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Chernihiv Ukraine is one of the beautiful and important Ukrainian cities

Chernihiv Ukraine is one of the beautiful and important Ukrainian cities

It is an ancient historical city, with a diverse culture, and unique tourist attractions, which made it at the top of the most famous and best tourism destinations in Ukraine, which should not be missed and planned to visit and explore.

Let us explore with you, through this article, the most important tourist attractions in Chernihiv, Ukraine


The best hotels in Chernihiv, Ukraine

Chernihiv, Ukraine, provides tourists with a luxury group of high-end hotels. Which provides them with perfect rooms, comfortable accommodation, and distinguished services for more luxury. It is also characterized by its competitive prices, to crown your holiday and have an enjoyable vacation. Also, most of its views are distinct and beautiful… Read more about the best hotels in Chernihiv, Ukraine.


The best time to travel to Chernihiv, Ukraine
The best time to travel and tourism in Chernihiv, Ukraine, is during the months from “May to August”. And that is where the ideal weather for tourism, and the practice of many recreational and tourist activities in an ideal atmosphere.

Where is Chernihiv located?

Chertehiv is located in northern Ukraine, on the right bank of the Desna River. Chernihiv is about 156.3 km from the capital, Kyiv.

The language in Chernihiv, Ukraine
English is the official language of Chernihiv.

Cobra Entertainment City Dammam is one of the most prominent

Cobra Entertainment City Dammam is one of the most prominent



places of tourism in Dammam entertainment. It is one of the most popular entertainment cities in Dammam, as it is located on a very large area, and provides visitors with an atmosphere full of excitement, challenges and live adventures in the beautiful surroundings.



Cobra Entertainment City, Dammam
If you intend to spend an enjoyable leisure vacation, tourism in Saudi Arabia, and a visit to the city of Dammam. Here is this article, to learn about the most important tourism activities in the Cobra entertainment city, and everything you want to know about its location, the closest hotels to it and many other information…



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The best activities in Dammam Cobra Entertainment City
Where is Cobra Amusement Park located?
Entry ticket prices to Cobra Entertainment City
Dammam Cobra Entertainment City working hours
Hotels near Cobra Amusement Park
Don’t miss to visit the Cobra Amusement Park
The best activities in Dammam Cobra Entertainment City
The Cobra Entertainment City contains a group of the most enjoyable recreational activities, which are suitable for all different age groups. Here are the top 10 recreational activities that you can do when you visit the city of Cobra.



hiking outdoors
Hiking in the city of Cobra Dammam

Dammam Cobra Entertainment City has many wide green spaces, which allow you to spend a leisure picnic with your family in the open air, amidst the picturesque nature.

And that is among the dense, leafy trees, and tall palm trees, and sitting to contemplate those beautiful scenes, and hear the birds singing. In addition to the possibility of walking or jogging in the park’s many paths.



Skiing in the city of Cobra Dammam

The Cobra Recreational City is unique in many exciting recreational activities, the most important of which is ice skating in the hall designated for that. It is an area suitable for all age groups, whether young or old. The hall is also designated for women and girls at specific times.

The most important tourist places in Waterford, Ireland

The most important tourist places in Waterford, Ireland



Waterford Ireland has many wonderful tourist places, which are worth a visit during your holiday. Here are 10 of the most important ones:


Lismore Castle Gardens

The historic gardens of Lismore Castle, are one of the most important leisure attractions in Waterford Ireland. They are essentially two distinct gardens located within the castle walls. The two gardens are located on 7 acres, between stunning views of the castle and the surrounding countryside.


The lower garden features old yew trees, open lawns, and fruits and vegetables. Stroll through both gardens, and stop to sit on one of the spread benches, to enjoy views of the castle as well as the mountains. And don’t miss a taste of the delicious apple juice from the orchard.

Japanese Gardens
Japanese gardens, the most beautiful places to visit in Waterford, Ireland

Japanese Gardens is one of the best recreational waterford islands in Ireland. They are gardens of special beauty and designs that are unique in their style and cultivation. The gardens include elements of the horticultural traditions of the countries and cultures that Patrick Lafcadio Hearn visited during his various travels.


Enjoy discovering a Victorian garden dedicated to Hearn’s childhood, an American garden, a Greek garden and a traditional Japanese tea garden. As well as hearing wonderful fairy tales and folklore.

Curraghmore House & Gardens
Coragmore House and Gardens, Ireland

These gardens are one of the best places to visit in Waterford Ireland. It is located on 2,500 acres of formal gardens, pastures, and woodlands.



