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The most important tourist places in Nassau, Bahamas

The most important tourist places in Nassau, Bahamas



Tourism in Nassau, Bahamas, is characterized by a wonderful group of tourist attractions. Here are 10 of the most beautiful and most important tourist places in Nassau, Bahamas:

Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis Paradise Island
Aquaventure Waterpark in Atlantis Paradise Nassau Island

Located on Atlantis Paradise Island, Aquaventure Waterpark is a wonderful and exhilarating water park for the whole family. One of the best things to do in Nassau Bahamas is spending a day here.


The park is large and is located on an area of ​​141 acres, and provides tourists with many enjoyable experiences. This is where the Atlantic-style water towers, high-speed water slides, swimming in many swimming areas suitable for all age groups, river rides, and many other recreational and exciting activities.



Ardastra Gardens
Ardastra Gardens, Nassau, Bahamas

Ardaster Gardens is the first zoo in the Bahamas. It was founded in 1937 by the Jamaican horticulturist Hedley Vivian Edwards. The park is located in the heart of Nassau, one of the most important tourist attractions in Nassau, Bahamas.

Set in four acres of tropical gardens, the gardens are now home to more than 200 diverse animals of which the most famous are the Caribbean flamingo, the Bahamian national bird, as well as the endangered Bahamian parrot and several species of iguanas. It is the perfect place for families and children.



Clifton National Park in Nassau
Clifton National Park Nassau

Clifton National Park is a public park, on an area of ​​208 acres that showcases the historical and cultural heritage of the Loyalists and African civilizations. It was established in 2004 by the Clifton Heritage Authority.

The park is rich in scenic landscapes, and allows you to tour hiking trails, spot wildlife, birdwatch, boat, fish, swim and snorkel in sandy beaches and rocky shores. This is in addition to seeing many walls, historical stone statues, sites, buildings and fences

Tourism in Petra, Jordan, is considered one of the gems of Arabia

Tourism in Petra, Jordan, is considered one of the gems of Arabia


Which offers a lot of adventures and unique experiences. This is where the pink city in Jordan is famous for its multi-colored sandstone, and the original Nabataean architecture carved into the rock. Which made it one of the most archaeological treasures in the Middle East and the world.

As well as what it provides for nature lovers, where hiking over the slopes and through deep valleys and many other elements that made it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Jordan. Explore tourism in Petra, Jordan, through this comprehensive guide, and learn about the most important tourist attractions recommended to visit…



The best hotels in Petra, Jordan

In Petra, Jordan, there is a variety of luxury hotels, that meet all your tourist needs, and suit all tourist budgets. This is in addition to its distinctive views of the most important tourist areas… Read more about the best hotels in Petra, Jordan.

The best time to travel to Petra, Jordan
The best time for travel and tourism in Petra, Jordan, is during the spring. And that is in the period from “March to June”, when the warm temperatures and the shining sun in the sky of Jordan.

This atmosphere allows for a walk to discover the country and its historical monuments, which are included in the UNESCO World List. As well as the possibility of hiking between the mountains, and the practice of a group of the most enjoyable recreational and tourist activities.



The ideal period for tourism in Petra, Jordan
The ideal period of travel and tourism in Petra, Jordan, is approximately three days. Which is enough time to enjoy exploring Petra and its most important tourist attractions. Stroll your first day in the city of red roses, see heritage sites, climb heights, or take part in horseback riding tours. Then explore Wadi Rum and beyond in the protected Wadi Rum desert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On your second day, you can try camping in an overnight camp in a Bedouin camp. And on the third and final day check out Little Petra, its facades carved into the rocks, and the triclinium dining halls on a 4×4 safari, or a guided picnic. And don’t forget to eat delicious Jordanian cuisine, and finally you can do a classic Turkish bath, enjoy a steam room and a refreshing massage that helps you relax. Then get ready to leave and go back home.



Where is Petra located?

Petra is located in the Ma’an Governorate in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And that in the western part of the desert road, which connects the capital and the city of Aqaba. The city of Petra is 235.0 km away from the Jordanian capital, Amman.




Closest airport to Petra, Jordan
King Hussein International Airport in Jordan
King Hussein International Airport
King Hussein International Airport or “Aqaba Airport” is the nearest airport to the city of Petra in Jordan. The airport is about 124.1 km away from the city of Petra.

The language in Petra
Arabic is the official national language used in the city of Petra, Jordan. And that with the presence of a number of other local languages.

