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Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer

Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer

Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer



Turtle lake in Tbilisi

Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer and is the ideal place to spend a wonderful day, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Tbilisi because of its distinctive and enjoyable facilities. Turtle Lake in Tbilisi was famous by this name not because it contains many turtles as some think, but because its shape resembles Turtles from above It is a beautiful lake located in the heart of the hills at an altitude of more than 600 meters above sea level on the banks of the city of Tbilisi and overlooking it.

The lake provides its visitors with a lot of fun in the arms of nature, as it reflects the attractive greenness that we see in its trees and mountains on the lake, which gives it a distinctive elegance.



The famous Rustaveli Street

This street was formerly called Shota Rustaveli Street, an old Georgian street dating back to the 12th century, one of the top 10 tourist places in Georgia. It includes more than one historical place such as the National Museum, the Opera, the State Theater of Ballet Art, the Kashfeti Church, and the Parliament.

Your tour begins in Rustaveli Tbilisi Street from Tahrir Square, which borders it and ends in Kostava Street. The street sings of the beauty that blends between civilization and the ancient art of Tbilisi, making the street a masterpiece in itself. Also, you will find many famous and international stores in this street. The street, which provides beautiful and attractive clothing and accessories, as you find a part of Rustaveli pier has been converted into a place for the popular market where antiques and beautiful handicrafts are sold at nominal prices for you to buy what you want from it as a souvenir.



Sataplia Cave

There were found in this cave some ancient monuments that indicate the presence of dinosaurs, and it is located in the northwest region of the city of Sataplia, and was discovered by Professor Chapukiani. The place has more, and these steps are about drawing a dinosaur kitten on the stones and adding some plastic maquettes…

This has helped to attract a large number of tourists to visit this cave … It is located at a distance of six kilometers northwest of the city of Stablia and is known to contain traces of dinosaurs, and this makes this cave one of the richest archaeological areas in the world, which is on an area of ​​300 square meters.


Georgian National Museum

You can learn about the local history of the city of Georgia by visiting the Georgian National Museum, which contains an impressive collection of well-preserved artifacts that will help you understand the ancient history of the country. You can also visit the Soviet exhibition, which has a special place in the National Museum.

It will reveal to you many things about the system that used to rule not only in Georgia, but other countries in Eastern Europe as well. This place will impress you so that you can spend many hours in it without noticing or getting bored.

National Botanical Garden

The National Botanical Garden of Georgia is one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens in Georgia and the Caucasus, which is visited by thousands of tourists fleeing the hustle and bustle of the city in search of nature and relaxation,



The National Botanical Garden in Georgia is one of the most famous cultural, nature and tourism attractions in Tbilisi because of the fun, comfort and tranquility it provides. The National Botanical Garden provides many plants, trees and roses that visitors can discover, which decorates the garden as a colorful natural painting where tree species dance in The garden is made of pine trees, bamboo, ornamental and medicinal plants, and aromatic herbs, in addition to many roses and colorful flowers.

The National Botanical Garden crosses many paved roads that include wooden chairs for rest, because the walk inside this garden is long and branching, and you need to rest some time.