The gardens offer its visitors the opportunity to enjoy walking in the paths, and over the bridge with stone arches. Plus see a huge 19th century spruce, the tallest tree in the country. You can also lie in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Splashworldkids amusement park

Splashworldkids amusement park


Splash World Kids Ireland

Splash World Kids is the largest indoor water park, in the southeast of Waterford, Ireland. It is a fun family getaway, especially in summer. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Waterford, Ireland.

The park is open for fun family swimming, lane swimming lessons, gym training, and fitness classes. And have a perfect leisure time.



Run Amuck Center
run amuck waterford

This is a purpose-built 10,000 square foot children’s activity center in Waterford. It has great play facilities, with an excellent healthy food café for the whole family to enjoy.

There you’ll find a high-tech “Laser Blast” game, as well as a pottery place, where kids can paint their own pottery. In addition to a children’s area with animals to pet them and run safely.



Waterford Beaches
Tourism beaches in Waterford, Ireland

Waterford has countless wonderful tourist beaches. Which is the perfect recreational haven for the people of Ireland, especially in times of extreme heat. Relax and do an exciting range of water sports, windsurfing, diving, hiking and exploring the rock pools.

Dunmore East is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Waterford, Ireland. This is where the sheltered bays, which allow you to swim or snorkel. This is in addition to the wonderful Tramore Beach, which has beautiful panoramic views of Tramore Bay and more. This makes the place one of the prominent places worth visiting.

The port is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Waterford, Ireland. It provides tourists with enjoyable activities. Also located just a short distance from the heart of Waterford, the idyllic fishing village of Dunmore East is one of the county’s hidden gems.

It is a popular place for tourists and local hikers, especially during the summer months. A highlight of a visit is to take a stroll around the attractive harbor and the adjacent beach area, as well as sailing, golf and tennis, walking and water sports.



Open Pet Farm and Mini Zoo
Open farm and mini zoo in Ireland

That park is distinguished from other facilities nationwide, by the combination of a large indoor play center, and an open farm with a special focus on rare breeds of animals.

You can see more than 60 different types of animals, and roam among the various pets. It also offers a gourmet dining experience for the whole family, and there is an indoor karting area for kids for added fun.

Pirates Adventure
ireland pirate adventure



It is a great indoor activity center for kids, offering a variety of fun activities, all built around the pirate theme, that is fun for kids and the whole family.

Kids and parents alike can take part in the pirate adventure by going on the 12-hole indoor mini golf. As well as mini bowling, and motorbikes for kids. You can also test your skills as you overcome pirates, waterfalls, sea snakes and shooting cannons.

Kennedy’s Animal Pet Farm & Playground

Kennedy’s Animal Pet Farm & Playground
Pet Farm and Kennedy Playground



The farm is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Killarney, Ireland. This pet farm is 8 km from Killarney. It provides children with a great opportunity to learn and play in a fun environment. The farm offers a selection of animals, birds and fun activities to try. You will find deer, cows, lambs, sheep, goats, donkeys, ducks, and geese in the ponds. Indoor recreation areas, a playground, a café and other fun amenities are also available.



Buddies Play Center
Friends Play Center Killarney Ireland

The Friends Play Center sits at 8000 feet and is among the most popular family visiting areas in Killarney. It is an entertainment area for young children, with cars track, inflatable bungee track, trampoline, sports area, pirate party area, bouncy carousel and much more.

Dinis Cottage and Island
Denis Killarney Island and Cottage

This historic country house dates back to the 18th century. Located in the heart of Killarney National Park, near the old Weir Bridge, it has been in operation as tea rooms for over 200 years.


Open during the summer season, the hut provides a tourist attraction for visitors, as they walk the famous 10 km circular trail, through the national park, admiring the surrounding landscape and the majestic Türk Waterfall. It has indoor and outdoor seating, for tea and coffee, homemade scones, apple pie and fresh sandwiches.

The Gap of Dunloe
Dunlo Gap Killarney Ireland

The Denlo Gap is a narrow mountain pass, through which the Loy River passes through five lakes. Visitors flock to this unique formation every year, due to its geological significance, and the wealth of legends associated with the place. Which made it one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Killarney Ireland.

Enjoy the hiking, climbing, and scenic vistas of huge scattered lakes and boulders. There is a beautiful old stone bridge known as the Trustees’ Bridge, and it is said that wishes come true here.



Burren Bird of Prey Center
Burren Bird of Prey Center in Killarney

The center is home to interesting birds from all over the world. It is one of the most amazing places to visit in Killarney, Ireland, which is not to be missed.

The center offers you a chance to see these majestic creatures, including hawks, eagles and owls. Listen and interact with it and learn about the ancient sport of falconry. As well as some rare endangered birds, and enjoy the special flight shows.


