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One of the best tourism areas in Abu Dhabi, Al Wathba Abu Dhabi

One of the best tourism areas in Abu Dhabi, Al Wathba Abu Dhabi


Park is considered a haven for rest and recreation in the vastness of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in addition to the entertaining facilities and distinctive activities that are suitable for a family picnic that all family members enjoy, including barbecue facilities, games and seating chairs.

The most important activities in Al Wathba Park, Abu Dhabi
The following are an entertaining group of activities that can be practiced when visiting the park:

roam freely
Al Wathba Park, Abu Dhabi

Start your picnic by taking a free tour around the area, and discover the best spots to sit near. The design of the park is in the form of terrain, plateaus, and small mountains, and it is characterized by a wonderful enthusiastic atmosphere, as it enjoys a large area to receive large numbers of families and to host within it activities and lyrical celebrations on various occasions.


Also, discover the various facilities that give you a successful outing by all standards, due to their inclusion of good service facilities.

Walking the trails
Al Wathba Park

Enjoy breathing the fresh air along the green spaces, and under the shade of the tall and dense trees. You can walk within the long path designated for this, or jog for long distances and practice your favorite sport, or bring your bicycle and go with it.


A good 4-star hotel. Al-Arf is characterized by modern décor and a view of a wonderful garden inside the hotel. It includes a variety of facilities for visitors, including two swimming pools, a fitness center and a spa, and it provides an airport shuttle service

The garden enjoys a wide green area topped with some types of flowers, and its sides are decorated with regularly pruned shrubs and large trees. There are also long paths for exercising or hiking.


Discover Al Wathba Park, Abu Dhabi
Learn about Al Wathba Park and the most prominent recreational activities, various facilities and working hours, as follows: