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Beauty in its brilliance, Cable Palace in Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Beauty in its brilliance, Cable Palace in Glasgow Botanic Gardens


Keppel Palace and Botanical Gardens
Cable Palace and Botanic Gardens in Glasgow


Cable Palace is located in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, and was built in 1873. It is one of Britain’s largest greenhouses, and contains a collection of rare orchids.

The Botanic Gardens is one of Glasgow’s most beautiful recreational areas. They allow you to view tropical greenhouses, magnificent Victorian-inspired sculptures, and stroll among the beautiful flowers. You can also visit the tea room, which is famous for its beautiful courtyard, as well as for its beautiful concerts.



Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum
Kelvingrove Art Museum Glasgow

One of the most important museums in Scotland is the Kelvin Grove Museum and Art Gallery, located in Kelvingrove Park. Opened in 1901, the museum is an important entertainment and educational venue in Glasgow, and of course it is a great choice for a fun family outing.

In this museum you will find an impressive collection of British and Continental paintings, including gems such as a portrait of Van Gogh, sculptures and Art Nouveau items and furniture. As well as fully furnished rooms, crockery, metalwork, and other artwork. In addition to Bronze Age jewelry, as well as Flemish furnishings, and silverware.



Buchanan Street
Buchanan Street Glasgow

The Scottish city of Glasgow is known for its many luxury markets, so shopping is a must on the most vibrant city street, Buchanan Street.

Spend a fun time on Punkan Street, among its many different shops offering everything to tourists and visitors alike. Therefore, most shoppers spend a long time inside the distinctive Buchanan galleries, which made it one of the most important tourist attractions in Glasgow, Scotland.



Glasgow Tigers Speedway
Glasgow Tigers Race

The Glasgow Motorway is a major attraction in Glasgow and is the only professional motorcycle racing team in the west of Scotland. Founded in 1028 AD, these guys sure have something amazing to watch and explore.

Starting from March to August, this unique game offers young and old a day full of vitality, enthusiasm and fun. Watching the action of the Glasgow Tigers Motorcycle Circuit, as they compete for their place at the Premier League table of British MotoGP. Check the match schedule before your flight.



Glasgow Science Center

The Glasgow Science Center was built for the purpose of educating and entertaining children, giving them insight into the world of science and technology. It is the perfect place to spend a fun and useful time with your children during tourism in Glasgow, Scotland.

Located in the waterfront district, this popular mall is housed in a gorgeous ship-shaped titanium-clad building. It provides endless fun, as kids can try some science experiments, based on their newly acquired knowledge. As well as a planetarium, an IMAX cinema, a science theatre, as well as their own little puppet show under the sea.



Escape games “Tick Tock Unlock”
Tick ​​Tock Unlock in Glasgow, Scotland

Escape games are one of the most enjoyable tourism activities in Glasgow, Scotland. This place gives you the opportunity to collaborate as a team in solving puzzles and finding symbols and clues that are scattered all over the place.



Your team has to communicate effectively, to uncover clues that will allow them to escape from the locked room within 60 minutes. It is a completely safe place for those who suffer from claustrophobia, as it is a very large room. And you must book online in advance, to have a unique experience in playing these exciting games.