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The most beautiful natural landmarks of Trabzon that attract the attention of incoming tourists

The most beautiful natural landmarks of Trabzon that attract the attention of incoming tourists

The most beautiful natural landmarks of Trabzon that attract the attention of

incoming tourists




chal cave

One of the most beautiful natural landmarks of Trabzon, which draws the attention of tourists coming to visit it from different parts of the world, why not, it is the second longest cave in the world and one of the highest, with a height of up to 1050 m above sea level, and its inner wings that extend for a distance of 200 and 400 m, in addition to a number of stalagmites, stalactites, and a wooden staircase overlooking from below a group of pools, some of which flow like waterfalls and rocky valleys, and covered from the top of sharp limestone roofs in a majestic scene.

Not far away, you can enjoy the sound of trickling water and the stunning views dating back hundreds of years, which artificial lighting units give special clarity and beauty while sipping a cup of traditional Turkish tea at the cafe that includes the deep cave.




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Chaikara tea village

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Trabzon, which inspires a deep sense of comfort and psychological peace in the atmosphere of calm and relaxation provided by tea plantations, flowing waterfalls, and green mountain pastures in the charming rural village.

Visitors to the tea village on the way to Uzungol 20 km before reaching it can also experience the distinctive flavor of tea that the villagers are uniquely preparing in a way that is very different from the usual tea flavor.



Park Square

For those looking for tourist places in Trabzon that can provide them with a quiet recreation atmosphere and a beautiful nature that can separate them perfectly and comfortably from all the hustle and bustle that often characterize cities, Trabzon Meydan Park is the perfect place.

In addition to this, Trabzon Meydan Park is the perfect recreational place for family outings full of fun and entertainment.

For new couples, the park offers an idyllic romantic setting among the trees, carefully curated green spaces, and fountains with basins, where gurgling water adds a special aesthetic spirit to the view.



Ataturk Square

It is located in the center of Trabzon, specifically in the Black Sea region, and includes many tourist and recreational facilities such as restaurants and shops, as well as famous hotels.

Trees and greenery are spread on both sides of the square, which increases the vitality of the place, as are the seats that visitors resort to to rest. Among the famous square landmarks is the statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state, as well as the famous Uzun Socak Street.

A walk inside Ataturk Square is the most important thing you can do there, enjoy seeing the landmarks of the square such as the statue of Ataturk and the fountains, rest a little on the seats there and take some special pictures.



Choose between the many restaurants and cafes spread in the famous square to try the distinctive Turkish food and unique Turkish drinks, we advise you to try breakfast on the wonderful mornings of the square.