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Birmingham Wildlife Park

Birmingham Wildlife Park

It is a zoo that includes many animals that inhabit the outskirts of Europe, such as lions, squirrels, kangaroos, cats, reptiles, birds of prey and other birds.

Inside the park there are also places to rent bicycles to move around the park and feed the animals. Inside the park there is a small kiosk to buy food and drinks, whether hot or cold, and enjoy the calm atmosphere and green spaces beside watching the animals.


– Bullring Shopping Center

Birmingham enjoys wide markets that are always crowded because of the availability of original and fresh products. The Bullring Market is one of the most famous and crowded markets, as more than six million people shop inside the center every year to buy many goods, manufactures and souvenirs. The center contains 350 kiosks and 17 stores around the center



The Paul Indoor Market is one of the largest fish markets in England. The Indoor Market is widely known for selling fresh meat. There are many sections inside the center selling other goods such as poultry, vegetables, fruits, clothes and souvenirs.

– Sutton Park

Sutton Park is one of the largest gardens in Europe, and there are seven lakes inside the garden, and dense forests cover a quarter of the garden, which has an estimated area of ​​970 hectares. ,



The park also provides renting bicycles and doing various sports such as walking and running to breathe fresh air and watch the scenic views. It is also possible to rent boats to take excursions to the garden and take souvenir photos next to the landscape. The park also provides places for children to enjoy the atmosphere of the garden and there is a restaurant that offers the best fast food and delicious drinks Which complements the visitors their day without working to carry heavy bags full of food.



Birmingham Library

The library is located in the heart of the city, which is characterized by a beautiful and eye-catching architectural building, and annually receives more than 2.5 billion visitors. Next to the reading section, there is a borrowing section, and in the library there is a special room for the poet Shakespeare and many of his books.


In addition to all that, the library has many rare books, old and modern photos, which have been counted to reach more than five million books, maps, music CDs, drawings, newspapers and magazines. There are also halls with a quiet atmosphere to enjoy reading, as well as a room for historical metalwork.