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Tourism in Rize Turkey is a unique experience, as it is one of the hidden gems

Tourism in Rize Turkey is a unique experience, as it is one of the hidden gems


in Europe. It is a Turkish province that enjoys a temperate climate suitable for tourism. It also includes various types of tourist attractions

It is famous for its clear turquoise waters, theme parks, and beautiful mosques. In addition to luxury hotels, and fine restaurants. It is a Turkish city that offers a special kind of tourist experience that is worth doing to discover. All this made it one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Turkey.

Tourism in Rize, Turkey

Rize is a lively Turkish city, rich in beautiful tourist sites, which gives you a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday. Discover with us in this article tourism in Rabza Turkey, learn about the best hotels, the most important information and the best tourist attractions…



The best hotels in Rize, Turkey

In the Turkish city of Rize, there is a distinguished and diverse group of luxury hotels. And all of them are distinguished by their locations that overlook stunning landscapes, as well as the center and the most famous landmarks of the city. The prices of hotels in Rize vary, making it suitable for different budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Rize Turkey.

The best time to travel to Rize, Turkey
Rize is blessed with a humid subtropical climate, with warm summers and cool winters. The best time for travel and tourism in Rize Turkey is during the months (April to August).



This is where the ideal temperatures, which allow to do some outdoor activities that may not be possible during the winter season. As well as the possibility to explore the city’s most important tourist attractions, and take the best photographs.

The ideal period of tourism in Rize, Turkey
The ideal duration of tourism in Rize is about two days, which is an ideal time to enjoy discovering the country and its important attractions. You can admire mountainous landscapes, flowing rivers, and lush green plateaus.

And then explore castles, stone bridges, traditional palaces, tea plantations, and wooden mosques. In order to get to know the local Turkish culture, and finally buy souvenirs before preparing to return to your homeland.



Where is Rize
Where is Risa located?

Rize is located in northeastern Turkey, overlooking the Black Sea from the north. It is close to the border with Georgia. Rize is about 87 km away from Trabzon. Rize is also away from the Turkish capital, Istanbul, about 158 ​​km.

Zavanoz Park with its beautiful nature and charming landscapes

Zavanoz Park with its beautiful nature and charming landscapes


Zavanoz Garden

Zavanoz Garden is characterized by its picturesque nature, charming landscapes and wide green spaces to allow children to play and run, and you can spend a special time of relaxation and recreation by simply lying on the grass there. To enjoy the beauty of nature there, where children can play and jump from here and there. The cave occupies a vital and distinctive location in the center of the city of Trabzon and extends for a large distance, the length of the cave is more than 4 km.



bebek park

Enjoy seeing the Bosphorus and spending a special day, in addition to seeing your children also enjoying next to you, as it is a fertile place to play amidst a large area of ​​greenery, distinctive games and a decorative fountain in the middle of the garden that brings joy to the hearts of children.

The park is one of the largest recreational parks for children in the summer, and the parks provide all means of safety for the games there, where sand pits prevent children from being injured while playing.

The place also offers many delicious food shops that will appeal to you and ice cream shops that your children will like. A distinctive park of the most beautiful places of entertainment in Turkey.



botanical garden

It was established in 1995 as a memorial garden, then the area was later transformed into a botanical garden to research, promote and protect plant life. In 2002 the garden was opened to the public and in 2003 it was named Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden. Children aged 3-9 can play in the garden and discover the plants on the island at the same time.

The play area includes sandpits, a fountain, an amphitheater, a wooden house, a tunnel, an arboretum, and a discovery island for children aged 9-14 to learn to identify plants.

In addition to this, Trabzon Meydan Park is the perfect recreational place for family outings full of fun and entertainment.



For new couples, the park offers an idyllic romantic setting among the trees, carefully curated green spaces, and fountains with basins, where gurgling water adds a special aesthetic spirit to the view.

Ataturk Square

It is located in the center of Trabzon, specifically in the Black Sea region, and includes many tourist and recreational facilities such as restaurants and shops, as well as famous hotels.

Trees and greenery are spread on both sides of the square, which increases the vitality of the place, as are the seats that visitors resort to to rest. Among the famous square landmarks is the statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state, as well as the famous Uzun Socak Street.



