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Royal Pavilion Palace

Royal Pavilion Palace

Royal Pavilion Palace

The palace was built in 1878 AD and was a royal residence in the past for Prince of Wales George. It was designed in the Indo-Saracenic style, which was at that time widespread in India. The local council of Brighton purchased it from Queen Victoria, making it one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.



The palace includes many suites, rooms and corridors that tourists accept to visit to see its distinctive architectural style, the most important of which is the royal suite of Prince George IV, Prince of Wales. Always enjoy the sport of skiing while sipping drinks and eating from the cafes and restaurants around the palace.

Brighton Aquarium

The aquarium was established in 1872 AD in the Victorian style, which is considered the oldest exhibition of marine organisms in the world. The aquarium includes 3500 species of marine creatures such as sharks and marine crocodiles



The aquarium includes the Victoria Corridor, which includes many marine creatures, the rock pool, which provides some special activities for its visitors, such as touching some fish, anemones and starfish, the section of creatures that live in rivers and lakes of tropical forests, such as anacondas, piranhas, poisonous frogs and turtles that live in swamps, Ocean Tunnel, which is a glass tunnel that includes many marine creatures, which includes sharks, tropical fish and sea turtles, seahorse nursery, coral reefs and clown fish, and the aquarium offers glass boat rides.



Brighton Dome

It is considered one of the most important centers of fine arts in Brighton, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Brighton, as it combines the splendor of design and style of architecture.

The dome includes a hall for concerts and some celebrations. There is a long tunnel between the Brighton Dome and the Royal Pavilion Palace, and from it to the famous Brighton Museum. There are many collectibles inside the dome that illustrate the history that the city went through. There is also the front garden of the dome, which helps to enjoy the outdoors.



Booth Museum of Natural History

The museum is located in the southeast of England and was opened in 1874 AD and includes many British birds and insects, fossils, skeletons and mummified bones on the Victorian mummification system

The museum was donated to the municipality by the naturalist Booth on the condition of changing the display of more than three hundred dioramas. Booth was particularly interested in birds. He aspired to collect all kinds of birds present in Britain, whether male or female. The museum displays British birds in their natural environments and a group of British butterflies and fossils. and animal bones.



Queens Garden

The park was established in 1892 AD and is located in the east of the city center and is covered by large green areas. There is also a slope covered by beautiful greenery. The garden overlooks the sea directly. The park also includes many small lakes, which include many birds such as ducks, geese and seagulls.

In addition to that, the park includes many trees and roses that visitors can shade and tennis can be practiced inside the park, which provides special playgrounds for playing and also provides croquet courts. There are cafes inside the park that serve snacks beside fun drinks.