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Tourism in Newcastle

Tourism in Newcastle

Tourism in Newcastle

Newcastle is located in the north-east of England. The city has many historical monuments, some of which date back to BC. The Romans settled there two thousand years ago.



1- Tyne Bridge

The Tyne Bridge is one of the most important tourist places in Newcastle, with a height of 165 feet. It was built in 1949 and was opened by Queen Victoria. The bridge is made of steel

It is located in the same place where Ponce Aelius Castle was built by the Romans. It is intended for cars, bicycles and pedestrians. It is considered one of the most beautiful places where memorial photos can be taken from above because of its architecture and distinctive arc shape that makes it different from the rest of the bridges erected in England.



2- Victoria Tunnel

The tunnel is located at the bottom of the city and extends from the Town area to Taine, and the purpose of its construction was to transport coal from the Lysis mine to the banks of the river for loading directly onto the ships. air

The tunnel is now considered one of the most important destinations that tourists visit to simulate the reality in it, as it has been undergoing repairs, and part of the tunnel is opened to the public to view it with tour guides who mention its history with the availability of audio and visual effects of air raids during the war and to clarify the importance of the tunnel at that time.



3- The Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum is one of the most important museums that expresses life in Newcastle and illustrates the maritime history and technological sciences that have passed through the city, reaching fashion, both in ancient and modern times.

Entry to the museum is free of charge. What is inside the museum is the important Tribana exhibition, which is located at the entrance to the museum. There is also a Town Seed ship, which is powered by steam turbines. Going to the museum is easy, as there is a lot of public and private transportation that is easy to board to reach the museum.



4- Newcastle Castle

The construction of the castle dates back to 1080 AD, and it is one of the most important and oldest landmarks of the city of Newcastle because of its great historical and tourist importance. Inside the castle is the famous Norman Church, which many tourists flock to. The castle also contains many manuscripts and artifacts from the Middle Ages.

Its historical buildings, decorated with walls, also left from the Middle Ages. The castle is located near important tourist places such as the High Level Bridge. The castle is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Newcastle, which has a special place, attracting thousands of tourists every year.



5- Eastbourne Pier

The pier was built in 1870 in the Victorian architectural style. The pier features a wonderful view of the city and the English Channel in it.

It also has many shops that can buy the most beautiful souvenirs, and there are many restaurants that serve the best meals, and the sidewalk was badly damaged in 2004 AD, but there are many places in it that are still open, including the mysterious camera, which is a Victorian projector with a 360-degree view on the facade city ​​navy.