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The best restaurants in Istanbul that we recommend to try

A report on the best restaurants in Istanbul, Taksim and Istiklal Street

Istanbul restaurants
List of the best restaurants you can visit in Istanbul, Turkey
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The city of Istanbul tops the priorities of tourism in Turkey, largely due to its great importance among the cities of Turkey, the beauty of its nature, its large number of landmarks, its large area, its friendly people and its delicious food. him in your life

In this Istanbul restaurants report, we will help tourists heading to tourism in Istanbul by providing a list of the most important restaurants in Istanbul, which specialize in providing distinguished Turkish cuisine, and we will mention the best Istanbul restaurants that many Arabs liked and were advised to visit

Balukçi Sabahattin Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Kaji Sabihatn Restaurant
The restaurant is characterized by its old and simple wooden structure, located in the renovated area of ​​the old city, a short walking distance from Sultanahmet, is a place that will surprise you and you will have delicious seafood as one of the best fish restaurants in Istanbul, the restaurant is intended for city residents and foreigners both and in abundance.



Giritli Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Giritli Restaurant
Located close to the Marmara Sea on the south side of the old city, easily walkable from Sultanahmet, housed in an old wooden building with a pleasant garden for hot summer evenings. This restaurant serves healthy and delicious fish dishes.

Yeni Lokanta Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Yeni Lucanta restaurant
This restaurant is one of the latest projects of the famous chef, Yeni Lukanta, is located in the bustling Beyoglu district and offers its diners the most delicious traditional Turkish dishes (appetizers, main dishes, dessert) and of course we do not forget the Turkish coffee.

This restaurant is keen to provide traditional Turkish meals with new touches, such as introducing modern and unfamiliar tastes that increase the value of the cook, and of the dishes that any visitor to this restaurant will love; Traditional and contemporary manti and pudding.

Asitane Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Isetan Restaurant
This elegant restaurant, located near the Curry Museum, serves the most important Ottoman dishes that were designed for the palace kitchens. The menu is full of recipes that will tempt everyone, even vegetarians have a share in this restaurant.

It has a beautiful outdoor patio where the fun is doubled, and whoever comes to this restaurant should try dishes such as stuffed quince, goose kebab, or fatty apron kebab, which includes lamb and rolled beef.




St. Regis Brasserie Regis brasserie
Istanbul restaurants
St. Regis Brasserie
Fans of French cuisine have a distinct destination to go to in Istanbul, but the difference in this restaurant is its idea, which is based on serving French cuisine with a Turkish touch.
Restaurant The luxurious Regis brasserie features indoor and outdoor dining areas with beautiful views of oak, brass and onyx.

The menu includes a variety of salads, handmade pasta and sandwiches between starters and main courses, try the St. Regis Brasserie meatballs, and leave room for a sweet treat such as blueberry cake, rice pudding, tiramisu and mascarpone cheesecake.

Topaz Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Topaz Restaurant
In Topaz Restaurant, the best of Mediterranean and Ottoman cuisine combine together, this restaurant offers a charming view of the Bosphorus in an exciting scene that will open the customer’s appetite more.

The restaurant offers two menus, one modern and the other traditional; The modern menu includes innovative dishes such as goose liver with cranberry jam and walnuts, while the traditional menu reflects classic dishes such as Turkish ravioli with beef and yogurt.



Almadina city restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
City Restaurant
One of the most popular restaurants in the world, before regular customers; Al-Madina Restaurant located in Taksim. This popularity is due to the restaurant’s containing the best chefs in the world, in addition to the menu rich in varied and problematic foods.

The beauty of this restaurant is that it does not focus only on preparing and serving food in the normal way, but on fire shows and artistic methods in which the customer is involved.



Eleos fish restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Elios fish restaurant
Elios Restaurant is a hidden gem located on the floor of a historical building near Tunil, at the end of Beyoglu on Istiklal Street.

The first thing that catches the eye in this restaurant is the comfort of the colors and the decor of the space with a view of the Bosphorus that will remind you that you are about to eat seafood fresh from the sea to your table.

The restaurant serves the best delicious seafood with fruits and refreshing drinks, and lovers of this type of cuisine should not miss this unique gastronomic experience.

Nusr-Et Etiler
Istanbul restaurants
Nusrat Restaurant
Nusrat Steak House Istanbul Restaurant is one of the most luxurious Istanbul restaurants specializing in Turkish

The wonderful ham and steak is located in the Etiler area and is considered one of the most attractive restaurants for tourists, celebrities and stars

The restaurant offers a wide list of foods that include meat of all kinds, such as steak and kofta dishes, in addition to appetizers and salads of all kinds. You can learn about the menu of Nusrat Istanbul Restaurant and the price list for the best restaurants in Istanbul



Hamdi Restaurant Hamdi Et LokantasI
Istanbul restaurants
Hamdi Restaurant
This restaurant combines the best kebabs in the city with the beautiful scenery embodied in the Golden Horn, always filled with customers, whether locals or visitors, and the reason is due to its availability of the most delicious grills and baklava.

