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My Best Travel

levoberezhny beah sea, food and wonderful forests what more do you want?

levoberezhny beah sea, food and wonderful forests what more do you want?

levoberezhny beah sea, food and wonderful forests what more do you want?

levoberezhny beah . beach
Levoberezny Beach

Sea, food and wonderful forests, what more do you want? This is the motto and the result of the experience when you visit one of Moscow’s unique beaches. There, the



picturesque nature meets the charming atmosphere and the clear waters. There is Levoberezny beach near the capital in the northwest of Moscow, green spaces spread all over the beach, for all forest lovers you can win a quiet session under one the trees.
You should try going to the beach in the morning to enjoy spending time with your family and benefit from a sunbath that gives your body multiple benefits, and do not forget to try some of the local dishes that are served through the restaurants scattered there.
If you want to get to the beach of Levoberezny by Google Maps, click here.


Do not miss visiting the beaches of Moscow

Here we have come to the end of our report on the beaches of Moscow, as it is a great opportunity to enjoy tourism in Moscow, especially the picturesque beaches of Moscow. Water activities such as swimming, boating and water parks, or between wild activities on the beaches such as playing ball, cycling and relaxing, keep the most beautiful moments you will spend in Moscow that will add meaning to your life and will be remembered for a lifetime until you come again.

Moscow’s best beaches
When you arrive in the land of Moscow, you may be confused and think what beach to go to and what is the best beach, so we offer you a group of the best beaches in Moscow for you to choose what suits you.



Troparovo Beach

One of Moscow’s favorite beaches among citizens and tourists, where it is a very favorite and special area for swimming, as well as you can rent boats and go inside the water. Moments available and you can spend a quiet day with your family.


Serebryany Bor . Beach
Sirepriani Bor Beach

On the bend of the Moscow River, there is a beach (Serebriany Bor), which is a favorite place for Muscovites and tourists come to it. All services related to food and drink.


Entry to the beach is free. As for the activities inside, there are things suitable for young and old, such as a children’s play area, a volleyball court for adults, and you can also rent boats to sail inside the river or you can enjoy the swimming pool there.

Bolshoi . Beach
Sirepriani Bor Beach

In this place rich in beach games and water skiing, as well as a place dedicated to foam parties, the beach is distinguished from the rest of the beaches of Moscow by the presence of the wonderful waterfall that satiates children a lot of fun for long hours. The beach is clean and the water is clear and the sand is soft, as it feels like hills of gold from the intensity of the yellow color, and this invites you to enjoy a very wonderful swimming atmosphere.