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The best tourist cities in the Comoros

The best tourist cities in the Comoros

The best tourist cities in the Comoros

Although Comoros is one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world, it is an ideal destination for the best vacation. If you are planning a tropical vacation in the Comoros, here are the 5 most important tourist attractions in the Comoros that we recommend to you…



Tourism in Moroni

The city of Moroni is one of the most beautiful and most important tourist cities in the Comoros and the most famous one, as it is the capital. It is located on the island of Grande Comore, so it is considered one of the top tourist destinations in Comoros.

In Moroni you can enjoy strolling its bustling streets, dotted with shops and cafes. As well as going to the famous Volvo Market, enjoy watching and buying wonderful traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. As well as visiting Medina near the Friday Mosque.

Moreover, go on exciting adventures at the most famous attraction in Moroni which is Mount Kartala, which has the largest active volcanoes in the world. Explore the charming marine life in the fishing village of Itsandra, swim in the wonderful beaches, snorkel and discover the secrets of rare marine creatures.



Tourism in Fomboni

Fomboni is the third largest island in the Comoros and is also the most important island in the archipelago. The perfect place to spend the best tourist holidays, it is quiet and secluded, as well as wide green spaces and wonderful fruit trees and palms.

Fomboni offers tourists a lot of interesting activities and adventures, such as diving in the depths, walking along the coast, contemplating the surrounding landscapes, as well as visiting the city’s port, breathing in the fresh Fomboni air full of fragrant aromas like the fragrant jasmine, and learning about the cultures of the friendly Fomboni people. Tourists are welcome.



Tourism in Anjouan Island “Henzuan Island”
Anjouan Island

The island of Anjouan is one of the best tourist destinations that enjoys great popularity and wide fame among visitors and tourists alike. It is known as the “Pearl of the Comoros”, due to its charm and captivating beauty that captures the hearts.

Henzuan Island allows its visitors to spend the best unique experiences and exciting adventures amidst the charming nature, which ranges from wide green spaces filled with beautiful aromatic plants, beautiful trees and flowers, as well as climbing the heights and watching the best panoramic views, and watching the mist flying through the rainforest.

Tourism on Grand Comore Island
Grand Comore Island

Grand Comore Island It is one of the most developed islands, with the most stable economy. It is also characterized by the pristine beauty of nature that attracts tourists, making it one of the most beautiful tourism islands in the Comoros.

Grand Comore gives you many golden opportunities, where you enjoy exploring amazing lava, white sandy beaches surrounded by green trees, as well as having a beautiful agricultural view filled with plantations of coconut, vanilla and cassava.

Tourism on the island of Mayotte

Mayotte is the oldest city in style and an ethnic tourist spot in Comoros, one of the charming islands that offers the best and perfect leisure getaway.

You can enjoy many enjoyable leisure activities on the island of Mayotte, the most important of which are relaxing on the sandy beaches of soft white sand, swimming and snorkeling in the bright turquoise waters.



Tips before traveling to Comoros
Before traveling to the Comoros for the first time, here are the most important tips and guidelines that can help you have a perfect holiday in the Comoros:

No need to worry about security
Despite the prevalence of poverty in the Comoros, crime rates are almost non-existent. You don’t have to worry about wandering around at night, it’s completely safe and theft incidents are virtually non-existent.

Don’t miss the diving experience
Diving in the Comoros coast is considered world-class, as most of the foreigners who come to Comoros come with the goal of diving.



Bring more sunscreen
Buying sunscreen is a must when traveling in Comoros, due to its very hot tropical climate. So be sure to buy a large amount of sunscreen with you, to avoid the damage of the scorching sun.

Pay attention to religious customs and traditions
Comoros is an Islamic country that has values ​​related to Islam, and you must respect them, such as covering up in clothing and not revealing the shoulder or the legs.

Friendly treatment with the people of the Comoros
The people of Comoros are some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, and they will make a positive impression on you during your trip in Comoros. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask them or inquire about anything and treat them with love and respect throughout the period of tourism in the Comoros.