Innisfallen Island
Innisvalen Island, Ireland

Literally meaning ‘Lake of Learning’, it is located on the enchanting Killarney Lakes. The island is steeped in Irish legends, and is an important tourist attraction in Killarney.

Take a guided kayak tour, exploring the ruins of Ennisvalen Island and its majestic ancient forest, full of wild red deer. It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Killarney, Ireland, which we advise you to visit.

The valley is just south of Tomor National Park

The valley is just south of Tomor National Park


Osumi River Valley

Just south of Tomur National Park, this valley is one of the most visited areas of Berat, Albania. Its deep walls have eroded, forming a strange variety of caves and passages, providing many interesting adventures.


It has many green spaces throughout the year, and you can also enjoy exciting activities on the water such as kayaking trips.

Tomor National Park

It is a national park located in southern Albania, in the middle and high parts of the Tomur massif. The park was established in 1956 AD, and is considered one of the most important protected areas to preserve the biodiversity of the mountains.


Diverse geology and topography have led to a unique diversity of flora and fauna. Where there are wolves, foxes, wild boars, roe deer, wild goats, rabbits, golden eagles, owls and hawks. There are also many types of deciduous and coniferous trees and a large variety of flowers

Park of the Republic of the Republic “Bulevardi Republika”
Boulevardi Republic Park Berat Albania



The wide Poliverde Park is the most popular tourist attraction in Berat, Albania. It is located in the modern part of Berat and is connected to the river. It is a nice outing for families.

The park allows visitors to enjoy walking the path, which is lined with cafes with outdoor tables and chairs. On the other side of the path are rows of tall dense trees, and enjoy the most amazing views of the mountain and castle.

Mirror Beach Saranda, Albania

Mirror Beach Saranda, Albania

Mirror Beach
Mirror Beach Saranda, Albania

Beach Mirror One of the best beaches in Albania, its name is due to the fact that the sun is reflected in the clear water like a mirror, giving it a wonderful and irresistible effect. Known for being relatively secluded, it offers excellent opportunities for perfect diving.

You can enjoy swimming in the beach, and practice the most exciting beach and water sports. As well as enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape, there is also a restaurant and cafe by the beach.



Llogara National Park
Lugara National Park, Albania

A park featuring a wonderful variety of landscapes, from the sunny coast of the Ionian Sea, to the peaks of the Sironi Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Saranda.

Explore the mountain pass, the park’s hiking trails, cliffs, pristine forests, and gorgeous alpine meadows. The garden also offers scenic coastal views.

The Blue Eye
blue eye Albania

It is a unique natural phenomenon, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Albania. It is a famous fresh water spring, about 22 km from Saranda city centre.

I enjoy its blue water, and its rounded shape that makes it look like an enormous iris. There are a few souvenir shops and a restaurant. You can also hike the trails and go camping. It is a natural monument where you can enjoy the beauty of the forest with oak and sycamore trees

Tourism in Kelowna Canada is one of the jewels of tourism in Canada.

Tourism in Kelowna Canada is one of the jewels of tourism in Canada.


It is also the third largest metropolitan area in British Columbia, and one of the warmest destinations in Canada. Kelowna offers you a wide range of recreational activities, including boating, relaxing on the beaches, golf courses, skiing in the winter and strolling in the many landscaped parks. Therefore, it is the most famous tourism destination in Canada, which is well worth visiting and exploring.

If you intend to travel and tourism in Kelowna Canada soon, here are 10 of the best fun things and tourist attractions in Kelowna, we advise you to visit during your vacation…



The best hotels in Kelowna, Canada
Best tourism hotels in Kelowna, Canada

Kelowna is home to a diverse selection of the finest accommodation and hotel resorts. In order to choose from among them what suits your budget and capabilities, to enjoy a mixture of pleasure and comfort during your tourist vacation. The hotels in Kelowna are distinguished by their luxurious designs and high-level service facilities. It is also located close to the city’s most prominent attractions… Read more about the best hotels in Kelowna, Canada.


Best time to travel to Kelowna, Canada
Kelowna is a very hot tourist destination during the summer months, and relatively cold during the winter months, although it is milder than most cities in Canada. The best time to travel in Kelowna Canada is during the spring and autumn, when people come to enjoy the lakes and beaches, climb mountains, play golf or ski in the winter.

Where is Kelowna located?


Kelowna is located in south-central British Columbia in western Canada, amid an imaginary array of lakes, mountains, and gorgeous scenery. Kelowna is about 4,258 km from the Canadian capital.

The language in Kelowna, Canada
English and French are the official languages ​​of Kelowna, Canada. English is the dominant language and the first language in the country.



