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Muslabrent theme park Play only one game, similar to a horror or sci-fi movie

Muslabrent theme park Play only one game, similar to a horror or sci-fi movie

Muslabrent amusement park

The Muslabrent theme park is different from any other amusement parks that have been seen before, this place has been designed to be a place to play only one game



similar to horror movies or science fiction, where the place is divided into 6 sections to be a journey for each visitor to experience with his own group and meet difficulties Thrilling and scary obstacles, but at the end of the journey you will find the laughter is loud and the impressions after it are very good so you must be ready for anything during entering this exciting game and adventure.


Planeta Sokol’niki
Planeta amusement park

Planeta amusement park is one of the most famous amusement parks in Moscow and represents an important attraction for tourists and visitors because it contains



exciting and motivating entertainment factors to stay there throughout the day without feeling bored or leaving the games where you cannot decide which games to choose when you arrive at the place, so all of them stimulate your enthusiasm and attract you to try the game and increase



the fun It is a variety of games to suit all ages and to give you a unique experience when entering this game, so we advise you to take a tour inside the whole city to see all the games and facilities available, especially the part for children, which has been well prepared to be the cause of joy and happiness for them and the place has been classified as the most beautiful Children’s attractions.

Do not miss to visit Moscow amusement park

Your visit to Moscow amusement park is the great opportunity to let your enthusiasm appear and experience exciting and fascinating games that make you live and



record very unique moments to make your tourist trip have a special character of enjoyment and forget all the fatigue and effort you may feel after seeing the sights in the country, and do not forget The enthusiasm and activity of the children and family accompanying you on your journey, who will be waiting for them to spend the most enjoyable times in uninterrupted entertainment and gaming experiences that you will only find in Moscow amusement parks.