The most important tourist places in Queenstown, New Zealand

The most important tourist places in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is characterized by many beautiful tourist places, we will mention to you the following 9 of the most beautiful tourist places in Queenstown, New Zealand, we recommend visiting:



Kawarau Bridge Bungy
Kawaro Bungee Bridge, New Zealand

The Kawaro Bungee Suspension Bridge is home to the world’s first and most famous bungee jump. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was opened in 1988, and is located in a rocky front overlooking the Kawarau River.

The bridge is 43 meters long above sea level. And it allows you to enjoy stunning views from the top of the bridge, and the white water rapids of the Shotoffer River. Explore rocky gorges, cross rocks by quad bike, and the ultimate adventure for thrill-seekers is skydiving and enjoying epic views of the Southern Alps and surrounding lakes.



Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is the longest and third largest lake in New Zealand, and it is an inland lake of 80 km in length. Take a scenic cruise across Lake Wakatipu, aboard the century-old coal-fired TSS Earnslaw.

You can dine for a unique experience, as well as walk, bike, stroll along the long lake shores, jet-boating, enjoy fishing, and kayak tours.



Skippers Canyon

One of the most exciting hikes in the Queenstown area, is the drive through Skippers Canyon. It is a historic strait that extends across 22 kilometers, and was once home to thousands of prospectors after the discovery of gold in 1892 AD, in the Shotofer River that runs through the valley.


Now it’s a popular stop for heritage cruises, jet-boating, bungee jumping, crossing the high Skippers Suspension Bridge and reaching the top of the Cronet. Choose from the many rides to Skippers Canyon, go to the rink, and don’t miss the delicious cream tea along the way, for which the area is famous.

The most important tourist places in Bruges, Belgium

The most important tourist places in Bruges, Belgium

There are many tourist places in Bruges, Belgium that are worth a visit. Learn the following about tourism in Bruges, Belgium, and the 9 most important tourist places worth visiting during your vacation:



Choco-Story Museum
Choco Story Museum Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is famous for its delicious chocolate, so your tourist trip is not complete without trying and tasting the best chocolate, as well as visiting the Choco Story Museum, which is an important attraction in the city. The museum provides a wealth of information on how cocoa beans were grown, and enjoy learning about its centuries-old history.

From the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, to the original European chocolatiers. You can see more than 1,000 pieces of historical chocolate, through which you will learn how Belgium became the chocolate capital of Europe. Then conclude your visit with sampling a variety of fine Belgian chocolate.



The Minnewater Bridge
Minwater Bridge, Bruges, Belgium

The beautiful city of Bruges is characterized by its wonderful canals, and Lake Minnewater is a wide canal known as the “Lake of Love”. It is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Bruges, Belgium, that attracts tourists and visitors to it constantly.

Stroll through Minnewater Park amid the vast green spaces, and see the ruins of an ancient castle. As well as a walk across the lake bridge, as legend has it that walking with your partner will lead to eternal love between the two of you! .



Belfry of Bruges
Belfry Tower, Bruges

Belfry Tower is a bell tower dating back to the Middle Ages in 1240 AD, its height is about 83 meters. It is one of the finest bell towers in Belgium, and the building contains a picturesque courtyard “Halle Square”, and the city fathers used the balcony above the entrance, to issue their laws to the public gathered under it.

Climb the narrow, steep staircase to the top, consisting of 366 steps to reach the clock bell tower, and get panoramic views of the city from above. You can also visit the ancient treasure room, and it is worth noting that the tower leans to the east, and the bells in it still chime to this day.



Bruges water channels

Bruges is called the “Venice of the North” because of its many beautiful canals. The Rio River was transformed into a network of canals in the Middle Ages, to facilitate merchants. Today, these canals are one of the most famous and most beautiful places of tourism in Bruges, Belgium.

The canals give you great opportunities to go on a fun cruise, to see some of the most beautiful sites in Bruges, and to see stunning landscapes. Among the most beautiful of these is the “Green Canal” which is the most romantic, as the canal is lined with trees, creepers and elegant seventeenth-century mansions.



Groeninge Museum
Groningen Museum, Belgium

One of the best art museums in Bruges, Belgium, the Groningen Museum is a popular tourist spot in the city. It houses a treasure trove of old Flemish masterpieces such as Jan van Eyck’s masterpieces.

The museum also includes an exhibition of modern art, and an impressive collection of paintings of the ancient city of Bruges, including the surreal “Serenity” by Paul Delvaux, and others, as it includes the most beautiful and most diverse art collections in the world.

The most important tourist places in Brussels, Belgium

The most important tourist places in Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian capital, Brussels, has many wonderful tourist places, which are worth a visit. Here are 10 of the most beautiful tourist places in Brussels, Belgium, that we advise you to visit during your tourist vacation:



The Grand Place
Grand Place Brussels

The Grand Place is one of the most important tourist attractions in Brussels, and it is located in the heart of the city. It is considered one of the best preserved squares in Europe.

