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Entertainment and amusement parks are among the most loved by young and old

Entertainment and amusement parks are among the most loved by young and old

Everyone there is enjoying games and having a fun holiday, so everyone is planning to go there when they get the chance.

And Athens amusement parks is one of the best amusement parks in the world, so if you make a future plan for tourism in Athens, you must pass to these amusement parks, there are a lot of activities that you will like.



The most famous amusement parks in Athens
The amusement park of Athens is an important tourist attraction, as many tourists who visit the city go to it, and here are the best recommendations that you can go to.

alo amusement park

Allo City is one of the largest amusement parks in Athens, where there are many wonderful and fun games that are suitable for all ages. There are special sections for adult games that require a certain age, such as death train, roller



chains and other high and high games. There are also other games suitable for young children. Which do not pose a danger to them, in addition to the presence of games suitable for the whole family, such as electric cars.

There is also a ghost house, which is one of the most visited places for horror lovers who come to the park, as the park receives many school and university trips, and there are also many concerts and performances presented by the most famous bands, so millions of residents and tourists visit it annually to enjoy their time.


The place receives people over the age of 12, and also receives large groups, so you can organize a party and invite your friends there and live a new experience together, where you can enter more than one room and compete among you, this place allocates some prizes for those who can get out faster and in smarter ways, but You must first book tickets and make an appointment via their website.

Have a great time and enjoy away from the city and its loud hustle and bustle, as there is a side of it overlooking the sea, where you can sit and enjoy the ships and boats roaming in the water, in addition to its tall trees and wide green area.



All this is in addition to a children’s garden, which has many games that children love such as the ball tower, horse wheel, maze, and rubber toys, and the garden also provides people to babysit, in order to keep them safe while parents enjoy with them, and there are also many Restaurants that provide fast food and various cuisines are there under the supervision of the park.