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Top 10 Bodrum Restaurants That We Recommend

Top 10 Bodrum Restaurants That We Recommend

Tourism in Bodrum: Top 10 Experienced Restaurants

Bodrum Restaurants Bodrum Tourism: Top 10 Experienced Restaurants


Top 10 best Turkish restaurants in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the small coastal tourism cities in Turkey, located in the southwest of the country, which is based on attracting tourists from everywhere in the world, due to the beauty of its beaches and pleasant climate, which extends to all months of the year and its white houses and buildings dug inside picturesque green mountains, meaning Its name is the city that never sleeps, because of its shops that do not close. It is also called the pearl of Turkey because it overlooks the Aegean Sea.

Bodrum is characterized by many tourist places and various recreational activities, in addition to the tourist infrastructure, the service is excellent, including hotels, restaurants, markets, and much more.

In this report, we will talk about the most beautiful restaurants in Bodrum, which are managed under the hands of the most famous chefs, which have always been distinguished by their unique atmosphere and proximity to the beautiful beach, which makes the experience of these restaurants an irreplaceable opportunity.

Macakızı . Restaurant
This restaurant is located directly on the coast, and it is one of the most luxurious and elegant restaurants in Bodrum, as it is characterized by its modern design and the spread of bougainvillea bushes everywhere. This restaurant is famous for serving seafood dishes with Turkish touches, in addition to serving the most delicious Turkish food, and one of the most famous dishes of Maçakızı is the octopus dish .


Bodrum Restaurants
Miam . Restaurant
The hotel is located on Türkbükü Bay, so it is one of the high-end hotels in Bodrum. Inside it is a luxurious and elegant restaurant, overlooking the sea directly, allowing non-hotel guests to eat inside.

The design is characterized by sophistication, where the wooden tables, decorated with elegant linens, and outdoor seating on the sea, candle lights at night, and the most famous dishes recommended by the hotel, grilled fish dishes, with delicious Turkish appetizers.

Melengec . Restaurant
Melengec is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Bodrum. It also has a charming view of the Mediterranean coast. Eating in it is a wonderful experience and not just a meal. The restaurant is characterized by providing the most delicious appetizers before serving the main fish dish with a fine drink, and one of its most famous dishes is shrimp. And octopus, carp and other fresh and delicious fish, melengec restaurant is widely known among famous people of art and society.

Marina Yacht Club Restaurant
This restaurant is distinguished by its charming view of the Bodrum Marina, as well as offering delicious dishes with the sounds of Turkish and international music. The restaurant is managed under the hands of the most famous chefs, who have received the largest awards in the art of cooking.



Hoca’nIn Yeri . Restaurant
This restaurant is one of the few places in Bodrum that overlooks the sea and does not serve fish. This restaurant is famous for serving the most delicious Turkish food. Among the most famous dishes are dumplings filled with meat with tomato sauce and yogurt, fried meat pastries, Turkish shawarma and ayran drink. The restaurant also provides its customers with an Internet service. Complimentary.

Soğan Sarmısak . Restaurant
This restaurant is located in Gumusluk district, and it is one of the most beautiful restaurants overlooking the beach. It is characterized by serving all kinds of Turkish foods, whether Anatolian or Black Sea foods, seafood and Turkish sweets.

Kisma Restaurant
Kisma Restaurant is considered one of the most famous restaurants not only on the level of Bodrum, but on the level of all of Turkey, and this restaurant excels in offering a group of oriental foods famous for a Turkish character in addition to Asian and Western foods, and Turkish sweets.

Cetimek . Restaurant
One of the high-end restaurants, and it is characterized by reasonable prices, it is a little far from the city center, where it is calm and recreation, it is necessary to book in advance and make sure to book a table overlooking the sea directly, to see the beautiful fishing boats, and there is a large place to choose fresh fish before cooking, and a display screen To see how to cook in front of you.

Kavaklı K fteci- Bodrum . Restaurant
The restaurant serves meals whose blends and flavors date back to the Seljuk era, according to the restaurant’s management. Just as the restaurant preserves the flavor and food, it also preserves the method of presentation and rituals, one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants. It was opened in 1991 AD.

It offers the Anatolian food that you hear about, and you will find it in the Kaftaji Kavakli restaurant, which includes all kinds of meat dishes such as kebabs, Iskender kebabs, kofta and other meat dishes, in addition to types of soups and soups. Not to mention the appetizers and desserts that bear a historical character in modern hands

Secret Garden Restaurant
It is one of the Bodrumian restaurants that gained its fame from the fame of the famous stars of art and Turkish society, and the restaurant offers the most delicious dishes and traditional Turkish recipes of fish, meat, poultry, as well as vegetables.


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