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Top 5 activities in the underwater world of Nagawi

Underwater World Langkawi, located in the south of the island of Langkawi in Malaysia, is the largest water park that displays more than 500 species of fish and marine animals. It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia.

Underwater World in Langkawi houses more than 4000 marine creatures that have been protected and placed in nearly 100 different ponds specially designed to suit their nature.

This water park is one of the most important tourist places in Langkawi and an excellent educational center for those who want to expand their knowledge of marine animals, their lifestyle and what they feed on.

Best activities in the underwater world of Langkawi
• Take a tour inside the tunnel that extends under the surface of the water to discover the huge marine species such as sharks, gears, gigantic grouper and closely swimming penguins and learn about the depths of the sea.

• Enjoy watching the shows of trained animals in the hall designated for that, such as penguins and dolphins, with your children and friends.

• Undertake an exploration experience for special sections that include animals found in the tropical rainforests, temperate and sub-polar continents, within the accordium corridor, which extends for 15 meters.

• Take the most beautiful photos and videos as well as a memory for you and your family about your visit to the wonderful underwater world.

• After you finish visiting the place, you can go to the seaside and enjoy it, as it is a short walk away.

work hours
All days of the week from 10:00 in the morning until 18:00 in the evening.

Entrance ticket price
25 RM for children under the age of 12

35 RM for adults.

The best tourist areas in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is one of the most important cities in the world in terms of tourism and culture.

In addition, it is the only city in the world that extends over the continents of Europe and Asia, which is separated by the famous Bosphorus Strait, which made it mix between geographical charm and historical aura and clearly enriches the tourism experience in Turkey.

The best tourist areas in Istanbul
If you are wondering where to go in Istanbul, we will get to know you in this Istanbul guide about the most important tourist areas in Istanbul that provide you with an enjoyable tourist trip full of surprises and differences.

Sultanahmet district
The Sultan region is considered one of the first tourist areas in Istanbul that are sought after by tourists from all over the world, it has always been famous for its many landmarks such as luxurious mosques, famous museums and luxurious palaces, in addition to a number of popular and upscale markets, which made it distinguished from other Istanbul tourist areas, especially And it includes the Hagia Sophia Museum, Sultanahmet Mosque, and Topkapi Palace

Taksim Istanbul
One of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul thanks to its central vital location in the center of Istanbul, where many activities are gathered that work to entertain the visitor and provide the most enjoyable times for him, through the streets full of shopping centers, and the most important entertainment, cultural and historical attractions, and is famous for Taksim Square and Independence Square.

Eminonu Istanbul
Istanbul Eminonu is distinguished by its charming location and panoramic views of the Bosphorus, which made it one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, and it is famous for the presence of the Eminonu port, which provides you with cruises by water sports boats full of entertainment and pleasure, and also includes many restaurants that serve seafood, and one of its most famous tourist attractions is Hammam Kyalwilo and the Egyptian market.

Ortakoy, Istanbul
Ortakoy Istanbul has shops, shopping centers, ancient Ottoman palaces, and what distinguishes it most is the famous Ortakoy Mosque, which has become one of the best tourist areas in Istanbul, and Ortakoy is located in the European section of Istanbul on the sea coast and includes many wonderful views of the Bosphorus Bridge ..

Fatih area
The Fatih area is classified as the most famous tourist area in Istanbul, because it is full of historical monuments and an authentic popular atmosphere, which made it attract many expatriates for tourism in Istanbul, and the area includes a group of mosques, palaces and markets, the most famous of which are the Egyptian market, Topkapi Palace, and Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque.

Sisli, Istanbul
Sisli is one of the tourist areas in high-end Istanbul, for several reasons, including the fact that it has shopping centers, in addition to museums, churches, and mosques, in addition to being easily accessible using Istanbul’s transportation, so going to the Sisli area is really a wonderful and unique experience. .

Florya Istanbul
What distinguishes it most is its geographical location, which is located along the Sea of Marmara, and it is considered one of the most luxurious tourist areas in Istanbul because it includes landscapes and charming beaches that provide the highest levels of relaxation and recreation, as it includes many recreational attractions such as the Aquarium, the beautiful Floria Park, in addition to the malls that provide brands International brands like the famous Florya Mall.

Sheila Turkey
Sheila Turkey is one of the most famous tourist areas in Istanbul, and includes a large group of parks such as Al-Bairaq Park, and contains dazzling beaches that attract thousands of tourists and locals to enjoy the pearly water and silk sand, in addition to the presence of a large number of lakes and historical attractions such as the Silla Lighthouse.

Agave Turkey
Agua is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, thanks to its views of the Black Sea and its many picturesque beaches. And recreational facilities, such as Golar Park.

Riva Istanbul
Riva Istanbul is distinguished by its rural nature with picturesque views and landmarks despite being part of the modern city of Istanbul, and it is one of the best tourist areas in Istanbul for those looking for psychological comfort and attractive natural beauty, as well as a charming beach from the Kayazi River, which flows through it to the Black Sea .

It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, which is distinguished by its history and civilization, as Bebek Istanbul hosts the Rumeli Hisar Castle and Bebek Park, in addition to many shops, restaurants and cafes, and it is famous for the presence of various types of fish in its lakes.

