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Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi is considered the largest closed

Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi is considered the largest closed

Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi is considered the largest closed

market in the city, and it is characterized by a distinctive exterior design, and expands from the inside to contain various shops distributed over three floors, and it also includes facilities suitable for spending a family picnic, which is a group of restaurants that serve international and local meals.

In addition to a food store that includes all needs, shopping is complete in the mall, as it includes more than 200 retail stores that offer a distinctive modern shopping experience, including distinguished international brands and local sellers.

Discover Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi
Find out about the recreational activities in Mushrif Mall and its various facilities, and working hours, as follows:

The following is a distinguished group of activities in Al Mushrif Mall:



Take a tour of the mall
Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi

Start your visit by taking a free tour around the shops, and to get acquainted with the different goods, brands available, and the wonderful offers offered by the shops at different times, and there are various products such as high-end fashion, electronic goods, furniture, accessories, household supplies, and much more.

Shop different outfits
Mushrif Mall

Enjoy a pleasant shopping trip among the Mushrif Mall stores, which is characterized by the lineup of various stores to give the visitor comfortable shopping. There are also many classified purchase categories, most notably women’s clothing from R&B and Silver Stone, as well as evening wear and wedding dresses, as well as elegant men’s clothing.

You will also find comfortable sportswear and practical clothes suitable for work and public events, and do not forget to visit the stores that sell traditional clothes, including Abaya Gallery and Al-Huda Corner.



Shop different products
supervisor in Abu Dhabi

Shopping is not limited to clothes and fashion only, but you will find a lot of other goods and necessities, including a section for Arabic perfumes, incense, and oud, most notably Al Jazeera Perfumes, Anfasik Dokhoon, and The Body Shop.

There are also stores that sell electronics and home appliances, including Exsens Mobile, iSmart, and The Europe Phone. Do not forget to also visit stationery and children’s necessities stores, including the Early Learning Center store that sells games that develop children’s skills, Tales store for books and stationery, and Daiso for accessories.

Visit service facilities
Al Mushrif Mall also includes various facilities to provide a comfortable shopping trip for visitors, including water houses, bank branches, automatic teller machines, telecommunications companies, and exchange centers. There are also car rental companies, including Europcar, and a car wash shop.

There are also beauty centers for men and women, which are equipped with the latest equipment, including Spark Men’s Salon, Nails Style Center for Women, and Kaya Skin Care Clinic.



Taste the most delicious food
Al Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy spending your time in Mushrif Mall, and after completing the shopping tour, head to the large food court, and it has a distinguished group of restaurants, including fast food restaurants such as Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and international food restaurants, including India Palace, and Jimmy’s Seafood.