Here you can enjoy discovering the unique architecture, which is characterized by the Baroque style united in the buildings scattered around the square of the houses. As well as gold decorations, and stonework carved with high accuracy. The place is also distinguished by its cheerful colors, allowing you to take the most beautiful pictures.



Atomium Tower

Today the Atomium Tower is the most important tourist attraction in Brussels Belgium, and the most famous in Europe. It is a giant model magnified 165 billion times representing a proto-crystalline iron cell, and can be considered a mixture of sculpture and architecture.

The structure consists of nine stainless steel covered balls, connected by 20 tubes, and has a height of 102 meters. It was renovated in 2006 in order to create a beautiful light show that makes it sparkle at night. You can enter the building to explore its sci-fi-style interiors, as well as visit its unique museum, which is visited by approximately 600,000 tourists annually.



Parc du Cinquantenaire

This tourist site was built in 1880, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Belgium’s independence. Cinconte Nair is one of the most famous and most beautiful tourist attractions in Brussels. It consists of a large group of lush green gardens, dotted with antiquities and museums, and is distinguished by the presence of a huge triumphal arch with three arches.
The park offers you to enjoy strolling the lanes, many entertainment and sporting events, concerts, and fireworks as festivities are held. In addition to a stunning panoramic view of the whole of Brussels from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.



Europe’s Miniature Garden Brussels

The Garden of Miniature Europe is located at the foot of the Atomium, which is one of the best places to visit in Brussels Belgium, which you can visit during your tourist vacation. It is the only park that allows you to enjoy a tour of Europe in just a few hours.

It is a complex of the most famous landmarks in Europe, with miniatures of Big Ben London’s bells, the bullfighting in Seville, the launch of the Ariane spaceship and much more. This is in addition to European interactive games, multimedia, and the exhibition Soul of Europe, which is suitable for all ages.

The most important tourist places in Edinburgh, Scotland

The most important tourist places in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has many attractions that are worth visiting and exploring. Here are 10 of them that we advise you to visit during your tourist vacation:



Royal Yacht Britannia
Royal Yacht Britannia Scotland

The Royal Yacht Britannia is one of the most famous ships in the world and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been associated with the monarchy for 12 years in a row, for his reputation for sailing a million miles on a thousand state visits, during his 40 years in royal service.

You can board the ship, and explore the five main decks, which you can easily access in Britannia. As well as the crew rooms, royal apartments, and engine room. Get to know what life was like for the Royal Navy. There is also a beautiful sun lounge and tea room on board for a stop over for tea and cake in a great setting…



Scottish National Museum

The Scottish National Museum was opened in 2011, and it is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland. As well as one of the most beautiful activities that you can do in Edinburgh for free, as it attracts more than two million visitors annually.

Enjoy discovering a number of Edinburgh’s ancient archaeological museums, as well as seeing over 8000 artifacts, and displays of natural history, geology, art, science and technology. As well as traditional museum displays from ancient Egypt, it also houses Dolly the sheep, the world’s first cloned mammal.



Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Edinburgh Scotland. The castle allows you to practice many recreational activities, including discovering the Scottish National War Memorial and the National War Museum.

As well as an astonishing collection of the Crown Jewels, which it houses in the Royal Palace. The Stone of Destiny was stolen and returned to Scotland after 700 years in 1996.




The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden is the second oldest garden of its kind in Britain, as it was built in 1670 AD. It is also one of the largest gardens and contains more than 1,300 different and exotic species of plants.

The garden offers its visitors to enjoy watching the forest garden with colorful azaleas, hydrangeas, camellias and rhododendrons. In addition to an alpine house, a bog garden, as well as Britain’s largest palm house, and a tropical house with exotic orchids.



Also there is a water house with tropical aquatic plants, such as the pink water lily from India, a variety of educational programs, and wonderful light shows during the Christmas period.

The most important tourist places in Alanya, Turkey

The most important tourist places in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya includes a group of the most beautiful tourist places, explore with us the following 9 of the most beautiful recreational activities and tourist places, which you can visit during tourism in Turkish Alanya:



Kızılkule Tower in Turkey

The Red Tower was built in 1226 AD to protect Alanya Castle and the Seljuk Shipyard. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Turkish city of Alanya, which is worth a visit.

You can climb the tower, which is 30 meters above sea level. In order to have a panoramic view of the entire city from the top. You can also walk around and explore the area surrounding the tower, such as the ruins of the castle, which dates back to the 13th century, in addition to going down to the harbor.



