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The best tourist cities in Mexico

The best tourist cities in Mexico

The best tourist cities in Mexico

Tour of the tourist cities of the Tokyo Air Tour. Here are the most important and most beautiful 5 tourist cities in Mexico that we recommend visiting…


Tourism in Mexico City
Mexico City

Mexico City, “Tenochtitlan”, is one of the most beautiful and vibrant tourist cities in the world. Marriage to the American capital, and to Spanish architecture, combined with twenty-first century designs.

A copy of visiting the heart of City, wandering through 1,200 wonderful museums and galleries, and Chapultepec House which is considered one of the most beautiful green spaces in the world. This is in addition to the luxury shopping in the Polanco district, and international restaurants and cafes.


Tourism in Guadalajara

It is the second largest city in Mexico, and it is a collection of wonderful cities that are well worth a visit and a stay. Your value is spending the most enjoyable time in the city of Guadalajara, getting to know its engineering architecture, in addition to visiting its museum, theater and fine restaurants.


Tourism in Oak

Oak State is one of America’s coolest cities. It’s a wonderful thing from a huge variety of sites both ancient and modern. As well as being a cheerful city with beautiful bright colors.

The simplicity that was created with its colonial style buildings contrasted in its wonderful colors. It is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its history and cultural influence. Other than that, well add your offerings to the narrow alleys and cafes.



Tourism in Cancun

The cosmopolitan city of Cancun, surrounded by a constellation of luxury hotels. You may be going through it.

Cancun offers you plenty of great recreational activities, ranging from tourist beaches with clear blue waters to soft white sand. Vacation on vacation to Isla Mujeres, Gouda, Pete, Treat and Drift amidst the most amazing views.

Tourism in Puebla
Puebla State

Canada is one of the biggest tourism cities in Mexico, Canada is friendly with history. It is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its impressive colonial architecture.

Enjoy being successful in 2010. Have fun on a nice trip in Canada.

Tips before traveling to Mexico
Before you travel to Mexico, here are some important tips,

Pay attention to the bathroom doors
The door marked “M” is not for men, but for women. As for the men’s door, it has a sign “H” or “C”.



Never drink tap water
Bottled water is fit for drinking.

Make sure to get your own travel insurance
Don’t forget to get travel insurance, especially in such tough times with the global pandemic COVID-19.

worry about safety
Traveling in most parts of Mexico is very general in general, as opposed to what has been reported negatively about Mexico in the last stage.

Beware of toilet paper in Mexico
Tourism in Mexico is designed for tourism. This leads to a higher number, which leads to a higher number, which leads to a rise in the forum count.