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It is a wide seven-kilometer-long street starting from Batumi Bay, a

It is a wide seven-kilometer-long street starting from Batumi Bay, a

It is a wide seven-kilometer-long street starting from Batumi Bay, a


Stroll down the Boulevard

It is a wide seven-kilometer-long street starting from Batumi Bay, a place with many attractions for visitors, where many tourist attractions and many places to take pictures are located, as well as many cafes, restaurants and fountains, so you can walk through it Stroll along the bay and explore the places and landmarks in Batumi. The Batumi Boulevard was originally established in 1884, but it has changed over time to look as you see it now in this beautiful scene, and it begins with a seven-kilometre-long (4.3 miles) street in Batumi Bay,

It offers many exciting attractions for visitors, with plenty of photo spots, and plenty of cafes, to name a few. Nowadays, it is 12 kilometers long and is divided into “old” and “new” streets, and there you can see the original garden with a new addition of modern benches, sculptures and fountains. During the summer, the street is filled with bars, clubs and cafes on the beach. From there, you can also watch the beautiful sunset view.



Playing with dolphins

A visit to the Dolphinarium is an excellent way to end your trip to Batumi. No wonder it is one of the most popular attractions in Georgia. The place offers an exciting show of dolphins and is very popular with visitors, especially those who go with young children. Besides, at an additional cost, you can play with Dolphins and take the most beautiful souvenir photos of your unforgettable trip.

The Dolphinarium is located in Batumi, specifically in the Rustaveli area, which is one of the quiet and distinctive areas of the city and is visited by many local and foreign visitors because of its distinctive natural beauty.

Batumi Mall

It is a very interesting place because it contains a lot of options for shopping and also contains a variety of services such as barber shops, fitness centers, beauty centers, salons and cafes, and contains a lot of distinctive stores to buy clothes and accessories. You can visit Georgian Designers Corner and Co.mode at The second floor of the mall, there is also a perfume shop Ici Paris which is the favorite place for lovers of new scents.



Batumi beaches

The city has many wonderful beaches that overlook the Black Sea, and you can enjoy swimming in the Black Sea and you can relax, lie down and enjoy the sunbathing and white sandy soil, and there are beaches that contain a lot of stones and do not contain sand, and near the beaches there are many cafes restaurants and shops.

May 6 Garden

It is one of the tourist places in Batumi and one of the most popular destinations in the city, especially on holidays. It is a suitable place for family outings, as it includes many recreational facilities for children, a zoo and a very beautiful lake.

When you visit the park, you can walk around the park with family and friends and walk next to the beautiful lake. You can sit on the surrounding benches or ride boats and wander inside. Next to the park there is a small zoo that you can visit that includes many types of animals such as kangaroos, zebras, monkeys, and others.



Miracle Park

The Miracle Garden Batumi is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Batumi, which expresses the charming natural face of the city, which is represented by a number of trees, plants and flowers with a more than charming view of the Black Sea. The Miracle Garden is located in Batumi, and the park is one of the most popular places for tourists throughout the year, as it contains the most important landmarks in the city, as well as some distinctive recreational facilities.

The garden contains some modern works of art, as well as has a charming natural atmosphere that you can enjoy by wandering around the garden, which is characterized by calm and comfort far from noise and crowding. known.