Relaxing at Cleopatra Beach
Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya has a wonderful climate, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is also characterized by its wide, clear and clean sandy beaches, the most important and famous of which is Cleopatra Beach.

Cleopatra Beach has the best sand among all the beaches of Alanya. It is also a free beach with all services, such as deck chairs, umbrellas, bathrooms and showers. It is the most popular beach in the city. It also allows you to practice many beach activities and interesting water sports such as kayaking, water skiing, swimming and others.



Dim Cave
Dim Cave in Turkey

Dim Cave is located 11 km from Alanya and is a popular tourist attraction in the city. Dim Cave is located at the foot of the western hill of Mount Sebeli Reis in the Taurus Mountains, the height of the cave is approximately 232 meters.

This cave is the second largest cave in Turkey and is open to visitors. The cave entrance area features a café, which offers great views of the coastal plateau below. You can also wander inside the cave’s inner corridor, which is about 360 meters long, and delve into the depths on an exciting adventure. There is also a small lake at the end of the cave with an area of ​​200 square metres.



Koprulu Canyon National Park

Koprulu Canyon National Park is one of the most beautiful recreational places, which you can visit in Alanya. Located about 120 kilometers north of the city, the park is popular for its interesting kayaking trips.

Rafting along the blue Kopru glacier, which winds through the valley, heads under the Romanesque Olok Bridge, which dates back to the 2nd century. You can also explore many remains of Roman ruins, such as the Great Roman Theatre. As well as cafes and restaurants along the river shore.



Saber Valley Canyon

The location of Sabadar Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Alanya, Turkey, especially for nature lovers. Despite its small size, stretching only 800 meters in length, it is a popular tourist destination and well worth a visit.

Beauty in its brilliance, Cable Palace in Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Beauty in its brilliance, Cable Palace in Glasgow Botanic Gardens


Keppel Palace and Botanical Gardens
Cable Palace and Botanic Gardens in Glasgow


Cable Palace is located in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, and was built in 1873. It is one of Britain’s largest greenhouses, and contains a collection of rare orchids.

The Botanic Gardens is one of Glasgow’s most beautiful recreational areas. They allow you to view tropical greenhouses, magnificent Victorian-inspired sculptures, and stroll among the beautiful flowers. You can also visit the tea room, which is famous for its beautiful courtyard, as well as for its beautiful concerts.



Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum
Kelvingrove Art Museum Glasgow

One of the most important museums in Scotland is the Kelvin Grove Museum and Art Gallery, located in Kelvingrove Park. Opened in 1901, the museum is an important entertainment and educational venue in Glasgow, and of course it is a great choice for a fun family outing.

In this museum you will find an impressive collection of British and Continental paintings, including gems such as a portrait of Van Gogh, sculptures and Art Nouveau items and furniture. As well as fully furnished rooms, crockery, metalwork, and other artwork. In addition to Bronze Age jewelry, as well as Flemish furnishings, and silverware.



Buchanan Street
Buchanan Street Glasgow

The Scottish city of Glasgow is known for its many luxury markets, so shopping is a must on the most vibrant city street, Buchanan Street.

Spend a fun time on Punkan Street, among its many different shops offering everything to tourists and visitors alike. Therefore, most shoppers spend a long time inside the distinctive Buchanan galleries, which made it one of the most important tourist attractions in Glasgow, Scotland.



Glasgow Tigers Speedway
Glasgow Tigers Race

The Glasgow Motorway is a major attraction in Glasgow and is the only professional motorcycle racing team in the west of Scotland. Founded in 1028 AD, these guys sure have something amazing to watch and explore.

Starting from March to August, this unique game offers young and old a day full of vitality, enthusiasm and fun. Watching the action of the Glasgow Tigers Motorcycle Circuit, as they compete for their place at the Premier League table of British MotoGP. Check the match schedule before your flight.



Glasgow Science Center

The Glasgow Science Center was built for the purpose of educating and entertaining children, giving them insight into the world of science and technology. It is the perfect place to spend a fun and useful time with your children during tourism in Glasgow, Scotland.

Located in the waterfront district, this popular mall is housed in a gorgeous ship-shaped titanium-clad building. It provides endless fun, as kids can try some science experiments, based on their newly acquired knowledge. As well as a planetarium, an IMAX cinema, a science theatre, as well as their own little puppet show under the sea.



Escape games “Tick Tock Unlock”
Tick ​​Tock Unlock in Glasgow, Scotland

Escape games are one of the most enjoyable tourism activities in Glasgow, Scotland. This place gives you the opportunity to collaborate as a team in solving puzzles and finding symbols and clues that are scattered all over the place.