A walk inside Ataturk Square is the most important thing you can do there, enjoy seeing the landmarks of the square such as the statue of Ataturk and the fountains, rest a little on the seats there and take some special pictures.

Choose between the many restaurants and cafes spread in the famous square to try the distinctive Turkish food and unique Turkish drinks, we advise you to try breakfast on the wonderful mornings of the square.

Funicular is an ideal restaurant not to be missed for visitors who

Funicular is an ideal restaurant not to be missed for visitors who



Funicular Restaurant

Funicular is an ideal restaurant not to be missed for visitors who prefer modern dishes especially with its privileged location on the Mtatsminda plateau.

The history of this place dates back to the early twentieth century when the funicular was built, and it is even a famous landmark that appeared in many Georgian films during the existence of the former Soviet Union.


The menu here is complemented by panoramic splendor with classic Georgian dishes prepared with the finest ingredients and specialties such as seafood soup or meat with tomatoes and carrots.

Maharaja Restaurant

One of the well-known Indian restaurants in Tbilisi. The restaurant offers a large variety of dishes from the Indian restaurant, which are distinguished by their delicious taste. The Indian biryani dish is one of the best dishes in the restaurant that it is recommended to try.



times of work:

Daily 11:30 AM – 11:30 PM

the phone:


Piano Italian Restaurant

Piano Italian is a good choice for pizza lovers and lovers, here you will enjoy homemade pasta with live piano music while visiting Tbilisi.

This award-winning restaurant is known for serving some of the best pizza in town alongside fresh tomato soup with bread, mushroom soup, pasta with shrimp and zucchini or spinach-stuffed riboli.

Knowing that all the fresh ingredients that go into preparing the dishes, were purchased from local farms or “from Italy to preserve the Italian taste as much as possible.”



Racha Tavern Restaurant

Racha Tavern has been located on the same street since the Soviet era, with impressive stone walls, distinctive wooden tables and chairs.

With a collection of old Soviet-style items and gadgets that give the restaurant an authentic feel, the restaurant also serves a wide variety of Georgian cuisine, such as khinkali, khachapuri, mtsvadi, kharcho..

Port Bor . Restaurant

Pour Bor is a small restaurant in the center of Tbilisi, close to Freedom Square, which is distinguished by its eclectic style and authentic ambiance that is preferred by many expats and locals.



This restaurant is an ideal choice for enjoying live jazz concerts and for those who want to experience another side of life in Tbilisi.

The restaurant’s menu is eclectic, with dishes ranging from beautiful local trout with pomegranate to tempting ice creams.

It is a group of famous islands belonging to the state, and these

It is a group of famous islands belonging to the state, and these



Daymaniyat Islands

It is a group of famous islands belonging to the state, and these islands have become a natural reserve for birds and turtles, and the time to reach them takes about an hour. It is located north of the Governorate of Muscat and east of the Wilayat of Barka and includes the marine ocean and nine main islands (Al-Kharaba, Al-Hayyut, Al-Jabal Al-Kabeer, Al-Jabal Al-Saghir , salted, lumia, kisma, el-joun, sons of el-joun). It was declared a reserve on 3/4/1996 by Royal Decree No. 23/96.

These islands are distinguished by their pristine nature and beautiful scenic landscapes that qualify them to become a nature museum. The Daymaniyat Islands are considered a wonderful protection area of ​​national and regional importance, as they have a rich natural heritage and are an important regional and international center for the



breeding of countless types of migratory and endemic birds, where seabirds nest in a high density. Muscat Governorate, where there are many types of coral and coral reef fish in their bright colors. These diverse coral reefs and the surrounding seabed provide good opportunities to enjoy the treasures of the sea and its warm waters.

Various commercial complexes

Such as: City Center, Al Bahja, Lulu, Wholesale Markets, Al Ameri Center, New Stores, Seeb Mall, Al Maawali Mall, and the International Exhibition Center.

old markets


Such as: Al-Seeb market, Al-Khoudh market, Al-Maabilah market, Al-Mawaleh central market for fruits and vegetables, and Al-Seeb fish market.

It is a group of old basic villages, and cities officially recognized by the state, and in general a number of regions belong to it, namely: Khoud Al-Jadida, Airport Heights, Rusayl (Awakening Tower), Mabela, Al Matar, Al Seeb, Al Hail Al Shamali, and Mawaleh North, Al Khoudh Six, Shradi, Al Hail South, Mawaleh South, Hail, Sultan Qaboos University, Old Al Khoud, Al Mouj Muscat, Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Seeb Souq, Mabelah South, Muscat Gallery, Iron Wall, Hail South, Muscat Hills, Al Mouj, Hail North, the new airport, and Wadi El Wamy.

natural valleys

Such as: Wadi al-Hayya, Surin, Wadi Salem bin Abbouda (known among the people as Wadi Abbouda) in Northern Khurais, Wadi al-Lawamy, Wadi Khurais, Wadi Gameh, Wadi al-Khoudh, Wadi al-Arash and other valleys.



ancient ancient walls

Such as: the Jama wall, which was used to defend the town (Wadi Al-Lawamy) two hundred years ago, and the Al-Rawiya wall, which they call Yabit Al-Rawia, and it consists of six rooms and a liwan, and was built about 150 years ago.



sea ​​beaches

It extends over a total area of ​​50 km2, and these beaches are characterized by a beautiful nature, and they are served by a sea street that passes through all the villages of the Wilayat of Seeb overlooking the sea.

A visit to the Dolphinarium is an excellent way to end your

A visit to the Dolphinarium is an excellent way to end your

Playing with dolphins

A visit to the Dolphinarium is an excellent way to end your trip to Batumi. No wonder it is one of the most popular attractions in Georgia. The place offers an exciting show of dolphins and is very popular with visitors, especially those who go with young children. Besides, at an additional cost, you can play with Dolphins and take the most beautiful souvenir photos of your unforgettable trip.


The Dolphinarium is located in Batumi, specifically in the Rustaveli area, which is one of the quiet and distinctive areas of the city and is visited by many local and foreign visitors because of its distinctive natural beauty.

Batumi Mall

It is a very interesting place because it contains a lot of options for shopping and also contains a variety of services such as barber shops, fitness centers, beauty centers, salons and cafes, and contains a lot of distinctive stores to buy clothes and accessories. You can visit Georgian Designers Corner and Co.mode at The second floor of the mall, there is also a perfume shop Ici Paris which is the favorite place for lovers of new scents.


Flabour Concept Store

It is a multi-brand company that owns several beautiful stores in both Tbilisi and Batumi. It is a specialized store for the trendy fashionable clothes designed by Georgian designers. It offers new home décor, art magazines and furniture. There is a variety of clothes and accessories made by Georgian designers. Famous people such as Tamuna Ingorokva, George Keburia, Mariam Gvasalia, Gvantsa Janashia, Bessarion and others.

Batumi beaches

The city has many wonderful beaches that overlook the Black Sea, and you can enjoy swimming in the Black Sea and you can relax, lie down and enjoy the sunbathing and white sandy soil, and there are beaches that contain a lot of stones and do not contain sand, and near the beaches there are many cafes restaurants and shops.

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi and is popular with

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi and is popular with


Karabak Turkish Restaurant

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi and is popular with tourists. The restaurant offers many traditional Turkish dishes as well as Middle Eastern dishes. The kebab dish, grilled on charcoal, is one of the best dishes in the restaurant that it is recommended to try.

Mecca Restaurant

One of the best Arabic restaurants in Batumi, as well as one of the halal restaurants in Batumi, which offers the most delicious Arabic meals and appetizers, which are prepared by the most skilled chefs, and the rice dish with meat is one of the restaurant’s best and most distinguished dishes.



