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Distinctive gardens in Cairo characterized by the beauty of nature

Distinctive gardens in Cairo characterized by the beauty of nature
Learn about the best gardens in Cairo, Egypt



Gardens in Cairo, Egypt
List of the most beautiful gardens in Cairo
Cairo, the ancient Egyptian capital, in addition to the distinctive places. One of the most important features of the city of Cairo is that wonderful group of gardens and variety, due to its stunning views of the great Nile, and the ancient city’s landmarks.

You know from reading the best gardens in Cairo with the beauty of nature.


Al-Azhar Park Al-Azhar Park
It is one of the largest gardens in Egypt and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cairo. Watch, see, see many scenes, if you have not visited. The park provides an opportunity to enjoy watching about 80 acres of greenery that surrounds you from every direction, a large fountain that greets you upon entering, water channels that include small fountains Distributed in different parts of the park, artificial waterfalls, roaming opportunities and wonderful sessions, restaurants and cafes, as well as photo sessions, morning parties and actors held at events and weddings, which leads to an area of ​​the best nightlife in Cairo and a very good opportunity to mingle with the customs of the residents.

Tourism in Cairo, Egypt
Al-Azhar Park

International International Garden
It is located in the Nasr City district and is one of the most beautiful places in Cairo for families. An ideal destination for children in particular, it includes a stuffed zoo, besides the train, small islands and adults in a short tour around the park and designed restrooms. This is in addition to a large assortment of plants and flowers that have been brought from all over the world, as it is a joint project between several countries and their flags are installed at the entrance.


Andalusia Park Andalusia Park
It is one of the best tourist sites in Cairo for those looking for calm and relaxation, as it includes a large garden of greenery and palm trees with resting places of vineyards overlooking the beautiful view of the Nile.

Next to this gathering, take memorial photos with the distinctive Andalusian arches, the fountain surrounded by lions, and the giant pharaonic statues next to the statue of the famous writer Ahmed Shawky, with the Andalusian architectural style that distinguishes the garden, which is located in an area in front of the teachers’ club from the moment you enter it.

Gardens in Cairo, Egypt
Andalusia Garden

Fustat garden
The area of ​​Al Fustat Park on an area of ​​250 acres is devoted only to contain the spaces, which is a wonderful spot for lovers of recreation in the lap of nature and considered it one of the oldest and largest parks in Cairo. Near the park, it is located in the traditional and market, where there are some rules instructed to see the most beautiful handicrafts and to buy their products and products elsewhere made entirely of natural materials.


Freedom Park Liberty Park
The park is considered one of the tourist spaces in Cairo, with a distinctive character. It does not depend on green spaces. It was originally established to include statues of the greatest personalities who contributed to achieving freedom for them, on the political and economic level, or even through their enthusiastic and influential writings and poems.

These statues represent Egypt in the personalities of the writers Ahmed Shawky and Hafez Ibrahim, the great economist Talaat Harb, in addition to 8 other statues of great personalities who influenced the history of freedom representing Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador. These hotels were going to be in a historical period of travel photos.


The Japanese Garden
One of the unique tourist attractions in Cairo that makes you feel, Asia Asia has become in your hands and you are your place in North Africa. The park was built during the early 20th century in America, representing the civilizations of the Middle East, and derives from three islands dotted with the park.

This is in addition to the beautiful natural features such as hills, trees and fish ponds, all with the sound of insatiable live music, which makes the booth which the garden or the garden is one of the places to go out in Cairo suitable for families.


Family Park
It is a very fruitful park for children on the recreational level that was shown during its download, and on the educational and educational level to develop his mind and cognitive and physical abilities. It is one of the most beautiful places in Cairo for families, and it is suitable for tourism in Cairo if you are accompanied by children.

A small zoo resembling the Giza Zoo in design, next to learning self-defense skills in a museum bearing the name in Giza. Also read to your child is a chance to take a safari, a trip, a land, a land, a land, a flight.


Maryland Park
One of the most important entertainment places in Cairo, and the largest parks in the Heliopolis area. This park extends over an area of ​​50 acres of greenery and shady trees, and includes a beautiful lake through which a small boat can be taken, with areas for ice skating, as well as a range of modern restaurants and cafes.

Gardens in Cairo, Egypt
Maryland park

Aquarium Grotto Garden
It is also known as the Gabaliya Garden, after the Gabaliya Street in Zamalek. It was founded in 1867 AD by Khedive Ismail. The garden is famous for its dazzling design, which includes formations made of clay that look like fish gills. The garden is also famous for being home to a group of underground caves and used to host unique species. And different fish from the Nile River and other water areas, and although the numbers of fish are decreasing, and some caves in the park are almost empty, the park is still home to a good number of rare fish that are worth seeing, and besides the fish, the park contains Also on a large group of beautiful trees and flowersزهار


Orman Botanical Garden
Located in the famous Cairo University Street, and covering an area of ​​28 acres, the Orman is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world, which was established during the reign of Khedive Ismail in 1875 AD, and ordered the French architects to build it because he wanted to provide different types of fruits and vegetables to the royal palace. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cairo.

Orman Garden in Cairo is considered one of the rare botanical gardens, and the garden is famous for being home to more than 150 types of flowers and more than 500 types of plants that fall under the ancient plants and trees species. One of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt.


Island park Gezira Island
It is located in the Nile in the central Cairo area, and is connected to the mainland through three bridges that pass across the river. Gezira Garden was known in the past as “The Botanical Garden” because it contains a wonderful and unique group of plants, but its name was later changed to “Al Jazeera” “.

Sometimes it is also called “Zamalek Island” due to its location in the famous neighborhood of Zamalek, which is one of the richest neighborhoods in Cairo. In addition to the charming natural beauty of the island park, it is also famous for its distinguished location near a number of the most famous landmarks and tourist destinations in Cairo, including the Tower Cairo, the Egyptian Opera House and Al-Jazira Sports Club.


Azbakeya Garden
Azbakeya Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Egypt. It was established in 1872 AD after filling in the surrounding ponds, by the French engineer “Barel Deschamps Bey”, on an area of ​​18 acres surrounded by a wall of construction and iron and opened with doors on all four sides. Many official and popular celebrations for foreigners and Egyptians, after the Cairo fire in 1952, Azbakeya Square itself was divided, and Azbakeya Park was also divided, and the Central Opera was built on a part of it, and it crossed 26th of July Street, dividing it into two parts.

The park now includes several important landmarks, including the Khedive Ismail Fountain and the National Theater that was established in the Azbakeya Teatro site, in addition to the Egyptian Weapons Club, which is located in the heart of the park, the Vanguard Theater and the Puppet Theatre, in addition to an industrial mountain in which rare trees were planted from India.

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