourist destinations, as it is visited by many businessmen, businesswomen, artists, celebrities and politicians for its exciting and good services and delicious and delicious meals.


The Netherlands turns Hitler’s hideouts into a tourist attraction

The Netherlands turns Hitler’s hideouts into a tourist attraction



The Netherlands turns Hitler’s hideouts into a tourist attraction
Dutch news agencies say authorities are planning to convert a group of bunkers used by Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler in the last century as tourist attractions in the city.

Reports said that a large number of underground bunkers that Hitler forced Dutch workers to build with forced labor at the end of the thirties and the beginning of the forties of the last century, may be opened soon for visits by tourists in the country.

Hitler and his soldiers planned to use these bunkers as potential living quarters in case Allied forces marched on them during World War II.

The Dutch authorities recently opened part of these bunkers as an exhibition of the German fascist regime at the time, and some old weapons hidden by Hitler’s forces and various pictures of the German leader with his soldiers appear in the museum.

Disneyland in Britain at a cost of 3.5 billion pounds and opening after 5 years

Disneyland in Britain at a cost of 3.5 billion pounds and opening after 5 years

Disneyland in Britain at a cost of 3.5 billion pounds and opening after 5 years 1



According to the widely spread British newspaper, The Telegraph, a new city will be added from the famous (Disneyland) cities in Britain by 2022.

Disneyland is a theme park that first opened on July 17, 1955 in California, and is owned by the American Walt Disney Company. Disneyland branches are spread out in many parts of the world, including California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong.



Disneyland in Britain at a cost of 3.5 billion pounds and opening after 5 years 2
The report says that the Kuwaiti European Holding Company owns 90% of the shares of Barmont Park, which was established in 1992, and the new city is planned to be built in it, where construction is expected to start in 2019.



Disneyland in Britain at a cost of 3.5 billion pounds and opening after 5 years 3
The British version of Disneyland will include more than 50 rides and entertainment facilities, in addition to a theater that can accommodate about two thousand people, and riding facilities similar to those produced by (Parmont) in its films.



Disneyland in Britain at a cost of 3.5 billion pounds and opening after 5 years 4
The initial cost of the project, according to the report, is 3.5 billion pounds, and the price of the entry ticket is likely to start at 57 pounds.