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Al Rigga Street Dubai is strategically located in Deira

Al Rigga Street Dubai is strategically located in Deira



Dubai and near the creek, it also includes all the facilities that guarantee visitors and residents a modern and easy lifestyle, as it includes commercial buildings, government offices, residential towers, as well as service facilities.

In addition to the indispensable entertainment aspect, there are some commercial markets, luxurious international restaurants, sandy beaches, and historical places, so Al-Raqqa Street is a meeting point for all means of comfort and entertainment.

Discover Al Rigga Street, Dubai
Learn about Al Rigga Street in Dubai and the most prominent recreational activities, facilities, and tourist places, as follows:

The following are the most prominent activities and facilities on Al-Raqqa Street:

Al Rigga Street, Dubai



Start by checking out the tourist places and high-end neighborhoods. You will also enjoy walking and watching the street design in terms of organized small trees and palm trees on both sides of the road. You can also practice light sports such as walking or jogging in the paths available in some places.

the shopping
Al Rigga Street in Dubai

You cannot visit Al-Raqqa Street without passing through the famous shopping centers that receive a lot of visits daily, some of which sell international brands, and some that sell local textiles, especially traditional costumes that express the country’s culture.


Among the malls on the street is the Al Ghurair Center, which is a large mall, one of the oldest malls in the city, known for its variety of brands. Besides fashion and clothing, you will find restaurants, a cinema, and a hotel. There is also a countryside mall that sells clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, and an area for selling foodstuffs, and on your way you will find individual shops for selling antiques. household items, gifts, perfumes, and more.

eat the food


Try dining on Al-Raqqa Street, which provides several distinctive and varied restaurants along its length, where the indoor sessions are in historical and modern decorations, and the outdoor sessions are in the open air.