Istanbul Asian
Asian Istanbul is one of the very important tourist areas in Istanbul, as it includes a large and varied group of tourist attractions such as parks, markets and complexes.

Tourism in Mongolia

The state of Mongolia is an Asian country that includes in its territory the second largest desert in the world, and although it is not a coastal country, it includes on its territory a large number of natural beauty, which made a huge number of tourists flock to the state of Mongolia as tourism to enjoy the distinctive beauty features in it.

Before traveling to Mongolia
The country of Mongolia is characterized by its continental climate, with high temperatures in the summer and extremely cold during the winter, in addition to a moderate climate during the spring and autumn seasons.

Mongolia is primarily a Buddhist country but other religious rites are permitted on its territory.

Railways are the main transportation network in the country that connects its province with each other, as well as its major neighboring countries such as China and Russia.

The official currency of Mongolia is the Mongolian Trog, which is dealt with within the country of Mongolia

What are the seasons for tourism in Mongolia?
It is preferable to visit Mongolia during the spring and autumn seasons, and if you are a fan of low temperatures, winter will be a good option.

Temperatures are high during the summer, so it is advisable to avoid visiting the country during these periods of the year.

During the next few lines, we will get to know the most important tourist countries in Mongolia, with a group of wonderful Mongolian photos.

Tourism in Ulan Bator
It is the capital of the country and the largest city in Mongolia in terms of area and population. The strong railway network in it makes it the best passage between the countries of East and North Asia.

Ulan Bator currently has a large number of attraction centers, the most important of which are huge cinemas, a ski resort, two large playgrounds, a large amusement park and a large number of shops and shopping malls that provide food and entertainment, and the city is expected to grow significantly in the future.

Tourism in Hatjal
This city is one of the most beautiful cities in Mongolia, as it has a charming view of Lake Khovsgol and is a suitable starting point for practicing a large number of recreational activities inside this lake such as fishing, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing and boating.

This charming village allows you to visit the hot springs, see the famous reindeer, in addition to the city’s famous harbor.

Mongolia tourism

Tourism in Chobalsan
It is the fourth largest city in Mongolia in terms of area and is located in eastern Mongolia, and for centuries it has remained an important commercial center in the country. The city includes a number of museums that tell its history, economic heritage and the transformations that affected it.

The city is characterized by the presence of natural beauties such as the mountains, the highlands and the Khalgin River.

Tourism in the Ardent
It is the second largest city in Mongolia after the capital and is located in the north of the country and next to its economic importance as a source of copper, the city includes a large number of clubs and sports arenas because archery is its main sport.

Ardent also has other tourist attractions such as museums, cinemas, restaurants, and hotels, and the city’s mountains are covered in snow in winter, which allows for an enjoyable skiing practice.

Tourism in Kharkurin
This Mongolian city has many natural beauties, the most important of which is the Orkhon River, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city also includes another historical heritage site, the remnants of the ancient town of Kharkhurin, which was the center of the Mongolian Empire.

Other city attractions include the Erdenne Zoo and its famous ring rock.

Tourism in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a historical region in central Anatolia, located in the Nevsehir Province, east of the Anatolian Plateau, and is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey.

The Persians, then the Hittites, then the Assyrians and the Greeks succeeded in the settlement of Cappadocia, Turkey, and in the Middle Ages the Armenians settled there during the Byzantine era and then many Turkish tribes invaded the region after that, and the Turkish nationalities became the majority of the population of Cappadocia since 1915 AD.

Cappadocia is famous for its thermal balloons, which is one of the most tourist activities in Cappadocia that attract tourists and are available in abundance in Goreme

The most important place of tourism in Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia is an important destination of tourism in Turkey with a global reputation, as it includes many unique geological, historical and cultural scenes of their kind and these are the most important tourist places in Cappadocia

Goblins chimneys in Goreme
Goreme is one of the most famous tourist areas in Cappadocia, Turkey, which is a historical city located in the Cappadocia Valley in the Turkish province of Nevşehir in central Anatolia.

Goreme includes ancient houses carved with rocks and ancient churches, the most important of which are the Church of Taukle and the Church of the Apple in addition to the bathroom towers.

Zulfi Open Air Museum in Goreme
The Zulfi Valley, now known as the Zulfi Open Air Museum, is located 10 km from Goreme on the Avanos road. The valley is one of the most important features of Turkish Cappadocia and includes a group of archaeological buildings and churches.

Derinkuyu is an underground city
Derinkuyu (Turkish: Derinkuyu) is a multi-storey, underground ancient city located in Cappadocia, Turkey, within the province of Nevsehir. The city is adequately equipped to accommodate people, men, women, children, and even cattle. The city has air vents to provide fresh air to the lowest floors of the city

Aharara Valley
Ihlara Vadisi Valley (Turkish: Ihlara Vadisi) is located near Mount Hassan and Mount Melendiz, two of the three volcanoes of Cappadocia in the state of Aksaray. The depth of the valley is about 100 meters, and it was formed by the Milendez River thousands of years ago.

The valley is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Cappadocia, Turkey, which attracts tourists from all over the world