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Attractive and relatively small mountain ridge “Shinji”

Attractive and relatively small mountain ridge “Shinji”

Attractive and relatively small mountain ridge “Shinji”



Schynige Platte
The Schengenplate Hills, Switzerland

At the snowy summit of the Jungfrau lies the quaint and relatively small mountain ridge “Shinigi”. It has always been among the best places for sightseeing in Interlaken Switzerland.


Take a 45-minute panoramic walk, along an easy hiking trail. Which leads you to a wonderful alpine garden, which is home to about 600 species of high-altitude flowers and plants. And also climb up to see one of the best panoramic views of the Alps from the summit, which includes the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as Lake Thun. As well as green alpine meadows and brown Swiss cows.



Höhematte Park
Huimati Park, Switzerland

The Hoemt Park is located in the heart of Interlaken on an area of ​​14 hectares. The park is a picturesque route between the East and West railway stations, surrounded by hotels, a theater, café, and flowerbeds.

You can discover the first Japanese garden in Switzerland, which has a collection of wonderful plants. For the adventurous, the park also offers great opportunities, as it is a favorite landing spot for hang gliders, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides. In winter, you can enjoy ice skating in the park’s large area for skaters.



Interlaken Cable Car

The Interlaken Cable Car is one of the interesting recreational activities that you can do while traveling in Switzerland. Especially for lovers of adventures and unique and daring experiences that raise the level of adrenaline in the blood. The cable car is also famous for its high speed and ease of movement through the heights.

The cable car allows tourists to get a fantastic view, over valleys, mountains, cliffs and the sparkling Lake Brienz. This is in addition to the experience of skydiving from this incredible height of the cable car, and a sense of freedom in the great outdoors. Then conclude your tour with a delicious fresh meal, at one of the nearby restaurants, overlooking the magnificent mountains and waterfalls.



St Beatus Caves
St. Petus Caves, Switzerland

Located in the northeast of Lake Thun, the St. Pettus Caves are a tourist attraction in picturesque Interlaken Switzerland. The caves have a one kilometer long corridor, impressive chambers where you will come across strange stones, dark crevices and underground waterfalls.

You can enjoy wandering these underground caves, seeing mirror lakes, subterranean waterfalls, stalactites, and stalagmites, as well as visiting the cave museum, which documents the history.



Touristik Museum
Tourism Museum in Interlaken

The Museum of Tourism is housed in a beautiful, restored wooden house from the 17th century. It is one of the most famous and most beautiful tourist sites in Interlaken Switzerland. It is a museum that shows the history of tourism in the region, through its three floors of exhibitions, most of which are in English.

At the Turistic Museum you can admire the exhibits, which cover everything from early transportation and hotels to travel and ski clothing. As well as models of postal buses, bicycles, lake steamers, rack rail locomotives and actual historic carriages and chariots. Also includes historical photographs and art, to learn about how small villages reached developed and thriving attractions, through cultures, customs, traditions, geological nature, flora and fauna.