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Tourism in Ivory Coast

Tourism in Ivory Coast



Côte d’Ivoire is one of the most important and richest countries in West Africa, and is considered one of the most impressive African tourist destinations. This is due to its diverse tourist and cultural attractions, which attract tourists from all over the world. Here in this report is your favorite and comprehensive guide for everything you want to know about tourism in Ivory Coast, and the 10 most beautiful tourist areas and cities in Ivory Coast that we advise you to visit. This is in addition to the most important tips that you should know before traveling…


Ivory Coast has many charming natural features, which impress tourists. Including misty rainforests, high grassy mountains, lakes and wonderful tourist beaches. In addition to nature reserves that display wildlife, and allow you to watch a variety of rare species of birds and animals and protect them from extinction. As well as there are national parks and historical sites, which allow the visitor to enjoy many recreational activities, such as horse riding in the middle of the plains, hunting and hiking. All of the above are in addition to the archaeological sites that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore, you should prepare a good plan before traveling, to enjoy your tourist holiday, and to explore the various tourist treasures of Ivory Coast.

Tourism in Ivory Coast

Discover tourism in Ivory Coast
Traveling to Ivory Coast gives you many exciting experiences, the most important of which are visiting the rainforests where chimpanzees live in the west, and cocoa and plantain plantations in the east. This is in addition to walking the streets eating spicy dishes of cassava and cashew nuts, and much more.



Ivory Coast map

Ivory Coast is located in western Africa, bordered by Mali and Burkina Faso to the north, Ghana to the east, and Guinea and Liberia to the west. From the south, the Ivory Coast overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea.

Best time to travel to Ivory Coast
Travel to the Ivory Coast

The best time to travel to Ivory Coast depends on whether you want it to be hot and dry or hot and rainy. This is due to the proximity of Ivory Coast to the equator, the weather is always tropical. For example, when the weather is hot and dry, it is the best time to see the various sights and attractions. As for when the weather is hot and rainy, it is the best time to witness the various cultural festivals and others, and it is worth noting that:



Dry season (mid-November to April):

This season is the best time to visit, and the most fun time in Ivory Coast. This is because at this time, you will not have problems with blocked roads due to flooding, as well as a low incidence of malaria transmitted by mosquitoes. You can also enjoy many African festivals such as the Mask Festival.

Rainy season (May to October):

This season is characterized by heavy rains in the south. Avoid this period to explore the West, where rain can deteriorate roads and hiking trails at alarming speed. Choose the time that suits you and suits what you intend to do while visiting Ivory Coast.

The language in Ivory Coast
The French language is the official language of the Republic of Ivory Coast, “Côte d’Ivoire”, and there are a number of other languages ​​spoken by the local population, such as English, Kru languages, Kwa languages, Mande languages, and Sinovo languages.




Tourist visa in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast visa

The Republic of Ivory Coast has established a system, in order to obtain an electronic travel visa for tourism or business purposes. The electronic visa is requested through the Internet, the payment is made via the Internet at the time of application, and received at the airport.

Requirements for obtaining a visa to travel to Ivory Coast:

A copy of your passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months, upon arrival in Ivory Coast.
Submit an invitation letter or residence document. Like booking a hotel.
Round trip air ticket booking.
Pay for the Ivory Coast e-Visa, which is €104.95 plus service fee.
After you have applied for a visa to travel to Côte d’Ivoire, you will receive permission documents to land in the country by e-mail.

The ideal period for tourism in Ivory Coast
The ideal period for tourism in Ivory Coast is one to two weeks, in order to ensure that you visit the most important attractions and do all the tourist activities. There is plenty of time with you to move between the most important tourist cities, and explore the country’s scenic attractions, such as towering mountains, beautiful lakes and beaches, sparkling waterfalls, and charming rainforests.

And also to have time to learn about the traditions and culture of the people of Côte d’Ivoire, through the many wonderful festivals, as well as the archaeological sites of UNESCO World Heritage. It is a unique experience that gives you many skills and experiences

t you can not forget.

How much does tourism cost in Ivory Coast?
Many people want to visit Ivory Coast, but are concerned about costs and travel budget. Costs vary from person to person, depending on where you plan to visit, and the type of accommodations. Here are the average costs of tourism in Ivory Coast:



The average hotel prices in Ivory Coast range between (57/211) US dollars.
Food prices in Ivory Coast for one person range between (3.60/9.80) US dollars.
The average car price in Ivory Coast is (1.10/6.20) USD.
The average price of recreational games in Ivory Coast is from (8.90/189) US dollars.
From the foregoing, it is clear that the Republic of Ivory Coast, “Cote d’Ivoire”, is one of the countries that are inexpensive in terms of tourism, other than European countries. You can enjoy a holiday in Ivory Coast on an average budget.

