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The 11 most beautiful beaches of Bodrum that are worth visiting

The 11 most beautiful beaches of Bodrum that are worth visiting

The best beaches of Bodrum for an unforgettable vacation



Bodrum’s beaches are the 11 most beautiful beaches of Bodrum that are worth visiting
Bodrum, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, is famous for its stunning whitewashed houses that adorn the hillsides, as well as some idyllic coves and caves.
Moreover, some of the best beaches in the country make it a popular destination for an unforgettable vacation space among the gorgeous boardwalks of golden sands, the beautiful blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the entertaining lifestyle.


As well as the beautiful boat trips that are the perfect way to discover all the beaches on a cruise on the coast of the amazing Bodrum Peninsula, get to know with us today the best beaches of Bodrum.


Camel Beach
Get ready to spend a perfect day of fun and entertainment in one of Turkey’s best beaches in Bodrum, Camel Beach, which provides you with clear water, soft sand, fresh air and unparalleled views.

It has plenty of sunbeds and great places for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing, and it is surrounded by local restaurants, hotels and cafes to ensure that you have the most fun. You can dispense with the traditional means of transportation to tour the city, and rent electric bikes to see all the attractions of Bodrum up close, as well as achieve a lot of excitement and fun during the Bodrum tour.

Bodrum beaches
Camel Beach
Ortakent Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches of Bodrum, tourists and locals come to spend some fun time swimming, sitting on the sand to sunbathe, or going on a tour and eating delicious food in the restaurants spread on the beach.



Gumbet Beach
Gumbet Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bodrum, with golden sands scattered around Gumbet Bay; And the clear waters. If you want to relax in the sun in front of the sea, or you want to enjoy recreational water sports, you will find everything you need at Gumbet Beach.

You can also make a wonderful tour by yacht or boat to explore the coasts of the city from Gumbet Beach, to relax and relax in a wonderful refreshing atmosphere, and watch the amazing scenery while taking many wonderful souvenir photos, with the opportunity to eat delicious Turkish food and drinks that everyone eagerly accepts, and you can also make friends With others or with the boat crew as they are usually very friendly with their guests who love tourists in Bodrum.




Fink Beach
The most distinctive feature of tourism in Bodrum is its many wonderful beaches. Fink Beach, located in the Ortakent area, is very popular among beach-goers for the wonderful activities it offers to its visitors, from yacht trips, to diving services and practicing many popular beach activities, and is characterized by its restaurants located on The beach, which offers delicious fish meals from the sea to your table, ensuring you an enjoyable trip during tourism in Turkey, especially in the distinctive city of Bodrum.


Bardakci Cove . Cave and Beach
Baradaki Cave is one of the tourist attractions in Bodrum, which is of great interest to visitors, especially lovers of scenic landscapes, when trees and green plants blend in with the splendor of coastlines and beaches, the blue of the water, the softness of the sand and the charming nature, and contemplate the scenic views of the cave.

All of this and more is present in Bardaki, where the tourist can enjoy spending a night or more by staying in one of the nearby hotels, and take some recreation in that wonderful atmosphere, and the place is not devoid of the opportunity to shop with the availability of various restaurants and stores, and do not forget to record those rare moments in clips for remembrance.

Bodrum beaches
Bardaki Cave and Beach
Yahsi Beach
The city also includes a number of distinctive beaches, which are among the signs of tourism in Bodrum, including a sensual beach and characterized by being a quiet dreamy beach, providing umbrellas and areas to sit, relax and enjoy the charming nature, and children can be followed in their fun on the beach in complete safety, where the gentle waves embrace the golden sand Adorable, and the sound of its light waves will tickle the ears and take you to a world of imagination.

The visitor will find all his needs from restaurants that offer their own distinctive local dishes, and various cafes and stores to meet all the demands of the pioneers.


Ilgın Cove
This beach is located in the village of Mazi, and you will need a car to reach this wonderful beach, which despite being a favorite among the locals but not yet discovered by the tourists to the city.

So there will be waiting for you there is a beautiful isolated beach ideal for spending a relaxing day among the most beautiful scenic landscapes, but you must know that it is better for you when you visit, especially if you are accompanied by young children to take your own food and drinks because there are no services there, however .
It seems that this is indeed what gives this distinctive beach the character of beauty that can be touched in the sea and the surrounding nature without disturbance.

Gumusluk district of Bodrum is a popular destination for many locals who come to dine at one of the many great fish restaurants or to buy gifts from arts and crafts shops and shops.

Gumusluk also features beautiful small guest houses with a distinctive view of the wonderful beaches, which means that you can spend the whole enjoyment here without getting bored, starting from enjoying the beautiful beach during the day and dining in the evening, and also do not miss watching the sunset in Limon, which is The most beautiful restaurant in Gumusluk which also has some excellent Turkish food.

Akyarlar Beach
Akyarlar is the often overlooked area of ​​the Bodrum Peninsula, despite being an ideal escape destination from the middle of the world.




The main tourist city. With its secluded bay and unforgettable landscapes, you’ll be very happy to spend your day on the beach by day or head to one of the many fish restaurants in the evening.


Kisebükü . Beach
This wonderful beach is a unique destination to enjoy in peace among the pristine nature away from the tourist crowds that you can find in other parts with the city, as well as this beach is also a favorite for many boat tours that stop here. You will definitely need a car and some good driving skills to get to this beach, but the amazing natural scenery that awaits you will surely make up for it all.

Kumbahçe . Beach
Starting from the center of Bodrum, you can visit the Kumbahce Beach, which is located near the castle and the marina and is characterized by golden sand and blue waters, and the restaurants and cafes nearby make the beach a comfortable destination for everyone, so you usually find it teeming with locals as well as tourists who go to it in the height of summer To enjoy sunbathing on a quiet day at the beach.

Bodrum beaches
Compahs Beach
Basement is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey. It enjoys a picturesque nature and a strategic location that overlooks one of the branches of the Mediterranean Sea, known as the Aegean Sea. It also includes many tourist attractions such as the wonderful beaches of Bodrum.

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