Lovely Hoga Restaurant Cemil Hoca Restoran
Istanbul restaurants
Nice restaurant Hoga
The most beautiful sea view, if you want to enjoy the sunset view and eat the most delicious fish food, you should visit the beautiful cemil hoca restaurant, which is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul in the Beylikduzu area



In addition to fish dishes and main meals, the restaurant serves an open buffet with different dishes on Saturday and Sunday only from 9 to 2 pm

360 . Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
360 . Restaurant
One of Istanbul’s finest, most modern and famous restaurants, and it is located on the roof, which makes you feel like you are floating in the air, and with its glass walls and a complete view of Istanbul, you will never feel like getting out of this place.

The menu includes a mixture of cuisine that combines Turkish, Mediterranean, Indian and Italian flavors, and while you enjoy tasting musical notes, the atmosphere increases charm and distinction.




Mikla Restaurant
The best restaurants in Istanbul that we recommend to try 1
Mikla Restaurant
Delicious dishes, mesmerizing views and high-quality service, Mikla Restaurant promises to all its visitors, the restaurant reflects the background of Scandinavian and Turkish chefs on the menu, voted as one of the best restaurants in Turkey.

The most exciting thing about Mikla Restaurant is the panoramic view of Istanbul from the top floor of the elegant Marmara Pera Hotel, especially the breathtaking views that extend to Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace.

Kat . Restaurant
The best Istanbul restaurants that we recommend to try 2
Cat مطعم Restaurant
From the outside, this restaurant may look like a simple place in an apartment building in Istanbul, but as soon as you enter the small elevator to the fifth floor, you will find a rooftop restaurant with fairy lights and an amazing view of the Bosphorus.

The traditional menu includes chicken marbella marinated in red wine with peaches and olives, handmade ravioli stuffed with lentils and served with garlic flavored yogurt.

Karakoy Gulluglu Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Karaköy Guloglu Restaurant
The smell of butter and pistachios will involuntarily lead you to this restaurant that specializes in preparing baklava, and this specialty started since 1820 and is still going on until now.
It will be sweet to talk about the baklava that this restaurant makes, layers of thin phyllo dough with pistachios and butter, everything to the right.
In addition to the baklava, the customer is offered a refreshing sweet drink such as a glass of lemon juice.



Hocapaşa Pidecisi . Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Hokka Pasha Restaurant
Since 1964, this small shop has served its customers from the Sirkeci region with delicious dishes, such as pizza stuffed with minced meat with spices and tomatoes, as well as pastirma, cheese and kavurma.

It is nice that the stuffed bread recipe is prepared in front of the customers’ eyes in an atmosphere of delicious flavors that fill the restaurant.

Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası . Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Akdeniz Sofra Restaurant Hatay
Located in the business district of Aksaray, which is right next to the Historia shopping center, this restaurant attracts its visitors with its southeastern Turkish cuisine with some Arabic recipes.



Lokma Restaurant and Café
Istanbul restaurants
Logma Restaurant and Café
Logma Restaurant is one of the good options for a varied Turkish breakfast from the many menu that includes all kinds of cheeses and eggs in all its forms. The restaurant has a very wide choice and a wonderful selection of dishes.

In addition to the most important characteristic of the restaurant, which is its location on the sea (the Bosphorus) and on the Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh bridge separating Asia and Europe, and its average prices that are not exaggerated, which suit all visitors to it, in addition to the presence of a valet service with it, due to the difficulty of finding a place around the restaurant.



Suda Kebap . Restaurant
Istanbul restaurants
Suda Kebab Restaurant
Suda Restaurant gives you a unique opportunity for relaxation, comfort and tranquility. It is one of the distinguished restaurants in Istanbul, and it has the beauty and charm of being located in the middle of the Bosphorus.

It has a 360-degree panoramic view of Istanbul. Suda Restaurant provides high-end services to its customers, as it offers the best dishes, especially kebabs, in addition to local dishes. Suda Restaurant, in addition to local dishes, serves Italian dishes and varieties, and is famous for serving the most delicious fish dishes.




Oba Istanbul Restaurant Oba
Istanbul restaurants
Oba Istanbul Restaurant
Oba Restaurant is considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in Istanbul, and what distinguishes it most is its comfortable sessions and its wonderful view of the Bosphorus directly, where you can watch the suspension bridge in front of you while eating and watch the birds above you and the fish below you.




The restaurant offers a wide range of delicious dishes from the Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, in addition to the well-known international cuisines such as salads, pasta, meat plates, cheese, appetizers, healthy breakfast, as well as a wide variety of drinks