Transportation and transportation in Ivory Coast
Transportation in Ivory Coast

The Republic of Ivory Coast has a small, but highly developed transport and communications network. These include trains, buses, taxis, and taxis that serve most parts of the country. If you want to move within the Ivory Coast, do not worry, you can choose from the following:

Ivorian buses (bus):

Ivorian buses in Ivory Coast are large, modern and comfortable, but bulky and complex, especially for foreigners. Despite being the easiest and most expensive means of transportation in the country, each bus company has its own bus station, and there are many buses near the highways. You will need an average of 200 CFA francs for a bus trip.


Each major taxi network in Ivory Coast has its own distinct features. We find that the colors of the taxis in Abidjan and Bouaké are orange, while the colors of the taxis in Yamoussoukro are white with green and orange stripes, which is very expensive. Therefore, you have to negotiate with the driver the fare in advance, which is usually between (500/1500) CFA francs.

the train:

Ivory Coast has one train line, which is fast and very clean. The train network is operated by the international African transport company Citrail, and first class seats are recommended as they are more comfortable.

Jungle taxis:

Do not miss the experience of the jungle taxi in Ivory Coast, as it gives you an impressive adventure. It only serves local or urban lines.



Food and drinks in Ivory Coast
Food in Ivory Coast

The food in Ivory Coast is hearty and delicious, with most of the Ivorian population relying on grains, root vegetables, rice, potatoes, bananas, corn and peanuts with fufu (the national dish). It is served with meat (favorite fish and chicken), and the most famous dishes of the Ivory Coast are:

Achike: It is similar to couscous made from grated cassava. It is usually accompanied by sliced ​​onions, tomatoes, grilled chicken or fried fish. It is a very tasty side dish.

Kidjeno: It is a traditional chicken stew, prepared with chicken pieces, eggplant, tomatoes, okra, onions, chili peppers, ginger, thyme, garlic, chicken broth, peanuts and tomatoes. It is placed in an airtight clay pot called a canary, then placed over hot coals.

Plakali: A traditional dish with a starchy and sticky texture, it is made by steaming and grinding cassava roots.

Peanut Shutterstock Sauce: A delicious sauce made of peanut butter, water, chili peppers, tomatoes, garlic and onions. It is served with long grain white rice.

Nyamanko: A drink little known outside Ivory Coast, it is made from ground ginger root mixed with orange, lemon and pineapple juice. It is a favorite drink of the people of Côte d’Ivoire, with many benefits and a perfect taste.

The local shops, outdoor markets and street vendors are the best place to sample the delicious traditional food in Ivory Coast, at very reasonable prices.



The official currency of Ivory Coast
West African CFA Franc

The CFA franc is the official currency of Côte d’Ivoire.

Communications and the Internet in Ivory Coast
There is a range of telecommunications networks in Ivory Coast, but it lags far behind in the development of telecommunications in the country. The average download speed is 34.06 Mbit/s for fixed broadband internet.

Ivory Coast ranked 105th in the international comparison. And on the Internet via smartphones and tablets. Ivory Coast is ranked 124th with a download speed of 17.81 Mbit/s

The distance between the most popular cities in Ivory Coast
Within the Ivory Coast there are many tourist cities that are worth visiting and discovering. Here is the distance between the most famous tourist cities in Ivory Coast, to make your plans carefully in order to spend an enjoyable tourist vacation. It is as follows:

Abidjan to Yamoussoukro 219 km.
Bouake to Yamoussoukro 101 km.
San Pedro to Yamoussoukro 275 km.
Man to Yamoussoukro 260 km.
Abengoro to Yamoussoukro 197 km.
Korhogo to Yamoussoukro 296 km.
Rent a car in Ivory Coast
Self-driving in Ivory Coast is not complicated, but it has many necessary conditions, so that you can rent a car and move within the country completely freely. Here are the most important conditions for renting a car in Ivory Coast:

You must be at least 21 years old, drivers under 25 years old are required to pay an additional fee.
You must have a full driver’s license, to be able to rent a car from all car rental companies in Ivory Coast.
You have to choose your car very carefully, according to the areas in the country you intend to visit.
You must purchase additional insurance during the booking process, in order to reduce your risk to zero.

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