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Tourism in London

Tourism in London

Tourism in London

London is the largest and most beautiful city in England. It is the official capital of the country, and it is the political, financial and cultural center for it. The city has many tourist attractions that attract many tourists throughout the year. We review them:



1- Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most famous tourist attractions in London, which is considered one of the oldest landmarks, which was built in 1858 AD, which is more than a century and a half old, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it is considered a symbol of world time. beside him

There are also many places and attractions surrounding the clock, which makes it an attractive tourist attraction for visitors.



2- The London Eye (London Eye)

There is an eye on the banks of the River Thames, which is a wheel or a huge tourist wheel and was established before the beginning of the twenty-first century and has an area of ​​135 m

It includes 32 external glass capsules, in which visitors ride to see the sights of London and enjoy the beautiful scenery and landmarks of the city such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Windsor Castle and Westminster Palace.

It is also possible to view the landmarks from the top up to forty kilometers and the wheel does not stop when the visitors ride, but is ridden when it is slow and equal to the ground. The wheel can carry 15,000 visitors per day and the equivalent of three and a half million people annually.



3- London Aquarium for Marine Life

The aquarium is considered one of the most entertaining places for children and adults in London. It contains four hundred species of fish taken from 14 marine environments from many climatic regions of the world.

The aquarium consists of huge glass basins containing more than one million cubic liters of water, in which all fish and marine organisms swim.

The aquarium is also the largest aquarium in Europe, and when the visitor enters it, he feels as if he is inside a submarine under the water to watch the marine life in its nature.

The aquarium includes sea horses, green turtles of all kinds, coral reefs, ten types of sharks, stingrays, rays, crabs and marine dragons. The water park provides enjoyment of swimming and diving shows.



4- Tower of London

It is a historic castle located in the north of the River Thames in the heart of London, England. It was built in 1066 AD as one of the parts of the Norman conquest of England, and in 1078 AD, William the Conqueror ordered the construction of the White Tower to become a symbol of subjugating the new ruling family to their enemies in London.



5- Buckingham Palace

The palace is located in London and is considered the official residence of the Kings of Britain and currently the seat of Queen Elizabeth II. It is twenty-four meters high and consists of five floors that draw attention to it from its wonderful shape. The palace also has four suites and 557 rooms.

Inside the palace there is a Victorian memorial, which was sculpted by artist Sir Thomas Brooke in 1911 AD, and because of its distinctive shape, it was called the wedding cake. It also includes the throne of the Queen’s Gallery, which is located to the west of the church.

There are also many pieces of art owned by the royal family, which enjoy their elegance and different rarity. Among the most practiced activities next to the palace are seeing the stable full of thoroughbred horses and seeing the royal guards switch at ten o’clock in the morning.



6- The British Museum

It is one of the most important museums in the world; To display the treasures of human history of various civilizations and peoples, which number up to 13 million artifacts.

Despite the disagreement about the legality of acquiring the antiquities and artifacts contained in the museum, it is classified as one of the best and most important tourist places in England for families and young children, and for anyone interested in studying the history, culture and heritage of the different peoples that have created the land since its inception.

The Middle East and North Africa Group; Which represents the civilizations of Sheba, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia, Turkish Iznik, Sudan and Pharaonic Egypt are among the most famous archaeological holdings in the museum and the most popular and visited among tourists, along with Palestinian traditional costumes.



7- Hyde Park

It is one of the largest parks in the city of London, the capital of the United Kingdom, and one of the royal parks in London.

The garden includes a large lake in addition to a group of fountains. It is famous for having what is locally called “Speakers Corner”, which means Speakers’ Corner, which is located in the northeastern section of the park.

It is the place where speakers gather every Sunday to give a speech or debate on a particular topic freely. It covers an area of ​​one hundred and forty hectares.



8 – Legoland amusement park in London

It is one of the largest amusement parks in London, with about 2.2 million visitors annually. Legoland is about 42 km from central London, so it takes about an hour to get there and back.

The Legoland theme park is characterized by the presence of many recreational games in it, which made it the second largest amusement park in London. The Legoland theme park is more suitable for the age between two to 12 years, which means that it is not very suitable for young people. But this does not negate that the youth category will not find fun in it, as its games are fun for young and old.

Ticket prices for Legoland Windsor Theme Park

The price of entry ticket to this fun amusement park is approximately 50 pounds per person.

Legoland London operating hours: Legoland London is available to visit all days of the week from 9:30 am to 17:00 pm.



9- Oxford Street

Oxford Street London is one of the most important tourist places in London, as it is one of the most famous English streets whose fame does not stop at the local level only, but also worldwide, because the street offers its visitors a large variety of shops and shopping places.

Oxford Street is located in London at Marble Large to the west.

Oxford Street in London extends for about 2 km, and it is the perfect place for shopping in the city, as it contains among its alleys more than 300 shops, through which the street offers its visitors one of the most beautiful shopping trips that they can take in the city at reasonable prices.

The shops are distributed in the street to secure all the needs of everyone who comes to Oxford Street, as its stores sell traditional English goods, as well as international merchandise bearing the names of the most famous brands, in addition to watches and jewelry stores, and even gift shops.

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