Your team has to communicate effectively, to uncover clues that will allow them to escape from the locked room within 60 minutes. It is a completely safe place for those who suffer from claustrophobia, as it is a very large room. And you must book online in advance, to have a unique experience in playing these exciting games.

The Bulgarian city of Sofia has many wonderful attractions

The Bulgarian city of Sofia has many wonderful attractions.

The most important tourist places in Sofia, Bulgaria
The Bulgarian city of Sofia has many wonderful attractions. If you decide to travel and tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria soon, here are some of the most important tourist places that we advise you to visit during your vacation:



Mount Vitosha
Vitosha mountain, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mount Vitosha is the most famous and prominent tourist attraction in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a huge peak in a natural park, rising over 2,200 meters behind the southwestern outskirts of Sofia. This place allows you to go hiking, mountain climbing and skiing.

Vitosha is a ski resort, and you can climb it up to the black summit, for a great panoramic view of the city. It is also the oldest natural park in the Balkan Peninsula. The mountain is home to a variety of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. In addition to many types of wonderful plants. The mountain also includes two rare ocean reserves.



National Historical Museum

The National Historical Museum is located in the residence of the former dictator “Todor Zhivkov”. The museum covers 8000 years of Bulgarian history, through five specialized halls. It is one of the famous attractions in Sofia.

It is also the largest historical museum in the Balkans in terms of volume of contents, with more than 700,000 objects arranged chronologically. The museum is also famous for its collection of ancient, medieval coins, as well as seeing the Panagyurishte Treasure, one of the most famous Thracian treasures still in existence.



Borisova Gardena
Borisova Gradina Park, Sofia, Bulgaria

Borisova Gardena is the largest and most famous park in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is the oldest park in the city, dating back to the 19th century. It has been developed to become an ideal recreational haven for its visitors, whether locals or even foreign tourists.


You can do a lot of fun things in the park, such as strolling the tree-lined paths, relaxing with food and drinks and fresh air, snowboarding in winter, jogging and exercising, or rent a boat and take a cruise on Lake Ariana.

The most important tourist places in Kairouan, Tunisia

The most important tourist places in Kairouan, Tunisia

The Tunisian city of Kairouan includes a group of the most wonderful tourist places. Here are 10 of them, to be sure to visit them during the upcoming tourism holiday in Kairouan, Tunisia:



Aghlabid basins

The Aghlabid Basins are one of the important tourist attractions in Kairouan. It was these basins that supplied the Aghlabid Palace with water, and were a center of relaxation for the royal family. It is a huge open-air reservoir with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, by an aqueduct from Jebel Sharahil, about 36 km away.

These ponds were restored in 1969 after drying up, and since that time they have become a popular tourist attraction, to do a lot of fun recreational activities such as swimming and others.



Barouta well
Well of Barouta, Kairouan, Tunisia

The Barouta Well is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kairouan, Islamic Tunisia, to which many visitors and tourists alike come to drink from the holy water of the well. It is a well located inside the old city, and there is a blue door at the entrance, and the well dates back to the seventeenth century.

There is an underground canal that connects this well to the Zamzam spring in Mecca, which arose from the desert to quench Ismail’s thirst, and is still operated by a camel, as the camel is placed in the pulley system, and it revolves around the well in the circle to infinity, constantly drawing water and this is one of the reasons It alienates some tourists with an interest in animal rights. It is worth noting that it is a ritual visit to the place to leave some coins.



Hussein Al Alani’s house
Dar Hussein Alani, Tunisia

Dar Hussein El Alani is located in the city of Kairouan, a traditional house with a distinctive architectural design, full of inscriptions and ancient Arab-Islamic architecture, dating back to the eighteenth century. It is a guest house and museum.

In this house, admire the exquisite interiors, learn about the folk culture of the people of the region, and find the seating areas behind ornate carved frames and stained glass. There are also guided tours that end on the rooftop terrace, which has great views of the Medina.



The corner of Sidi Sahbi
Zawiya Sidi Sahbi Tunisia

A tourism holiday in Kairouan, Tunisia, is not complete without visiting the Zawiya of Sidi Sahib or the Sahabi, which is also known as “The Hallaq Mosque”. It was built between 1629 and 1692 over the tomb of “Sidi Sahabi,” one of the companions of the Seal of the Messengers, our master Muhammad “peace be upon him,” who died in 685 AD.

The name of the mosque came because my master, a companion, always kept some hair from the beard of the Messenger “may God bless him and grant him peace” as a veneration for him. The complex includes a mausoleum, a mosque and a school of Islamic teachings with its magnificent decorations, most of which date back to the nineteenth century.