Spice Garden Indian Restaurant

One of the best halal restaurants in Batumi, an Indian restaurant that serves a wide range of famous Indian cuisine, as well as many cold and hot Indian appetizers, and the Indian curry dish is one of the best dishes offered by the restaurant


Dancing Fountains in Batumi

It’s nice to visit the dancing fountains during tourism in Batumi, these wonderful fountains with dancing shows, which start after sunset around the clock, to enjoy these dancing performances more in the evening, with laser shows and live music that accompanies them, and don’t forget to bring your phone to take videos For this special offer, which will amaze everyone who sees it.
It is worth noting that the founding of the dancing fountains in Batumi was in 2009, and since then these fountains have become a center of tourist attraction in Georgia, as thousands of Batumi tourism lovers flock to them.



Junio ​​Castle

The walls of the castle preserve a long history of the state of Georgia, it was called “Apsaros”, and it was a great Roman fortress, and with the passage of time it became one of the most important tourist places in Batumi, which witnesses thousands of visits annually, although it does not contain much to see, However, its history spanning several centuries is the main reason for its attraction to tourists.
Junio ​​Castle is located on the Black Sea, specifically in the city of Adjara, 4 kilometers from the northern Turkish border, and has an excellent geographical location, making it a permanent haven for tourists from all over the world.


Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah parks are among the most important

Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah parks are among the most important



tourist and recreational attractions in the city. And one of the ingredients that made Medina one of the most important tourism cities in Saudi Arabia. Madinah enjoys beautiful gardens and parks, in addition to shopping malls, high-end restaurants, and many other distinctive tourist attractions.

In order to have an ideal leisure holiday in Medina, it is necessary to visit its various parks, and enjoy various outdoor recreational activities, in the middle of a calm natural atmosphere and wide green spaces. Especially if you are bringing your family and children with you. If you have already made your decision to travel and tourism in Medina soon.


The best parks in Medina
Here are 8 of the most important Al Madinah Al Munawwarah recreational parks for families that we advise you to visit during your vacation…

Green Mountain Park in Medina

Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar Park in Madinah is one of the most important and beautiful Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah theme parks, ideal for families. This is where it is very popular with the city’s residents as well as tourists. It features fantastical views of large artificial lakes, delightful dancing water fountains, expansive green spaces, numerous waterfalls and much more.


You can take a fun tour of the Green Mountain Park, to learn about its different activities. And enjoy the experience of the famous park game “Toboggan”, which extends up to 1500 meters, and ride the Ferris wheel and others. You can also enter to watch films using the techniques of ships, attend performances on the Egyptian theater and enjoy magic games and animal shows. You can also rent a boat on the lake, and don’t forget to buy handmade gifts. And eat delicious food in the many restaurants.

Al Jabal Al Akhdar Park is open daily to visitors from 2 pm to 4 am. Entry is free for all. The prices of the amusement park games with charged cards start from 70 Saudi riyals, and the prices of the games range between (6 – 11 – 32) Saudi riyals.




King Fahd Central Park

King Fahd Central Park is one of the most beautiful and largest parks in Medina, characterized by its proximity to the Prophet’s Mosque, and it is located on a very large area of ​​4.5 square kilometers. The park is characterized by green areas, and tall dense trees that provide shade for hikers. As well as there are many playgrounds, and an artificial lake. The park provides a range of the most wonderful recreational activities that are suitable for all ages, for adults and children.

You can try a lot of fun activities such as sitting on the green areas under the shade of trees, and doing barbecues. And experience many sports in the park’s many playgrounds, such as football, basketball, tennis and others. There is also a children’s play area, full of safe toys. In addition to the possibility of attending many events, parties, various cultural and social activities, and strolling on the lake.

The park’s working hours are daily from Sunday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 12 midnight. And on Thursdays and Fridays from 1 pm to 2 am. And on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 midnight. Ticket fees for children are 10 riyals and for adults 25 riyals.


The most important tourist places in Winnipeg, Canada

The most important tourist places in Winnipeg, Canada


Here are 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Winnipeg, Canada, and we advise you to include them in your next tourism program. This is because they are places worth visiting and exploring:

Assiniboine Park and Zoo
Asinibion ​​Park and Zoo

The park is Winnipeg’s oldest park, and is located on 445 hectares of lawns, mature trees, cultural facilities and an English garden. It also has a distinctive zoo and attracts tourists.


Enjoy relaxing in the vast green spaces, and breathing in the fresh air. As well as seeing a variety of different plants and animals, the most famous of which is a large number of polar bears. This is in addition to exotic species of animals such as Siberian tigers and red kangaroos.