The most important tourist places in Kelowna, Canada
Kelowna has many great tourist places, which are well worth the travel to explore. Here are 10 of the most beautiful attractions and recommended tourist places to visit during your vacation:

Okanagan Lake
lake okanagan canada

Lake Okanagan is the largest lake in the Old Strait Lake chain, with a length of more than 135 km. It is the main recreational playground for locals and visitors alike.


The lake offers tourists clear water sailing, boating, motor boating, parasailing, swimming, and sandy beaches. As well as a variety of cruise options, to enjoy the stunning scenery along the beaches.

Big White Ski Resort
Big white ski resort canada
Big White Resort is one of the most amazing ski resorts in Canada. This is where it is located in the famous Al-Manshi mountains with abundant snow, and its height is about 1.511 meters, which is very suitable for the family.

The resort offers its visitors a distinguished range of recreational activities, in the many ski runs, and the practice of exhilarating winter games, accommodation and dining.

Tuff City skate park “a concrete park inspired by surfing

Tuff City skate park “a concrete park inspired by surfing


tove ski town in canada

It is a surf-inspired concrete park, suitable for all ages. It was opened in 2005, and is an ideal haven for hiking and recreation for young people in Tofino, Canada.

Enjoy great surfing adventures with friends, as the skate park features many distinctive elements, the famous surf breaks that surround the village, as well as spacious terraced seating.



Whale watching safaris

One of the most enjoyable experiences in Tofino, is to go out on a whale safari for which the area is famous. There are many excursions to try, including fully enclosed boat trips, zodiacs to see gray whales, humpbacks and orcas, with possible additional sightings of sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and bald eagles.

Bear watching tour
Bear watching tour in Tofino, Canada

Black bears are one of the most well-known animals in Tofino Canada, and they are found abundantly around Tofino. They can often be spotted wandering along beaches at low tide in search of food.

There are many tours that are offered by boat, and they provide a safe way to see the bears in their natural habitat, do not forget to take souvenir photos there.



The Ucluelet Aquarium
Ucluelite Aquarium in Tofino, Canada

The quaint seaside town of Ukulwaleet has a small aquarium, but it is very interesting. It is a fun and educational place at the same time.



With your little ones, you can enjoy watching a variety of different wonderful marine creatures, which are kept for a short period only, and then returned to their natural environment, by the community as the tourist season approaches and ends. The place is beautiful and worth a visit, it is an ideal place in Tofino Canada for families, especially if you are with your children.

Tourism in Salzburg, Austria is full of exciting adventures

Tourism in Salzburg, Austria is full of exciting adventures


Tourism in Salzburg, Austria, is full of exciting adventures, which crown tourist holidays and give them a distinctive charm. It is one of the tourist cities with wonderful and unique historical monuments, which were included in the UNESCO World List. This is in addition to its picturesque nature, with the Alps and quiet lakes. As well as its wide fame in the world of music, as the birthplace of “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”. Therefore, it is one of the most popular tourist cities in Austria.



Explore the city of Salzburg through this comprehensive guide before traveling and tourism in Salzburg, Austria. Learn about some important information about it, the most important tourist places in Salzburg and the best hotels to stay …



The best hotels in Salzburg, Austria

In addition to the attractions that Salzburg has to offer, it also offers you a variety of hotels close to these attractions. Salzburg hotels are distinguished by their luxurious decorations, and their services that meet all the needs of guests… Read more about the best hotels in Salzburg, Austria.

The best time to travel to Salzburg, Austria
The best time to travel and tourism in Salzburg, Austria, is during the summer months from “May to September”. This is where the warmer climate is ideal for tourism.



The ideal period for tourism in Salzburg, Austria
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Salzburg, Austria is about three days. At the beginning of your vacation you can walk around the city, discovering the old town, magnificent architectural buildings such as the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, and enjoying the sounds of Mozart’s music in the busy streets.

You can also relax by the lakes, visit Austrian rural villages, walk through the Alps mountain ranges, and many other interesting things and interesting tourist activities.



Where is Salzburg, Austria located?

Salzburg borders the Alps to the north, and the city also overlooks the Salzach River. It is bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Salzburg is about 300 km from the Austrian capital Vienna, from the west.



Closest airport to Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg Airport
Salzburg Airport is the nearest airport to the city of Salzburg, Austria, and is the second largest airport in Austria, and also serves Salzburg, which is the fourth largest Austrian city. The airport is 10.5 km from Salzburg.

The language in Salzburg, Austria
German is the official language in Salzburg, Austria, and many other languages ​​are also spread in the country, such as Polish, Turkish, Serbian and Hungarian.