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The best tourist cities in Luxembourg

The best tourist cities in Luxembourg
Luxembourg despite its small size, is home to quiet villages, picturesque landscapes, and beautiful tourist cities. Here are 7 of the most important tourist cities in Luxembourg that we advise you to visit:



Tourism in Clairvaux
Tourism in Clairvaux

Clairvaux is located in the north of Luxembourg, and it is an important tourist city, which attracts visitors from all sides. Killervaux enjoys a privileged location among the hills and high-rise towers.

The city of Clairvaux allows you to enjoy many tourist activities, such as exploring museums, monasteries, and historical castles such as Clairvaux Castle, which dates back to the 12th century, which is registered on the UNESCO World List. There is an exhibition of photography curated by the famous director “Edward Steichen.

Tourism in Eitelbrook

Eitelbrück is one of the most popular tourist cities in Luxembourg. It is a city distinguished by its wonderful landscapes and beautiful rivers. It is one of the quiet Luxembourg cities that many tourists prefer.

You can spend the best tourist holidays inside Eitelbrook, and enjoy doing a lot of activities. You can explore Ettlebrook’s main square, named after American General “Patton”, wander through the arched bridges, and see the landscape. In addition to visiting the old Ettelbrück Parish Church, walk the narrow streets of the city.



Tourism in Diekirch

Dikirch is located on the banks of the River Sauer, and it is the best place to enjoy the green nature, which attracts tourists from different parts of the country. Dikirch offers fun leisure activities, such as wandering the historic lanes, exploring ancient historical monuments such as St. Laurentius Church and old houses and visiting beautiful museums such as the National Museum of Military History and the National Museum of Historic Vehicles.

As well as wandering the cobblestone streets, and enjoy watching the public summer concerts and cheerful folklore festivals in the traditional squares in the city center. As well as taking a cruise, kayaking, fishing, cycling and many other fun activities..

Tourism in Mamer
Tourism in Mamer

Mammer has a distinguished group of important tourist attractions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it is a wonderful historical city that you do not hesitate to visit.

You can explore many amazing historical monuments, such as the castle, the Church of John the Baptist, and the site of the Roman bath. As well as wandering in the quiet countryside, seeing ancient mills, mysterious caves and wonderful rock formations.



Tourism in the Moselle Valley
Moselle Valley

The Moselle Valley is one of the most important and most visited tourist attractions in Luxembourg. And that includes a group of wonderful villages, which are characterized by many picturesque landscapes. The Moselle Valley offers you a distinguished range of fun leisure activities.

This is where you can explore the many fruit farms scattered all over the place, take wonderful river cruises, see castles along the river, practice water sports, and hike. In addition to enjoying the most delicious cuisine, there is a selection of the finest restaurants in the Moselle Valley.



Tourism in Vianden

Vianden is located in northeastern Luxembourg, on the German border. It is characterized by its prominent landmarks, which attract thousands of tourists annually. It is one of the most famous tourist cities in Luxembourg, which we advise you to visit.

Vianden includes many historical monuments, such as the fortress and Vianden Castle, which is today a museum that traces the royal families of Europe and their relationship to the city. and the bell tower, ramparts and castle houses, historic Gothic churches, medieval towers and the memorial located on a hill near the castle.

In addition, there is the “Victor Hugo” Museum, which is the house where he lived. Also, at the top of the castle there is a luxury restaurant, which you can only access through the chair lift that allows you to enjoy the charming views of the city from above and the surrounding mountains. It is a wonderful city do not hesitate to visit.



Tourism in Ech Sur
what sur

The city of Aich Sur has many tourist favorite sites for tourists, in addition to its beautiful landscapes, it is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Luxembourg.

In the city of Aich Sur, you can explore a variety of different rocks with their wonderful colors, visit the famous castle of Aich Sur, enjoy watching the beauty of nature through fantastic panoramic views from the highest hills in the city, and ride horses in the city’s famous horse circuit.

Tips before traveling to Luxembourg
Before traveling and tourism in Luxembourg, here are the most important tips and advice that may help you during your trip:

Be aware that Luxembourg has no nightlife
The main entertainment in Luxembourg are trekking, cycling, horse riding, sports and relaxing in the therapeutic mineral waters. The nightlife there is very limited.

Respect the people of Luxembourg
You should remain silent and calm while wandering the streets, as loud voice and bold behavior are not at all welcome among its residents.

Plan well your vacation in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a small country, so plan your trip well and visit as many attractions as possible.



Enjoy walking

This is because Luxembourg does not have much car traffic, so you can enjoy roaming the city streets on foot.

Watch out for the high cost of restaurants

So plan well your budget during the tourism holiday in Luxembourg, as it is difficult to find a cheap restaurant in the country. Do not rely on restaurants completely during your trip, but you can buy different foods from the supermarket.