Manitoba Children’s Museum
Manitoba Children’s Museum Canada

The Children’s Museum of Manitoba is a unique building, which attracts everyone of all ages to it. This includes 12 permanently interactive exhibitions, offering many interactive displays and activities.


Kids immerse themselves in learning and fun by climbing, exploring the different displays, and the milking machine. On top of that, take a tour to enjoy the outer space to the depths of the sea, learn how to operate the train and much more.

Fort Whyte Alive
Fort White Alive Canada

The reserve extends over an area of ​​259 hectares, and is considered one of the most famous amusement parks in Winnipeg, Canada. The reserve is known for its five lakes, herb gardens, boardwalks and a gorgeous aquarium.


The reserve also allows its visitors to view the herd of bison, visit bird feeding stations, and see owls. In addition to enjoying walking trails, biking, boating, kayaking in the lakes, and winter skating at the giant ice rink.

Tourism in Canada’s Saanich is one of the most delightful tourist destinations

Tourism in Canada’s Saanich is one of the most delightful tourist destinations

Which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world annually. Because it is characterized by providing ideal tourist and leisure holidays. It allows you to relax on the beautiful beaches, go on a heritage tour, or do the many adventures and fun activities outside. And all of the above made it one of the most famous tourist destinations in Canada, which has attractive tourist attractions for history lovers as well as lovers of unique experiences.

Explore through this article travel and tourism in Saanich Canada. And learn about the best prominent tourist places that we advise you to visit during your vacation. This is in addition to the most important information about the site and the best hotels to stay…


The best hotels in Saanich, Canada
The best tourism hotels in Saanich, Canada

Saanich has some of the best and most beautiful high-end hotels, with world-class standards, and exquisite engineering designs. It is also famous for its diverse idyllic views among the most beautiful landscapes and picturesque tourist beaches. It also has different prices to suit different budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Saanich Canada.

Best time to travel to Saanich Canada
The best time to travel and tourism in Canada is during the months of “July and August”. The reason for this is due to the comfortable and pleasant temperatures suitable for hiking and tourism in the city, exploring the prominent sights, and practicing the most enjoyable outdoor leisure activities with absolute freedom.

Where is Saanich located?


The municipality of Saanich is located on the Saanich Peninsula, just north of the municipalities of Victoria and Oak Bay. It is a small part of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Saanich is a large metropolitan area, and part of the city of Victoria in Canada. Sanich is 4,739.4 km away from Ottawa, the Canadian capital

The language in Sanic
English and French are the two official languages ​​spoken in Saanich Canada.

Tourism in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, provides the most

Tourism in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, provides the most



enjoyable and unique tourist experiences, for lovers of adventure and excitement. As well as for tourists, nature lovers, as it abounds with a group of imaginary tourism ingredients, which made it at the forefront of the list of tourism destinations in Canada. The capital is blessed with many crystal clear beaches, expansive lush green promenades, and pleasant walking paths. On top of the many historical sites and museums, feel free to visit.


Let us explore with you in this comprehensive guide tourism in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and the most important tourist places recommended to visit…

The best hotels in Ottawa, the capital of Canada

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has many luxury hotels, which provide the finest tourist services, and the best accommodations for guests that are characterized by their beautiful designs, and their competitive prices. So as to suit all physical levels. It is also close to the city’s most important tourist attractions… Read more about the best hotels in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.



The best time to travel to Ottawa, the capital of Canada
The best time to travel and tourism in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is during the months between “March to May”. This is where the warm temperatures are ideal for picnics, and for many outdoor recreational activities. And relax at the wonderful beaches and resorts.

Where is Ottawa located?


Ottawa is located in the province of Ontario, along the Ottawa River, in the eastern region of southern Ontario. It is bordered on the east by Montreal, Canada. To its northeastern side lies Quebec City, and Toronto to its southwestern side. The Canadian capital, Ottawa, is 3 miles from Rock Cliff.

The language is in Ottawa, the capital of Canada
English is the first official language, spoken by most of the population in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. French is also the second official language of the country.