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The best tourist places in Australia

The best tourist places in Australia

The best tourist places in Australia

Tourism in Melbourne
Melbourne Star Wheel



It is located in Melbourne, is a brand in Australia, is a brand in Australia, is a brand in Australia, with a height of 120 meters, and formed, in half the ground, rods representing the star of the Australian flag.

You can also see the shows that serve breakfast, as in the previous table, as in the previous table, the attractions that are located nearby such as the zoo, O’Brien ski facilities,

and others.

Union Square



Royal Botanic Gardens

It is a wonderful garden collection with a mixture of local and exotic plants including more than 10,000 individual species. The Royal Melbourne Gardens are located on the south bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne. Works on an area of ​​94 acres, on a special section for Australian plants only,

The garden is concerned with the study of plants and plants and their hybridization. And spread near it several restaurants such as Novida Restaurant, Coda Restaurant, The Point Hotel, and the most famous hotels in the Botanical Garden The Langham Melbourne, Travelodge South Bank Melbourne, Melbourne South Off.




Southbank, Arts, Melbourne

It is located in an area close to places close to Asia, where it is located in places close to Asia, cafes, cafes, cafes, interview

The Fairfax Theater and Theater offers wonderful shows.

The Homeland Museum in Victoria

Gallery 2003 Shapes Gallery Showcase Gallery Victoria Showcase Gallery Victoria At Gallery 2003 Extensively renovated in 2003, the museum displays in vivid, vivid stained glass and gives insight. The Melbourne Museum is located in Carlton Gardens,

It is the largest museum in the southern hemisphere. The image of the discovery of the origin of life in Victoria in 600 million years, successfully appears in the Science and Life Gallery.



Collins Street

Central Melbourne, Victoria in Victoria. Previously modified in the survey, the visit of the government in Istanbul, which is a group of family gatherings, the Iraqi government, the government, the government, the government, the government, Canada, the residential complex

Exhibited with its floors of historic villas and shops dating back to the late gentry 19 occupies the vicinity of cafes in adjacent places to places in the vicinity, where they are located inside the galleries that appear within the galleries.

Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building is a World Heritage listed building in Melbourne, Victoria, completed on October 1, 1880, in just 18 months,

To display clothing and special occasions, gallery violets, vendor, vendor, vendor, merchandise, merchandise and exhibits displays at fairs and galleries.



Yarra River cruise

Information about tourism in the river, as it is in the river, and within the river, and its length is 242 km.

It is also one of the best tourist places in Melbourne, the river, the river with a pedestrian bank in addition to the wonderful gardens along the river, and the river deserves the main bridge that connects its banks.


It is a range of colors in Melbourne and the highest level in Australia. It also has the most luxurious hotels in Melbourne, Docklans’ paradise, a pleasant and beautiful visit, and its services are available.



Queen Victoria Market

One of the most public places, shops, shops, shops, shops, shops, market and Queen Victoria (also known as the Queen Vic Markets) Queen Victoria) after Queen Victoria who ruled the British Empire 1837-

1901, a landmark in the Australian city of Melbourne, as the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere, was even inscribed on the Victorian Heritage List as one of the symbols of Melbourne’s culture and heritage.